The Lost Heir Trilogy

Question: The demon Moff, the one you get in class while planewalking, what does it do?

Apologies if this has been asked before but now the whole trilogy is out is there going to be an App Bundle pack soon like Heroes Rise got?

I like how your moral alignment doesn’t impact your ending, Lucina could be a cruel, merciless monster to whoever got in her way and was willing to go to the extreme to protect those she cared about, but she was still a just ruler who had the wallbeing of her citizens close.


Has anyone bought the game on Amazon? I want to know if I get the whole game there.

Got some questions for the Catalyst Prestige (is it?) class. What are the exact requirements for it. On one play through where my wife was Jess, I did her quest at the Academy of Wizards, got the book with my charm, told her to use the knowledge. Later when given the option I talked to her more about Soulburning, not sure if it is needed, but I took it whenever that option came up. And finally in LH 3 I chose to research further and found out about the catalyst, not sure what the requirements to find out about it are, but my character was able to, and i chose to perform it, It said the ritual was easy but I ended up failing it because my endurance was too low. I think it said it needed 50 endurance but I’m not positive, I was pissed since I was literally only like a few points away from 50.

So my questions are, what are the requirements to be able to learn about the Catalyst class and succeed in the ritual? Do we have the knowledge necessary if we do Jess’s quest at the academy and succeed in learning from the book and encourage her to use the knowledge, etc.? Or are there some skill checks that I never knew about since it never gave me any failings other then the endurance check? Thanks in advance, because I really want to get this Prestige class on another play through.

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You need to get book for Jess in LH2, and in LH3 you need to have 55 Arcana, 55 History and 55 Endurance to succesfully finish researches and ritual.
Variable soulburner_knowledge, required for this class, set as long as she was able to read the book.

@Looking_For_Cult I can advice you to try to look on games script itself, if you not afraid of spoilers.


Just wanted to add my voice to those saying how good this story is. I finished my first full playthrough last night and, while it had a bit of a tragic ending, I learned a lot about how to build my skills etc. I realised that, by the last chapter, I was pretty stuck with my skills because I had been so rigid in my focus that I don’t actually think I could have had a happy outcome based on how I played the first two chapters. Frustrating but ultimately means I’ve learned a lot about where to go in further playthrough. :blush:

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Hey new on the forums, love this game! Was wondering if I can get access to a guide/walkthrough?

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Is there any other special scene with the NPC on TLH2 when you go to demi-human continent part? So far I’ve only found:


-bring Jess, help their problem, listen to Jess at the construction building and she’ll use her magic to burn it(relationship+3).


-bring Theo/Thea, help their problem, and spend time drinking with them(relationship+3)
-bring Peter/Petra, help their problem, and spend time studying their religion(relationship +(forget the number) and increased dwarf help).


-bring Karl/Karla, and spend time with elven hunters(relationship +3).
-bring Bran/Brin , and spend time with elven warriors(relationship+3 and army morale+3).
-bring Jess, ask her to climb tree(IMHO this is the most memorable scene in this game, especially when I’m romancing her. relationship+15), and spend time with elven spellweavers (relationship+3).

*there’s no male soulburner in my book!!! :grin:

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[details=My slightly… unnatural playthrough.] Avery, the Demon King of Daria.

Humanity: 100%

  • glowing demon eyes
  • unnaturally large, well-defined muscles
  • black, leathery demonskin
  • sharp demon claws
    Health: 100%
    Squire Levels: 2
    Bard Levels: 5
    Monk Levels: 5
    Assassin Levels: 5
    Priest Levels: 5
    Cleric Levels: 3
    Thief Levels: 5
    Thug Levels: 5
    Guard Levels: 5
    Wizard Levels: 4
    Druid Levels: 4
    Ranger Levels: 4
    Sage Levels: 4
    Arcane Tattooist Levels: 2
    Dragon Rider Levels: 2
    War Master Levels: 2
    Dark Knight Levels: 1
    Paladin Levels: 2
    Elemental Archer Levels: 2
    Blade Master Levels: 2
    Alchemist Levels: 2
    Necromancer Levels: 2
    Seer Levels: 2
    Demon Master Levels: 1
    Berserker Levels: 1
    Vampire Lord Levels: 1
    Catalyst Levels: 1
    Shadow Weaver Levels: 1
    Tycoon Levels: 1
    Dragon Knight Levels: 1
    Luck Mage Levels: 1
    Artificer Levels: 1
    Druid of Decay Levels: 1
    Siren Levels: 1

Good: 0% Evil: 100%
Agility: 100%
Charm: 100%
Endurance: 100%
Perception: 100%
Strength: 100%
Willpower: 100%
Archery: 100%
Devices: 100%
Magic: 100%
Blades: 100%
Stealth: 100%
Unarmed: 100%
Arcana: 100%
Geography: 100%
History: 100%
Nature: 100%
Religion: 100%
Karla: 100%
Petra: 100%
Jess: 100%
Bran: 100%
Theo: 100%
Cain: 100%
Poppy: 100%
Lord Tovor: 100%
YOUR MOUNT: a mighty dragon named Night Hunter.
Stalker, your tattoo tiger familiar.

Citizen Reputation: 100%
Citizen Fear: 100%


  • a set of concentric circles on your shoulderblade
  • a series of blue stars up your neck
  • a sword dripping blood on your bicep
  • a series of rings across your fingers and toes
  • a spiralling vortex extending from your heart outwards
  • a bunch of flames along the base of your neck
  • a pair of black snakes climbing each leg
  • a tiger across your chest
  • a dirty pouch on your well-worn belt containing 8509 gold
  • a tarnished wedding ring on your finger
  • a torn spellbook
  • the mighty Holy Avenger on your belt (+20 Bonus to Blades)
  • a holy symbol secretly dedicated to the deity The Unknown hangs around your neck
  • Lacey’s Glass Marble in your pocket
  • a dagger in your torn sleeve
  • the sparkling, many-coloured Vest of Attraction (+10 Citizen Reputation and +10 to All Relationships)
  • a magical Enchanted Bow slung over your back (+15 Bonus to Archery)
  • a badly scratched lute slung over your back
  • a bandoleer filled with a few potions and many broken bottles

A black runebag containing:

  • several Demonstones that belonged to Tarro Cooperson.
  • a Demonstone glowing a soft blue inscribed with the name “Xi’atta”
  • a Demonstone glowing a greyish brown inscribed with the name “Zon’ch”
  • a Demonstone glowing a dull green inscribed with the name “Brahl”
  • a Demonstone glowing many colours inscribed with the name “Tyborr”
  • a Demonstone glowing a shimmering silver inscribed with the name “Gaa’bon”
  • a Demonstone glowing a soft brown inscribed with the name “Mythor”

A tattered backpack containing:

  • a very thick book about Fate Manipulation
  • a pair of black shackles with glowing white runes
  • a lockpick set
  • a rope
  • a cracked lantern
  • a waterskin
  • flint and steel
  • a hammer and a few iron spikes
  • a flask of holy water
  • torn sleeping roll
  • a thief harness for hands-free climbing
  • the Book of the Dead bound in human skin
  • a children’s book from Zusak’s quarters

You are wearing:

  • your badly torn and ragged magically enhanced clothes
  • dark black platemail armour
  • the Circlet of Daria rests upon your head
  • the Cape of Shadows over your back (+20 Bonus to Stealth)
  • the Gloves of Archery on your hands (+20 Bonus to Archery)
  • the bone Necklace of Nature around your neck (+20 Bonus to Nature)
  • the Gem of Seeing in your pocket (+20 Bonus to Perception)
  • the Magical Shield on your back
  • the Feather of Glibness in your hat (+20 Bonus to Charm)
  • the Cloak of Spiders over your shoulders and down your back
  • Thuja’s Belt of Speed around your waist
  • the Staff of the Archmagi in your hand (+20 Bonus to Magic)
  • the Boots of Travel on your feet

K’Girr opens the gate between its enormous hands once again. This time, the surge of demons flies directly at Zusak. The High Chancellor’s eyes go wide as he’s knocked over the edge screaming. The scream doesn’t last for very long, as he falls out of hearing to his death below.

You direct K’Girr to send its demons back under the fortress. The descent stops, and you soon have control over the flying fortress. Looking down, you see that all of the demons that had been attacking Brightwater are now looking up at you. Through K’Girr, you have control over all of them.

The tears in reality begin to grow even larger as more and more demons cross through the veil. You can feel the power from the Demon Realm altering your very soul. You realize that you can change yourself however you please, but unlike before, you have no limits. Your humanity might be lost, but using the power from this side of the veil means that you’re able to keep your mind.

You call out to your vampiric children. With both demonic and vampiric blood, you have become the greatest evil the land has ever known. Zusak had been a tyrant and a villain, but he was nothing compared to you.

You look down upon Brightwater. Your companions will make excellent henchmen. Selina turned Theo against you, making him the Red Warrior. Similarly, you can turn everyone into stronger versions of themselves so that they can serve you better. With Jess ruling at your side as your dark Queen, you will have many faithful associates. The continual power of the Demon Realm means that you’ll never age. You will have the choice as to whether you wish to let Avery rule alone or at your side. Perhaps a hero will someday rise and destroy you, but until that time comes, you will rule with near-divine might.

An evil smile slowly spreads across your face as you appreciate the full extent of your power. Daria will come to fear and cower before Avery, the Demon King of Daria.

The End…[/details]

How do I get the soul drinker sword?




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I think you must have two levels in Dark Knight, then you will get the option to visit the Apsco nobles and get Souldrinker. A sacrifice will be needed of course, luckily you will have the good lady with you. Hehe. :smirk:

Oh ok a smidgen. It was blessed by lord Neo.

Beside this way there’ll be no hero to stand up to the demon lord anytime soon…

@Arkham Ahhh darn, I always forgone the second level so I could be a dragon knight, well looks like there is one more thing to ch- I mean pray to lord Neo for.


Why kill a noble who pay her taxes? Just kill the undead there.

Oh. My. God.
I can’t even…

A living being is much better.

What? Was the ending that amazing? We all know the villain ending is the best ending! Well maybe the monster comes close…

Demon vampire soulburner babies sound fun.


I like the Rune Warrior class. Mine is also a necromancer, so he controls both undead and demons.

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After 3 failures and getting the Puppet ending. I finally got the Hero ending with my Queen Jess and my son Damien and here are my stats, note all the max stats were BEFORE my Demon Transformation. My only peeves though is that ALL of my original companions survived; including the Red Priestess:Petra but she was never mentioned in the epilogue. Neither were my squire Raquel, my Dragon or even my allied Giant.

My greatest accomplishment was winning the Grand Tournament Champion Trophy. With only TWO high weapon stats, blades and archery, Evil shined upon me, all hail Shadi. Though I’m probably gonna retry that run, since I flubbed up the Mermaid mission by trying to raise my 80 something archery on the 4 Crystal guards, thinking it would be high enough to get through it…NOPE. Seriously these stat checks are ridiculous lol. Just stick with your max stat attacks, even though the points gained don’t help you AT ALL. Not sure if helping the Mermaids makes a mention in the epilogue, hope it does since after you helped them, it mentioned maybe after Daria was safe we could work something out with them. If anyone got their help and got the Hero ending, does it mention them in the epilogue?

Edits: When I helped my allies during all of my summons and in the final group battle where it shows your Win Stats/Summary, it should be noted that Petra was not shown there either but everyone else was…

[details=Summary]Damien: Demon King of Daria

Demon traits;
Humanity: 30%

  • glowing demon eyes
  • unnaturally large, well-defined muslces
  • a whip-like demon tail
  • spikes running down your back

Health: 80%

Specialized Training:

  • Squire Levels 2
  • Ranger Levels 1
  • Knight Levels 1
  • Dragon Rider Levels 1
  • Catalyst Levels 1

Morality: 100% EVIL

  • Agility 100%
  • Charm 76%
  • Endurance 100%
  • Perception 66%
  • Strength 100%
  • Willpower 23%


  • Archery 86%
  • Devices 6%
  • Magic 29%
  • Blades 100%
  • Stealth 38%
  • Unarmed 11%


  • Arcane 76%
  • Geography 69%
  • History 88%
  • Nature 88%
  • Religion 62%


  • Jess 100%
  • Karla 91%
  • Thea 100%
  • Brinn 52%
  • Raquel 80% (squire)
  • Petra 100%
  • Dante 100% (little boy from LH2)
  • Poppy 100%
  • Lord Tovor 99%

Your Mount:

  • a mighty dragon named Jade
  • Meeko you monkey companion


  • Citizen Reputation: 100%
  • Citizen Fear 40%


  • dirty pouch on your worn out belt containing 163 gold
  • a tarnished wedding ring on your finger
  • a torn spell book
  • a glowing, rune-covered Enchanted Sword on your belt (+15 Bonus to Blades)
  • a holy symbol secretly devoted to the goddess Shadi hangs around your neck
  • Lacey’s glass marble in your pocket
  • a dagger in your torn sleeve
  • a bow slung over your back

A tattered backpack containing:

  • a pair o black shackles with glowing white runes
  • a cracked lantern
  • a waterskin
  • a flint and steel
  • a hammer and a few iron spikes
  • a flask of holy water
  • torn sleeping roll
  • a children’s book from Zusak’s quarters
  • The Grand Tournament Champion Trophy

You are wearing:

  • you badly torn and ragged clothes
  • the Circlet of Daria rests upon your head
  • the Cape of Shadows on your back (+20 Bonus to Stealth)
  • the bone Necklace of Nature around you neck (+20 Bonus to Nature)
  • the Gem of Seeing in you pocket (+20 Bonus to Perception)
  • Thuja’s Belt of Speed around your waist
  • your family signet ring (+3 bonus to all)[/details]

Quite high ability stats, but then again, to be expected with this classes. They giving nice bonuses.

It will be sad if Red really isn’t mention in epilogue, I yet to play character who lost battle for Tornassa to check.