The Lost Heir Trilogy

But Life of Wizard’s Golden Age proved they can! As garbage-slaves, of course, but the kingdom got the weekend out of it.


So does Lost Heir feel more similar to Lord of the Rings than Game of Thrones?

never achieved the golden age, how do you do that?

demon apologists… haha… it’s the human’s fault, they shouldn’t summon what they can’t control, then if demons are so “nice”, then when a stupid ass human tries to summon them and they lack the will, they should just go back to their realm instead of doing lucien knows what with the human body…
maybe in 3 we meet a demon that genuinely wants to come over and live peacefully, but LH 1-2 just reinforces the fears of demons, demons who will jump at a chance to “play” with low will humans… well except Tyborr, who just leaves…

@Harian… LOTR, especially if you do a ranger and name yourself aragorn… haha… only the “purple” wedding from the childhood segment feels like GOT…

great fan of the Lost Heir series.
When might we expect the last part of it

Its against forum rules to ask authors for deadlines, so that we can avoid pressuring them. Refer to this link for the rules.


But… My best guess is Feb 2017. :slight_smile:


@EmperorHeartless, i dont think he’s pressured… hehe… @Lucid, i’m still really curious about stat progression in 3, will it stay the same?.. some games like implemented “percentage” increases instead of base increases for balance so that there won’t be having multiple stats at 100…

The game will be a direct continuation. So, if you’ve specialized to the point of 100’s, you’re an expert in that area. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind letting someone be the best there is. That’s an enjoyable experience. :slight_smile:


hehe… cool… thanks for the reply… i wonder how fast @EmperorHeartless can make a guide for 100 on all stats… anyway, looking forward to feb 2017… :smiley:

Going for the paladin in part 3, my new OP MC:
Kelian, the dragon-rider.
Health: 100%
Specialized Training:
Squire Levels: 1
Priest Levels: 1
Cleric Levels: 1
Knight Levels: 1
Prestige Class: Dragonrider

Good: 100% Evil: 0%
Agility: 83%
Charm: 100%
Endurance: 90%
Perception: 85%
Strength: 99%
Willpower: 23%
Archery: 100%
Devices: 9%
Magic: 50%
Blades: 100%
Stealth: 29%
Unarmed: 16%
Arcana: 77%
Geography: 72%
History: 69%
Nature: 57%
Religion: 100%
Petra: 100%
Karl: 100%
Theo: 100%
Bran: 90%
Lord Vale: 87%
Lord Tovor: 84%
Archmage Cumari: 100%
Arthur: 90%
Your mount: a mighty dragon named Firescale.

Army Surplus Size: 100%
Army Power: 100%
Army Morale: 100%
Army Food: 6%
Citizen Reputation: 100%
Citizen Fear: 20%
Army Delays: 3


  • a blue star on the side of your neck


  • a pouch on your belt containing 1048 gold
  • a sword on your belt
  • a holy symbol dedicated to the goddess Auriel hangs around your neck
  • a dagger on your belt
  • a bow strung over your back

A backpack containing:

  • a rope
  • a lantern
  • a water skin
  • flint and steel
  • a hammer and a few iron spikes
  • a flask of holy water
  • a sleeping roll
  • a package of poison
  • a letter from Sir Grady, your foster father

You are wearing:

  • your clothing
  • the Circlet of Daria, resting on your head
  • the Cape of Shadows over your back (+20 Bonus to Stealth)
  • the bone Necklace of Nature around your neck (+20 Bonus to Nature)
  • the Gem of Seeing in your pocket (+20 Bonus to Perception)
  • the Cloak of Spiders over your shoulders and down your back
  • Thuja’s Belt of Speed around your waist
  • your family signet ring (+3 to All)

@Lucid Just saw the news concerning a bid for a new character, care to elaborate some details? please.

It’s a fundraising bid for charity. The winner of the bid, gets to create a character with @Lucid’s help. They did this for TLH2 as well and Naistalan is what came out of it.


Exactly! :slight_smile:

A great way to raise funds for a worthy cause. :slight_smile:


I finally got around to making an account here after lurking through various threads for so long. I’ve got to say man your stories are fun but tough, looking through a couple of posts on this thread shows me how much I’ve missed in the game.

That being said I’m still having trouble trying to beat the axe wielding boss at the end of the first game. It’s seems like no matter how high my magic is he just tanks through my hits, even while his body is on fire. Anyways if someone could show me a guide or walk through I’d really appreciate it, thanks!

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To win that fight you need at least two good attack skills (usually above 45), best to have dagger, above 50 strength or agility or have the spider cloak or the magic shield. Thuja is useless without the belt, and at the right moment can be one shoted with a single arrow. Also, Gale/Gill excels in a crowded fight, while Peter/Petra and Karl/a are essentially useless here, take them only if you are absolutely certain of your combat skills.

Thanks, I was able to beat him during my lunch break at work today, although it was as climatic of an ending as I expected. I just sort of pushed him over with my magic and he cracked his head on the floor like an egg, oh well free magic belt right? Anyways now that I know how to easily take him down it’s time to play through again to see if I can balance out my stats a bit more, thanks again!

Could you pleaseplease add me to the guide for lost heir?

So um, has anyone ever tried the elemental archer? The only current prestige class I never tried because I could never get the right build.

If you send the kid you found in Bunta’s prison to the academy is he gonna show up in LH3