The Life and Times of a Serial Killer

I created this thread so that we may continued the conversation started over at and not be taking up someone else’s thread.

Sorry, I couldn’t think of a better title since this is all pure theoretical talk.

is not so bad @fantom

Well, now that the first plot resurrection of the forums is underway… We just need someone to step in and start writing. Any volunteers?

Maybe a collaboration?

Do you seriously expect to create this via committee?

Maybe. But I was meaning something like one person be in charge of story and someone else is responsible for coding it. Something like that.

I don’t have prob with code if this is a serius project to youand you really want to end

If this is your idea, wouldn’t it be better for you to start writing than someone else who likely has a completely different vision? I understand the need to find a coder but I feel as if you might want to do the story yourself rather than give someone else the job because at that point the game is no longer really yours because you’ve had no real part in the work. This all just my opinion however and I encourage you to do what seems right to you.

@TheInstantGamer actually, this was an idea from someone else’s thread. However, the original author did not finish what he started. So, there are a couple of us who are borrowing the plotline, as technically this idea came from someone else, we can’t just take it for ourselves.

This isn’t really my idea alone. Myself and others had the idea in another thread, and I’m just pushing for it to be made. I doubt I could do the story, as I’m having enough trouble doing the story for the game I’m already doing. Creative writing does not come easily to me, it seems.

I think we couldn’t find a writer that I could code so the project seems dead

Well, if no one is going to write, I could try. I’m not too creative, though. I’m just going to take Endmaster’s summary and put it to paper. It would be preferable for someone better than me to write it, but if there’s no one else…

I’ll write it. It would give me a chance to practice.

for me great I haven’t problem to code it but I’m couldn’t write it I’ve my game to write.

Maybe we should each create a background and write it. And agree in advance about stats. That way, this project should flow quite quickly, and the more writers there are, the wider the scope of the game.

I wouldn’t mind helping out with this. However, I can’t take on any main role, as I really need to focus on my own game.

I do think of myself as a decent writer though, so I can offer my assistance with proof reading, story concepts and such. I’m also pretty good with ChoiceScript. Just don’t count on me to be helping in any large capacity.

I find myself to be a very good writer, though young I am constantly complimented by peers and teachers alike. The funny thing is, they praise me on those stories, when really I didn’t really spend more then the first ten minutes of my class on them. I would find this topic quite interesting due to the fact I have a complex mind like how someone criminal would have. Of course, without the cruelty. So if anyone thinks I should I suppose I could.

@EndMaster did have a good summary, so it’s a good starting point. I would just like to point out that (as much as I’d like to see this done) I’d prepare yourselfs for the on coming back lash from people that mite find such a… Chioce of game to be inappropriate. Good luck!!

There’d be ways to do it without being too inappropriate, surely. Just got to try and have some tact about the way it’s approached.

Like, what about playing as someone who compulsively kills, but doesn’t necessarily want to, or even enjoys it? That inner struggle could be interesting to explore, while still allowing the player to be creative.

I could do some research on serial killers, see if I can come up with anything helpful.