The Last Monster Master tips?


My monsters always get bad jobs, and seem to hate me. No matter what I try the little tough guy (I always call him Rakka or whatever the spelling is) ALWAYS hates me! Does anybody have any non-spoiler tips for doing better?


Right before you send the monsters away, give the ones that you think need it extra training. It’s somewhat overpowered, but I’ve had classes of monsters that are puny weaklings be transformed into elite soldiers by this technique.


I’ve found you always seem to get one that hates you no matter what you do (I think it’s part of the game and can’t be changed unless I’m missing something?) As for the others, if you try to train them to their strengths, but also take into account what they actually want to do (Watch the cannon ball like one especially for that) they usually end up mostly liking you and mostly end up with good jobs or at least ones they enjoy doing. Use the TP/body language option for hints.