The Knight of The Ice (Updated 7/28)

Ice Clan is one of the noble clans in North. Their borders extend to the location known as Pelinas. They are ally with Iron Clan.

Ice Clan has a hostile relationship towards Fire Clan.

Fire Clan is ally with Woods Clan which is one of the strongest clans in the world. That’s why Ice Clan hasn’t started a war with them. It would be a foolish move.

Because they knew they would lose this fight.

After the lord of Iron Clan passed away, and his son became the new Lord, Ice Clan lost a powerful ally. Fire Clan takes advantage of it and plans to attack Pelinas.

Is there way to stop this attack?


Lord Marius: He’s the Lord of Ice Clan and your father. He’s fierce and brave person.

Lady Elena: She’s the Lady of Ice Clan and your mother. She’s the kindest woman you have ever seen.

Darius: He’s the eldest son of Lord Marius and Lady Elena. Unfortunately, he has been exiled to Malna by Lord Marius. The reason is still unknown to you.

Cyrus: He’s the sentinel of Lord Marius and your personal tutor.

Lord Elijah: He’s the Lord of Fire Clan. He’s very cruel and angry person.

Lady Mary (Deceased): She was the Lady of Fire Clan.

Anna: She’s the eldest daughter of Lord Elijah and Lady Mary. Unlike her parents, she’s beautiful and kind person.

Lord Augustus (Deceased): He was the Lord of Iron Clan and your powerful ally.

Lord Leoran: He’s the new Lord of Iron Clan. After he becomes the new Lord, he breaks the alliance with you.


Ice Clan (You)

Fire Clan

Woods Clan

Iron Clan

Water Clan

Steel Clan

There is a very homophobic character in the game.
The game may contain violence, blood and gore, and strong language.

DEMO (Updated 7/28):


Ohhhhhh, I like the premise -its got Wildling vibes from GOT. Although, the exposition was a little jarring. Maybe you could try to sneak the relationship between clans and character relationships through more subtle dialogue, or through an info stats page? But still, it’s good so far!


It’s just a short demo. You will get more information in Chapter 1 :slight_smile:

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Everything changed when the fire nation clan attacked

Maybe change this to child to reflect choice of gender.


I didn’t get what you meant. The Lord of Iron Clan has only son. He became the Lord after his father passed away.

So that’s not us? I haven’t played the demo yet, I was just assuming. (Mostly because we’re in that clan specifically)

Your clan is Ice Clan. Iron Clan is your ally.

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Ice clan is our clan, not Iron clan lol

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I saw an “I” and forgot about Iron :dizzy_face:

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It’s okay, I know names are confusing :smiley:

Wakes up
Goes to great hall
Hears about Iron Clan’s Lord’s death
Asks about arranged marriage
Offers to marry Fire Clan’s daughter
Admits to being gay
Gets exiled by father


I’m joking btw, I shall post what I thought of it once I avoid getting kicked out by father dearest…


Haha, your story is pretty sad :smiley:

Yup, pretty much had the same experience as Yiva. well, that escalated quickly.

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I like the summary so far, i Iove story about heir. I also have question:

  • how many ro in the story? Can mc romance Javier?
  • and is Cyrus mc brother? Because

Cyrus asks, looking between his mother and father.

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That should’ve been your instead of his. I will fix that mistake :slight_smile:

There are so many ROs in the story (including Anna). Also, I changed Javier’s name to Leoran. And yes, you can romance him.

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I see, but romance Leoran must be tricky since he seems hate ice clan. Ah, and one more thing(okay it’s two) who the heir of ice clan now that brother got exiled? And can mc visit Darius?

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You’re the heir of Ice Clan. Yes, MC will meet Darius and find out why he’s exiled.

Also, Leoran is RO because I love hate to love relationships. :smiley:

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chokes How did Ser Javier came here? (jk) :crazy_face:

Back on the topic.

This story feels like The 100 tv show where there are clans and stuff.(Except for the sci-fi) :smiley: Just wanted to ask;

  1. How many ROs do you plan to have?

  2. If it is alright with you, can you tell me the different personalities of each ROs?

  3. Is there a religion set in this story?

  4. When the mc said that he/she is gay, the mc gets banished. Does that lead to a certain path?


Feels like got but as the starks.

Out of topic: I played your game and it was awesome. Good job! Javier is my favorite name. I heard that name in TWD: A New Frontier and I loved it.

  1. There are 4 or 5 ROs.
  2. You will meet them :smiley:
  3. Yes, for example: Ice Clan believes Ice God, Fire Clan believes Fire God etc.
  4. Yes. Game has different paths.

Also, yeah, it may look like The 100 because there are clans.