The Knight of The Ice (Updated 7/28)


Except the part Ned Stark got executed, right? Killing off important and beloved characters in this story would be like losing brain cells.

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I don’t think this game looks like GOT though. Yes, there are swords, warriors in the both stories, but they are not so similar.

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So did I! :grin: Javier/Javi is such a great name.

Oh god… No… Do the Fire nation clan like to burn people and stuff? Just asking.

Heey thanks. :relaxed:

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Yes, they do. :wink:


I never said they exactly the same but it does feel copyed and pasted like the north needing Allies against lannisters/fire clan and you/sansa h to marry even if your male still same thing and baratheon/ the water clan has there own problems see.


Lets just say that it is inspired by GOT, rather than copied and paste. Copy and paste feels like plagiarism. :sweat_smile:


I played demo but game doesn’t look like GOT. Not every people with problems are starks lol

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You made me confuse for a second haha. I was like “are we not playing as Ice clan? Where did Iron clan come from?”


I loved the demo. I’m so glad there is homophobic character. This makes game so realistic.

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I liked demo. Is Darius also gay? Is that the reason why he got exiled?


That being said, perhaps daddy dearest pulling out the banishment card straight away is a bit unrealistic. I mean, in a tense situation, willingly losing a potential heir/mariage bargaining tool is bad politic. Realistically, I’d expect a heavy-handed approach to try and “cure” the MC from his/her “sickness”, through punishment if needs be. The more condescending approach would be to act as if it’s just a phase that the MC should grow out already.

I could see the banishment eventually being issued if it becomes clear that the issue won’t just go away, but five seconds after the reveal seems a tad fast.


Now that you have mentioned it… It does seem unrealistic and foolish to banish your one and only heir, unless if he is a cold-hearted beast like the snow who doesn’t care. :thinking:


Have you paid attention to demo? They will bring MC’s brother back for marriage if they banish you. You’re not only heir.


Interesting demo! However, some of the phrasing is a little awkward, though I’m not sure if it’s on purpose. :sweat_smile:


Hm… Then that means your brother’s mistake is not that bad, since the mc’s father is willing to bring him back after banishing you.

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It doesn’t really change the issue, though. Discarding family members willy-nilly is a pretty risky policy, especially if your only plan B is “bring back the guy we exiled first”.

Even if the Ice Clan had an overabundance of heirs, it’d be wise to think twice before breaking ties with one of them. To speak cynically, in a noble house, children can be considered as useful pieces; that one shouldn’t get rid off thoughtlessly. Exile in particular is a dangerous sentence, because other noble houses and rivals might be interested in picking up the discarded piece, which can lead to several successions problems - at the very least, it’d be the perfect pretext for malcontents to start an open rebellion.

There’s a reason why royal families often weren’t too keen on distant relatives roaming freely in foreign lands.

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Your just defending a game that you nothing about but I smart so I can see the pattern’s it may not be copy and pasted but it is inspired by it and by the way it’s my opinion or who knows it can be true.


You don’t know how asshole homophobic people are? I got beaten up badly by my own dad just because I’m gay dude.


… that’s not what I’m trying to say at all, and believe me, I know. And the fact that I think the MC dad wouldn’t skip straight away to banishment doesn’t make him better. But there’s a difference between “asshole homophobic people” and “asshole homophobic ruler”.


The MC’s is still just a human and when blood rushes to your head, logic flies out the window. It was quite the fast reaction, but I don’t think it was unnatural for his homophobic dad to act in such a manner.

Besides, no one said he was a wise ruler, right?

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