The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



I’ve already downloaded mine but too sleepy due to lack of sleep :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: can’t wait to start reading this


So it turns out, after all my hard work… I’m a big softie.

Damn you Sally and being pregnant with some random guys baby! Damn me for saying little wheelchair girl can have a seat! I’m so sorry Binny, I should have just picked you and myself to go!

Speaking of which…the option of spending our last 24 hours with Binny doesn’t exist. Did I choose the wrong romance option! NOOO!!!

Next play-through, I am totally being less of a softie. I…I will! Really! I will!



Really liking the research system. Thank you in advance for the inspiration! :heart_eyes:


Is it possible that our progress is not being saved for the sequel? We usually need to give our save files a name and such but nothing of the kind appeared here.


It is weird I want my character to adopt Megan? Josefina Montoya will protect her!


Usually savegames aren’t made until the sequel is in the publishing queue.


Aaah that’s unfortunate but I understand I guess. At least I got a good idea of what to do next time!


Was there any ROs in this game?


There are three RO’s; a male, a female and a robot.


Whoa what robot are we talking about?


Congrats, @andymwhy! I already bought it on the Omnibus and will have time to enjoy it this weekend.


Who re the other 2? I already did the ‘thing’ with the robot even tho it was so short.


Can are robot go to Kepler with us?


I’m having trouble with the bottoms working.


If you allow robotics to become legal and develop the technology you can make your own robot.

Can the robot go all the way to Kepler? Perhaps… if robotics are legalised then there will be robots on the spaceship.

The other Romantic Options are Binny and Damien. It is possible to marry either of them.

@Phoenix_Wolf do you mean the buttons on the app (next button at the bottom?). If so, there is a slight issue with the app itself - for some phones. This issue was raised with the previous release NE by NW OZ. The bottom is where the ad is displayed. If there is no ad, the area becomes unclickable. Buying the game removes the ads and the problem is fixed.


No Steam/PC version aww…:disappointed:


Don’t quote me on it, but I believe that a Steam version might be in the works…


There, fixed.

A Steam version is in the works!??! OMG!!


great game, absolutely loved it.


Damn Megan and Sally for pulling the heartstrings I didn’t even know exist. all I can say now is those colonists better build me a damn statue at the very least after saving 50000 odd of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

pity I can’t save my game as I’d have to say I’m very happy with my current play through, but ah well.


I had just bought your interactive game and still playing it… i like it very much , it gives me a chance to not only building up my technology/spaceship … it also allow me to build my character and relationship :smile:

i love Binny very much as well :slight_smile: