The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



If my mc was based on me… I’d have taken Sam with my first shot as I was offlining as was taught to me in the academy. Anything that i experience after that is just bonus. If i felt the need to kill as many as possible, i could probably take two more before losing the element of surprise, one more before succumbing to injuries dependent on round size and targeting location.


I’m sure I got shot at least once before I could get a shot off. But this isn’t Hollywood, I can still get a few shots off before going down since I’m assuming the guards are using small caliber guns like most security forces and I’d be filled with adrenaline. Since their trained to fire center of mass a few gut shots will probably kill me, but slowly. I’m going to empty that clip in Sam if it’s the last thing I do. And I’m sure it will be.

If the guards are military with heavier rounds then it’s a good thing I insisted my daughter learn self defense. Kick his ass Simone!:smiling_imp:

Of course if I was smart I could show them the message Sam sent me and hope that these guards are sensible. But who has time for that. :man_shrugging:


I haven’t played the demo or playtest version of the game. But I will get the real deal when it’s out. Kudos to you for developing this, it sounds like a formidable challenge and I look forward to enjoying the fruits of your labour/labor.


The game is released but I feel there’s a game breaking bug present. No matter wich module I build for the ship it doesnt appear as built. For example I built both the computer and the defence module but both are still at 0 of 1. If its any help I’m a canadian citizen.


Its been released? I can’t find it on HG or CG? Are you able to post the link?


Its in the hosted game omnibus app. You might need to update it.


I don’t have the omnibus app :frowning:

It’s only available on IOS right?


I couldnt say tbh. I am on Apple so thats what I use but idk for other phones.


Wait so are android users being shafted?


What do you mean by shafted?


Someone said only apple usrrs are getting it today


Never mind they meant the omnibus id only on applr


Could someone send me a link to the playstore page


is not out in playstore yet.
edit: is out now for playstore.


Hi Cyanide. There is no error. After paying for a module, it then takes 1 or 2 years for it to be made by the engineers. This can be checked by clicking 'view module history log’

You can speed up the process by hiring more engineers.


Oh perfect thank you!!!


Oh is this coming out to the App Store?


It is out now in the App Store and Google Play.

For the App Store, download/update the Hosted Games Omnibus App (around 7mb) and the game will be the top entry within the App.


Already bought it! My battery was low so I only did a page or two… but I like it so far! Let’s hope that you eventually have a Steam release so I can buy it there too!


Congrats, Andy! I’m downloading my copy now. :slight_smile: