The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



Was just about to ask the same thing, thanks


It’s not all fun and games when the world is going to end:

You have another headache. Ever since the problems with the Church of Discovery, your work load has become much tougher. Every day brings new dilemmas and the hours left on Earth to solve them all are diminishing all the time. You have just finished a call with the art curator at the Louvre in Paris regarding the preservation of, amongst other paintings, the Mona Lisa. The woman talked down to you and ended by calling you an ‘idiotic ignoramus’. All because you asked if the frame could be removed for easier storage during space transit. And the headache returns again. You take a pill and wash it down with a gulp of water. Then you stand in your office door watching out over your work colleagues, waiting for the medicine to relieve the pain.

Sally Albright catches your eye as she struts into the office, determination in her eyes. She scans the room, then heads to Thomas Jeffers and slaps him hard across his cheek.

“Nine-Thousand-Seven-Hundred-and-Seventeen Bird species alone!” she shouts.


Just bought the game last night and did two playthroughs. I loved it! Congrats on the release. I loved the demo.

Also does every country have different benefits, challenges, or scenarios? What nation do you guys play as? I can’t decide which country I want to play next.


The challenge nations are listed in the game when you select a nation.

Some are a lot tougher… Try Bolivia!

Otherwise, the differences are mostly cosmetic (some US/UK vocabulary changes).

However, if you pick a country that has a major incident, in-game that incident might change or not happen. For example, if you play as Japan, then the major earthquake will hit the west coast of the USA instead).


I don’t know what I did wrong but it kept propulsion systems grayed out for me. I could never build them


That does sound odd. I’ll take a look at the code and see if there is an error that wasn’t spotted. In the meantime, here’s a guide that should work.

There are a few steps needed to build the propulsion modules:

First, your scientists need to research the technology.

To do this: Allocate scientists to a research project
Then put some scientists to work on the Improved Propulsion System. It takes 21 scientist years.

After that, you need to pay to develop the technology. It costs 180 billion.

Finally you will be able to build the modules with your engineers.


Nice to see US/UK vocabulary changes!


I was surprised when I finished building my spaceship really early :smile:


Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! If you found the game too easy, try one of the tougher game modes. There are some real challenges - especially as Bolivia!


I’m sure I did something wrong, but somehow I got to the point where there was nothing left to research come the final years. IDK if I had responded to an incident and it got rid of the option for me. I’m am replaying it like a fiend however, and I really love your work.


Thanks and I’ll try it this is fun :grin:


I’m assuming you are supposed to build in the public sector, since I had all technologies researched and developed and all kinds of the ship’s modules constructed and still got killed by the meteorite. I was confused as to why the game said I did not have a ship build and what was the point of a deep earth bunker or space elevator if one can’t do anything with these technologies. But since the description of the public sector said nothing about building, but rather increasing relations with the citizens, I completely neglected it in favor of the military.


Hi @Creator

Putting money into the public sector reduces the likelihood of a riot.

Putting money into the military reduces the damage caused by rioting.

As you build you are occasionally reminded what modules still need to be built. You cannot launch until every vital module is built. After that, you are given a yearly option to launch or continue making the spaceship bigger.

Bear in mind that because a module is paid for, it’s not automatically built - your engineers still need to make it. Maybe try hiring more engineers next time. The default is 10 and you can lose some of them in 2107. You can have up to 40.


@andymwhy So i bought your game & played it, Multiple times. It’s an interesting concept being put in shoes of a guy who has to decide how is he gonna save humanity & which members of it.

I loved researching & developing futuristic technologies. Building a spaceship in a limited time.
Personal interactions could have been better.
Like, after that hostage situation the characters involved could have displayed what affect if any that situation had on them?
And, Romancing Beatrice is a non starter isn’t it? :joy:

I’m interested to see what the sequel holds in store for us. I just hope all of it doesn’t play out in the part where we journey to our destination. I would definitley love to play a part of it reaching & settling in our new home!

Good luck & Best wishes!


I had 40 engineers. However, looking back I think I never built a Life Support module. Is it necessary? I was focusing on cryogenics.


Not a fan of Beatrice myself. Seems like a biased and intolerant character.


Well? To each his/her own i guess :grin:

Romance with binny was… Too easy. I reckon some people would prefer that but personally i thought Bea was playing hard to get. But i guess she was considered & discarded as possible romance option. :thinking:


This is the first of 4 planned games within this world. While the first released, once all games are completed, Evacuation would be seen as part two. Beatrice will be involved more in the prequel. The direct sequel to this will indeed only take place on the voyage, and each playthrough will be drastically different depending on the type of spaceship you built. The final game will be similar in style to Evacuation and involve forming the Colony on Kepler 62e.

While work has begun on the sequel to Evacuation, due to the style of the game I might write the final game in the series first. Both building the spaceship (Evacuation) and building the colony on Kepler62e could be created as standalone games. The intermittent game (Journey(s)) is proving difficult to pigeonhole and as such I might release it last as an IAP expansion rather than a standalone game.


So I did get the Life Support module this time around, as well as the maximum amount of all modules. Couldn’t have done this without selling 1000 seats for 1 billion dollars each. It surprises me, though, that I was able to simply rip off all the nations and get no response from them on the matter. I suppose they weren’t expecting me to not follow through on our deals, even as the asteroid was just two years from hitting the earth.


But i think there are option to stay back on earth right ? I built the underground bunker and plan to give my two tickets away… what if i stay with Binny and my cyborg in the Bunker, will there be story of such option in the sequel ? :slight_smile: