The images are staying as icons

My images, when I run the game, remain as small icons at the top left corner. I have renamed the images to be simple and have tried to insert them into choicescript using *image 1.jpg etc, the names seem correct as they passed the quicktest. My other thought is that the images are in the wrong location? The images are in : Dropbox>Choicescript Projects>Dfabulich,etc>web>mygame. Also in mygame is the scenes folder along with quicktest and randomtest html. Any feedback would be great!!

Have you tried aligning them to the centre?


*image blah.jpg centre Blah

Also, could you post a screenshot?


Yeah, thanks but it doesn’t seem to have worked… Also when I tried to upload an image to the conversation it said i am not allowed?

Are you running the game through CSIDE? Did you double check that the file names in the code exactly match the file name of the image? Is the image in a subfolder?

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I have named the images Cover, 1 etc, calling them Cover.png and 1.jpg, they are in the latest version of CSIDE from github, the images are directly in the mygame folder with an adjacent scenes subfolder. Is this correct?

Images won’t load in CSIDE unless you import them as a scene. The method of doing so escapes me at the moment.


Interesting, thanks, I’ll try to find out how

Yeah, you’re in trust level 1, so the system won’t let you do that. I just noticed that smh.

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Not true! Although CSIDE does support importing images as scene files, this is only really helpful for compiled games.


I’m not 100% certain, but I think image names are less likely to mess up CS if they’re a single word. I’d recommend changing your pictures to image1. Also if possible, COG prefers PNG files.

Images should be in the “mygame” folder. Quicktest and random test should be in the first folder (defabulich)

Agree with CJW unless you’re planning on compiling the game, don’t bother uploading games as scenes. If in doubt about if the issue with images not showing is a testing problem or a coding one, upload your files to dashingdons (images and text) and see if it plays correctly there.


Hi guys, thanks for the help. The problem when running with CSIDE remains, although both testing and images are fixed when I use run-server.

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