Random testing - intext picture


Hello everyone,

so I am back with a question. I am random testing my game and at one point I include a picture in the text. It should be correctly labeled.

*image CS_house.jpg center

But when testing, it doesn’t come up. Is this just a common thing or is it possible I in fact labeling it wrong?


Try using lowercase for the file name and make sure the picture file is in your mygame folder


Used lowercase for the file and checked it’s in the mygame folder and it still didn’t come up. Both Random test (100 iterations with full text showing) and quicktest passed.


I could be wrong but doesn’t it have to be a PNG file?

All of my images are PNG and they show up fine.


My PNG images work fine too, but CoG’s own examples for this command use .jpg so unless that’s wrong…

The only other possibility I can think of is that ‘center’ is actually the default so is not needed. CoG’s examples use only ‘left’ or ‘right’.


Try .jpeg instead of .jpg


Oki doki, so I tried the jpeg ending and it gave me an error

Error: startup line 149: File does not exist: cs_house.jpeg

And I converted the file into png and got rid of the center alignment and it still doesn’t come up. Is it possible, that random test just doesn’t show the pictures?


I have PNG files included as interior artwork and randomtest doesn’t give me any error messages.


Woah, just reread your post, no I don’t think the image will actually appear during a randomtest.
Does it appear when you’re playing your game?


Oh right. That would make sense. Well, I hear a lot of people being able to play through their games but I have no idea how to do that. Would you mind enlightening me on that matter? ;D


Using your browser (IE or FF - Chrome won’t run games locally) run the index.html file found in your \mygame folder. Once loaded, you can bookmark it / add to Top Sites / Speed Dial or whatever, as you would for any web site.

The quickest way to re-run the game (e.g. after making changes to a scene file) is to simply click in the browser’s address bar and hit enter.


Thanks! Now I ran into a series of new problems. I will first try to figure them out on my own before dropping it on you guys again.