The Halls Filled With Screams (WIP) Update-Post

Hi, as like 600 people know, i started making a game "The Halls Filled With Screams"
This post will contain what my other two posts had, you know because instead of making a trillion of posts i can post them all in one place right m8? Also, mods, feel free to delete my other posts about this game, as they were only interest-checks.
What it’s about?:

You are a FBI SAC, one day, you have been called to investigate a case of a murderer who kills people with no motives at all, the murderer is untraceable and since you are the best, it’s up to you
to find out who is behind the killings. You have been on the case for years, but never found a single clue. And when the murderer found a way to your loved one, that was the day you fell. You thought you were lost, but the killer has left with that one single clue left, that had lead you to your path to catch the killer and make the killer pay.

Some Additional Info: The game will be separated, the first 7 000 words are more of a baddass thing where choices don’t matter as much, and then the second half wiill be the true Halls Filled With Screams where every single choice will matter, darkness will be getting to your mind, instanity crawling into your brain, and it will be up to you if you climb up, or fall into the darkness.
And also, the first 7k words are just for achievements and introductions and stuff.

Game Will Have A Maximum of 50k Words

All the updates about the game will be here.
Day, Month, Year - Expected date of release NOWHERE NEAR
________________________**Playtest game release NOWHERE NEAR

9.      5.   2018 - Started game making.

11.    5.   2018 - Removed gender-lock.

11.    5.   2018 - Improved work rate, closer release date. (10 PM)

13.    5.   2018 - Playtest version of the game coming out soon, added checkpoints to the game.

Hey, wanted to ask, should i make a remake of the game and make the current thing an add-on to the game since i wrote it bad?

  • I shall wait for the remake.
  • No
  • You’re gonna do a remake anyway, aren’t you?

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You can always super-edit your old post, though. It doesn’t really matter if the old one is an interest-check turning into actual WIP.


You see, i’m too stupid to do that.

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This seems awsome I hope we can bring the killer to justice or kill him

Hi! I am here to create a poll. Yes. Ok, so i’m here to do an interest-check for my game. (I’ve already done that, and my game is WIP) So i want to ask if you expect something from my game/ if the interest hasn’t died out. And my game is not as nearly as good as some other WIPs, but i still have to ask this. (I’m an annoying person)

  • I do expect something from it.
  • I’m kind of interested, but i like other WIPs more.
  • I don’t really care, but if i come across a demo or a game, i may play it.
  • I don’t really care, but i hope you have fun with it
  • I don’t care.
  • Something in between all of these

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I’ll probably still play it just out of curiosity despite the fact that I do not like the genre. I do it with every WiP.

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I mean, I pretty much already have this marked to alert me of certain updates. I was always a big fan of Crime Thrillers, especially being a cop hunting a killer or the other way around, so I have high hopes (maybe too high) and I can’t wait to see if this game steps up to the plate.

:slight_smile: The 7k words will be i the demo.

Gimme a day and you have your not so good playtest version that will kinda hype you for the full game by bits of a dark backstory.

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