The Great Tournament - Beta Test [updated 22-Nov-16]


LOL I had either 12 or 15 kids with Hannah. We were busy. Who is this Ashera?


You can find her in that town with scholar and ruin

Visit the ruin, choose not engage in debate and go search in the ruin… she will appear by chance :slight_smile: i met her in my 2nd visit :slight_smile:
you must also find a lost book if you want to romance with her


Nooo, I didn’t qualify for the Grand Tournament, but the game let me marry Princess Hannah anyway?


You need to buy various items i.e shield,sword, horse etc. while travelling and try to perform in as many tournaments you can.That will raise your stat high enough to qualify.
If you fall in love with the princess and tell the truth when being questioned, you will get to marry her regardless of the result of the great tournament.


I think certain companion can help you win an event too…for example you must let Nadine to train you on archery and bring her along to the competition, She will fix your bow and alert you of the “cheating” within the archery competition… Nadine said she will borrow her Bow to you but i didn’t find the option yet

Bring Ben to the final test where the Fire Mage will recognise him and will improve your marks

I bought Shield and a horse, and qualify as join 2nd with Lord Borne, before i slay that treacherous Malik in the end and win the tournament


Did well in a good number of tournaments, but I flubbed the team melee and the personal melee in the qualifiers. I guess my leadership stat just wasn’t high enough for the team battle, and with Thrall I tried to play too smart and got smashed before the fight even started. Which NPCs help with those events?


My apology because I didn’t win team and personal melee too… But for team melee I brought Abeline , lol . however I chose the option of intimidating the nobles to exchange armour with hedge knight and I almost won it, It was me against malik+ one noble in the end . I made wrong choice by chosing to avoid being flank, but I manage to beat the noble before malik beat me, since I was the last 2nd person standing… I earn 2 points. Perhaps I should bought the hedge knight armour instead? Then everyone in my team should have better armour and I suspect I should bring Eadia …

Against Thrall I was beaten marginally when I chose long sword and select Eadia …

For jousting I won easily by bringing Vary

However it won’t matter as long as you earn enough marks for semifinal … Then I won jousting easily again before meeting Malik in final


Hey buddy I just thought of something we all miss

We can actually befriend with our original melee team if we visit them again
. I think if we visit Jacob the craver and Harold the boy…we may bring them in too… I suspect Jacob will the best melee fighter … So I will try to bring him in for my current te-read :slight_smile: He seems suitable for one on one fighting


So, great game, I just finished it and decided to ask you some things:
1: When I started the “open world” part of the game, I had 3 points of Melee Skill, 6 of Riding, and 1 of Archery. When I joined the Archery Tournament I won quite easily even tho I had only 1 point of archery, perhaps because of high agility (7)?, however, when I went to the next town for the Riding Tournament, the race one, I bought the horse and still got placed 5th, even with somewhat high riding and the 1k gold horse. So the question is: does the game uses RNG or something to define you winner or loser instead or with character stats, and are they so influential as allowing you to win with 1 point of archery and losing with 6 of riding

2: Does the bought itens do something more, other than just increasing your chances at succeeding at something, exemple, the horse should decrease travel time, since he’s faster and stuff

3:I found a bug when I finished the game with high Light stats, something aroud 67%, but got the achievement for the high Dark stats

4: Is it on purpose when you dont put (") when starting conversation? :v

5: Also, do you plan on continuing the story? Like, my char got married to Princess Hannah and killed Malik, knight and stuff so 107 points, is there any chance that you might continue the story like you did with Swamp Castle? But would you allow us to import the save from this game?
I know that the beta is closed, I downloaded it from Play Store but since I’m a big fan of Choice of Games I figured I’d give some feedback


Hi Vilrek,

  1. There is some RNG (a mix of RNG and stats). High agility helps a lot, especially with archery, however, the archery skill only helps with archery, while agility helps with a number of different things. As for the riding tournament in Pendle it had RNG. Taking a look at the code and the stats you provided, you had 100% chance in qualifying for the tournament, and a 95% chance of winning the tournament. It looks like you might have had just bad luck with that roll. Also you should have at least gotten third place based on your stats alone, I think there might have been a bug that put you in fifth place instead (fixing that now).

  2. Bought items do increase stats, but they also affect the story / add additional dialogue…I don’t want to give away to much, but for example if you buy a certain bow, there is a chance it may change the dialogue some depending on who is around you and also help you in one part of the story. For the most part they increase your stats, your score, and may have some other hidden impacts I won’t reveal.

  3. I have heard that issue once before, I am going to take a quick look at the code. It may be that you did some dark and light things, so you actually had a somewhat high dark stat, but your light just happened to be greater.

  4. Haha, more than likely a typo. :smile:

  5. I haven’t fully decided on that, I am working on two new games. Sometimes I start one, get a new idea, and then completely scrap what I am working on and start over. (I probably have like a dozen or so games in different finish states). The two I am working on right now, one takes place a generation or two after the events of the great tournament (so there may still be characters from that story, they are just much older), and another takes place around the same time, but from a different character’s point of view. I haven’t completely decided on whether or not I will do a direct sequel, but importing data is a great idea, I would just have to figure out how to import everything (which may be difficult as there were several decision points in the game).

Glad you enjoyed it!



Oh wow, nice find! Definitely, gonna try and get that fixed for the next build. :laughing:


Second run-through seems to be going better, I actually got a full team and won the first melee! Quick question though, does the difficulty only change the number of skill points you start with?


It affects a good amount of stuff including some hidden stats, which can make skill checks a little bit harder, but for the most part the stat points is the biggest thing. It not only affects how much you start with, but how much you can earn later on too.


Got to the Grand Tournament, but Sir Valen beat me. Maybe I should have been aiming for his head.


Hey buddy… thanks for this great story/game :slight_smile:

Is it all right i give some suggestion(s) if you decide to have a sequel of it?

well… i am thinking, the sequel maybe can concentrate on how we (as King ) rule the kingdom and engage in a Great War ( instead of Great Tournament) ?

My humble idea is that… after we become the King and rule with Hannah, Lady ( or Queen) Antonia is on the move again, she thinks that our Kingdom will be weak because it is rule by a “Farm Boy” who happen to marry the princess.

Hence the Great war start… here we divide the story path in 2

  1. We will lead the war ourselves as King, and we can choose who to bring along and who remain behind to help us govern the kingdom, If Sir Robert survive we can either bring him along as adviser or let him be the regent, we can choose whether to bring Hannah along or let her rules the kingdom instead, then we make choice to let some advisers to stay to govern the kingdom when we are away… so our story is mainly based on how we handle the war, and the status of our kingdom will be decided by Random chances on the people we choose to stay behind. Maybe we win the war, but the state of kingdom is bad and rebellions is on the rise or maybe we win the war and the kingdom is still in good status ( the king winning the war should have more morale boast to the people unless we tax them with high levy)

I always dream of a chance to go to war side by side with my queen , not many story went to this path, it was a story path by the classic PC games" heroes of Might and Magic " where King Roland and Queen Catherine rode side by side…so it will be refreshing if we bring along Hannah to fight alongside us, knowing that Hannah is skillful in sword play, but maybe the risk is that she is too innocent and we may end up needing to rescue her :slight_smile:

  1. We select Generals to lead the war for us, while we remain to play as ruler to govern our realm… we must decide how to divide the resources and gain more help for the generals … in the main time we must contain the uprising of the Republicans , i am thinking of if Ashery was fond of us is the Great tournament, she can help us to convince Republicans to calm down because now the kingdom is rule by a wise king like us ( if our light path is above 80%) , if we ran a dark path previously , she will be against us… and if we are somewhere in between, she will be neutral but we can convince her in the course of the game.

These are just my personal suggestion , hope you don’t mind… If you are really thinking of a sequel , hope it can help in providing the reading community another wonderful adventure:)


Nice, thank you for the fast answer, I have played a good lot of games already, and I can think of how hard it is to have a game with imported saves, as there will have to be lots of different outcomes for each decision, plus, the stats would be very messed up unless you were to use a different kind of measure, like using the % bar for each stats which would then have a limit of 100%
Still, I really like the army fights, just as I did in Swamp Castle, however I do think that there could be more immersive options, such as scouts that would allow us to see the enemy’s disposition and prepare accordingly, the whole army-commander idea sounds really amazing and I think it could be expanded in a variety of ways, so I would find it very interesting if you were to emphasize this part in one of your next books


Hey Eric,

Those are really good suggestions. I happen to be a huge fan of heroes of might and magic.The scenario you wrote makes a lot of sense. I will dwell on it some. :smile:


Hi Vilrek,

It is funny you mentioned scouts as that was something I was thinking about expanding more on for the next game. I will definitively keep that in mind.


Not sure if I answered this already, but what can happen is even though you have increased your light stat by a higher percentage, you can still do things that are dark. Essentially you get ruthless if you accumulated a lot of dark near the end.


I loved this game I cried to Robert :cry: please honour his memory(dont know if you did I havent finished yet) Congratulations :clap: it became one of my favorite games