The Great Tournament - Beta Test [updated 22-Nov-16]


If you want to have a checkpoint system, I guess you can have the save be directly between Chapter 1 and 2. Or you can a have a passcode system where numbers/letters are randomly generated at intervals when your age changes.


It would be a better idea to make a way to spend the days before the tournament properly and it is really hard to keep track of all the tournaments that goes on in that period so if there were some reminders at the time of the tournaments it would be helpful.
After successfully defending the outpost surely there should have been some rewards.


Is there any way to avenge Sir Robert?
And when you name a game The Great Tournament then you should make sure players end up winning it.


Yes, I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but you can actually do more than just avenge him. There are multiple endings, one with him alive.

As for the tournament, you have to make sure you have good stats to ensure that you win. The equipment you buy, and stats play a major role in whether you win or not.


I will try to include some reminders, that is a good idea. You get rewards, but a lot of it is hidden stats. Perhaps I should make it more apparent. I will take a look at it.


Strength increases the damage you do when you hit someone.

Agility affects how likely you are to hit your opponent or dodge his or her attacks.

Wisdom changes the story text, adding more detail, it even allows for additional options. It could affect what you say as well.

Leadership is how likely people are to follow your orders or listen to your advice in battle. It may also allow additional options in conversation.

Intelligence allows additional options in conversation, it affects how you character may react in certain situations and it may allow you to do more complex maneuvers in combat.

Diplomacy affects how likely someone is to see your point of view. It affects dialogue and highly effects determining success in conversation related checks.


I was saying that for the narrative’s sake.You’re playing the protagonist of the story, a character that most people will play as a honorable chivalrous Knight. So at the end of the day if you don’t beat the villain and ride off into the sunset,I think the players will not get a felling of closure.That is why you should make the process of winning a bit clear.
You should definitely add a weapons skill stat.I was one time matching Nadine in archery but at the tournament I only hit one bullseye.
If there is an ending where Sir Robert is alive I think you should cancel that one,because killing him just after you received your knighthood that scenario makes for a better story.


Greetings, @Jerieth. It seems The Great Tournament is scheduled to be released next Friday together with my Spacing Out. Out of curiosity, I would like to ask what is the title of the game you published previously with Hosted Games and how long (in terms of words) this one is.

Best Wishes!


Hi Maday,

I’m glad are games are finally getting released! My last choice script game was Swamp Castle, a medieval simulator. This one is much longer and more story driven. It is somewhere between a short story and novel, however, there are a lot of options in the story you can make, that change the story quite dramatically, which took up quite a bit of programming time to save and remember all those variables.


@Jerieth I have a question, if I might.

Will the game only be Apple exclusive? I can’t seem to find it on the Android store.


It should be; they might be updating it. If you go on your phone and search the Google Play Store for “The Great Tournament”, you should find it.


I downloaded it from Google Play. My MC married the princess and became king. score 143! :smile:


God dammit, put that kind of stuff in a spoiler tag.

Don’t ruin the fun for everyone else.


How come this game isnt on the CoG website?


It just got released today. I think they just haven’t updated the website yet.


wow a good game,got the king, prince, gold ending so far, btw i want to ask regarding fire spell, could someone elaborate how to get it? so far i already taking the stuff for it, but when i ask to learn it , it said i couldn’t learn it?

thank you.


Just finished reading the story for the 3rd time now, It’s pretty good and I had enjoyed it immensely, although there are still bugs in it that i’ve encountered such as this:

It had said i finished the game with a high dark stat despite my stats being almost fully light.


Also at the end when I married princess Hannah and became king, shouldn’t the “King of Magincia” achievement also get unlocked?


There is a bug that when you are choosing your initial stats and you choose to “Reset all stats” Intelligence doesn’t get reset and you can keep putting points into it and getting it to an insanely high number. You can go even higher than in the picture.


I had only 4 kids

how did you end up having 5?

i got 139 points
and was able to make Abeliene(i am not sure with the spelling), Ashera, Hannah and Nadine fall in love with me…

you can stay and rest with them if you wish to, just make them fall for you :slight_smile: