The Great Tournament - Beta Test [updated 22-Nov-16]


Not in this game, but a strong possibility in the next one.


found this


Hi Andrew,

Sorry, I had a duplicate option. Just fixed it.


. Found this one and I got to say this is one of my favorite WIPS. Keep up the good work


Thank you again Andrew!


It is a ton of fun, but every time I reach the part where you are preparing for the tournament it gets an error and I need to start over. Awesome win though, had a blast playing it through!:smile:



It's amazing love it I cried when the knight dyed


Oh boy!!! Theres a choice to say you can learn fire magic!?!? HOW DO I GET THISSSS

I really found myself getting addicted to the game more and more trying to out do my past achievements :smiley:


I got the wall line 875 error as well.
I had one more question though,when you train the militia you get to chose to teach them your strongest skill.I chose to teach them with a spear so will that be my strongest weapon skill throughout the game.And shouldn't you add a weapon slot,even the squires carry weapons in war right?


That is a good idea. The way I have it set is you can choose your weapon before certain tournaments.


Thanks Xhandas! That is a tough one to get, but well worth it. I plan on adding a bunch of achievements.


I bet its difficult, the members werent so keen on letting me, how exactly can i get that? im all about the magic. do stats play a huge role in being able to get it?



Epic boss fight against Malik. And then you kill him with the bow... pretty intense. Ended up marrying Hannah had 5 kids.


page_break You took an arrow, knocked it, aimed, and fired...

Page break shouldn't appear.

Even ben spent some time with you. Going over various scholarly topics and teaching you different maneuvers in combat.

Ben is with a capital B.

BTW, I WANT CHECKPOINTS. It seems annoying to die and having to start all over! :angry:


Thank you for finding that Potter! I was researching ways to add save plugins, I think choice of games told me when the game goes live that certain plugins wouldn't be accepted. Perhaps I can add an option to skip for testing purposes. I shall see.


Great Game! I finished with a score of 98, married Princess Hannah, 106 Light, -6 Dark.


Towards the end of the game, those random bandit encounter auto deaths are a tad ridiculous. They've gotten me twice, both times my character vastly outmatched the bandits in question, and overall just felt like it punished being broke with an auto game over. In addition, a few of the late game shop options seem to not work properly, such as buying a fancy bow, and not losing any money at all, nor seeming to have any improvement to agility.

I really liked the reference to the events of Swamp Castle, it'd be kinda cool if an upload of your swamp Castle save file for perhaps a little cameo, or even a small change to little details in the story would be cool. But idk that does seem like alot of work plus people would have to go back and replay the other game to nake a save file.


Hi Tsaster,

Good points. I think I may change the bandit encounters some so it doesn't auto kill you, but rather causes damage to your health pool. As for the fancy bow, it actually does help, but it is a hidden stat, perhaps I should change the text some to make it more apparent.

I would love to incorporate a save transfer, but I am not sure the best way this could be done. I am glad you caught the references to the previous game! Thank you for your input and support (with both games)! :smile: