The Great Tournament - Beta Test [updated 22-Nov-16]

Hello Everyone,

I am working on my second choice script game. Trying to focus on story and character development this time around, but still give the user plenty of choices that actually affect the story. This particular adventure is about a young boy who eventually will grow up to become a Knight. Right now I am about halfway done. I still need to polish a lot of things.

I was hoping you could comment on the general progression of the story. If you like the characters, etc. Also if you find any bugs or grammatical mistakes please feel free to share. Please go easy on me, this is my first stab at trying to write something of this magnitude. Hopefully you like it.

Again it is in Beta Test, and I still need to polish it, but if you see something you like or see something you think could be improved, please let me know. Also please let me know what your score is at the end. I am trying to figure out difficulties.

The game uses stats to determine outcomes, but also there is some dice rolling involved. It is a complex system, but if you have a lot of points in agility for example, you will have a much better chance in hitting your intended target with an arrow. Also if you reach a high level in stat, depending on what your trying to do you may automatically succeed rather than having to roll for it. Character interactions also change based on character stats; mainly wisdom, intelligence, and diplomacy. You can try to be a jack of all trades, but you may run into some trouble if you do. There are also plenty of hidden stats you will not see.

Play the game here


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I have made several updates to the game. The first part is more story driven, while the second part is more open world. The game can be long without being able to save. If you do finish the game, please let me know what your score is at the end, and give a brief description of the ending you chose and how you got there. Thanks!

The beta test is currently closed. Thank you to everyone that helped in testing the game.


sounds interesting, will have a look first :grin:

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a small report of typo for now :grin: its near midnight here, so i’ll continue to play it later :sleepy:

A game you often you played with each other even though you knew neither of you had the coin to pay the other. (just 1 you is enough :sweat_smile: = you often play)

You saw your father feed a carrot to Midnight, which seemed make her forget about the crowd and calm her down. (which seemed to make her forget)

Your thoughts are interrupted by your little brother across room, the noise must have woken him up. Luke, where have you been…did…you go to the tournament? Can you tell me about it? (im a bit confuse at first, coz there is no (") at his conversation.

oh… there is something that confuse me, maybe there is something missing with the story it happened when father and mother back home with a guard and they come inside their room with lil brother and aunt at their room’s door. when i click next… im suddenly a squire with my bestfriend. i guess there is a missing story between that part.

that’s it for now… good luck!! :grin:

Thank you! I will make those updates on my personal copy. As for your last paragraph, I guess you must have stayed home and went to sleep, I didn’t really add much detail on that choice, since I expected most players to go to the festival. I can update it.

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yes, im staying home coz im a bit wary with that sketchy tournament XD (lol). okay then… when i play it later i’ll trying to go to tournament bfore you update it :grin:

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I really like how the story has gone so far, props to you! (there are a few things to iron out of course) I’m eagerly looking forward to any future updates :smile:

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Thanks! That is a good score. You must have done well.

It’s really worth reading. Story was great and characters had depth and definitely intriguing (some are at least). No problems except for the typos. You ought to get a second look through it.

and I got 29, which is pretty decent heh.

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Thanks Exavio! Yeah, I need to go over the text for typos. 29 is a great score. I am glad I am getting feedback on that, it gives me an idea of how set difficulty later on. Though I figure you all are pretty experienced playing these types of games. Thank you for the feedback.

Great demo played on hard got a score of 32 main stats was agility and wisdom. The dialogue was good and kept me interested and I’m wondering if there will be romance later on with other women than princess Hannah when your character gets older and more established in life.

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Glad you liked it kingokami! Yeah I think I may add end up adding multiple romance options.

I think there was an error when I was attempting to raise the militia. I paid to raise 10 archer units, and allowed another archer to join, however, when I went to the number of militia units levied it lists zero archers.

I went back through the demo and this time it would not allow me to raise any sort of specialty unit despite having the funds for same. Also aside from the fire mage none of the people who volunteer or you train appear to be showing up in the list of soldiers.

I had a score of 31 when I played the whole way though.

Another thing there is a long wall of text about Sir Robert doing some weapon training, it would help the demo if you broke that up into paragraphs.

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you seem to often miss (") at conversation… is it intentional? though i dont advice it, coz it will confusing the reader

i mark some of it here with some typo:

at stat screen : Below is a list of importatant information: (important)

Varys interjects **(")**so what is the play here? I know there are some general formations you can make, but remember playing to the crowd can be useful too. Any gold thrown into the arena is shared. It may also be a good way to distinguish ourselves. (")

you are left with the thief. He looks at you hesitantly, (") what do you two want? (") You respond, “We are looking for people to join our team for the tournament. You seem like a fast kid.” You tell him all the details.

[Harold notices the wooden sword, “That is a nicely made weapon Jacob. Where did you get it?”

Jacob responds, “I made it myself.” Tommen smiles, **(")**Oh that’s cool", he holds his staff up, “I made my weapon too. I call it Troll Smasher” (who is Tommen ?)]

After the tournament, you stretch examining any bruises you may have gotten from the fighting. Varys grins, (")well, that was…fun. I am going to be late for the darts competition if I don’t leave soon.(")

You are so surprised at his presence, you don’t know what to say, luckily he speaks first. (")Luke right? Your father has told me a lot about you. How is he doing? Is he doing better?(") You manage to nod.

Sir Robert approaches you and asks if he might have a word. You nod and follow him. (")Luke, I really appreciate everything your father has done. Midnight is quite a handful to care for, it will be difficult to find someone to replace your father to care for him.(")

Sir Robert puts his hand on your shoulder, (")unfortunately I am leaving town in a few days for another tournament, in fact I plan on attending several tournaments over the next few months. Your father is in no condition to come with me, I will have to find a new horse trainer.(")

Sir Robert smiles, (")that is nice of you, but I already have an experienced horse trainer in mind who I know will be more than willing to take over in your father’s absence.(") You frown.

(")It is a strategy. You see one day during a joust I had an over eager attendee polish my armor and shield so well, that you could practically see your reflection in it. I was jousting an opponent that was quite good, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to win, when halfway during the match my shield and armor reflected the rays of the sun onto the eyes of the other jouster. It allowed me to hit him with my lance and unhorse him. Ever since that day, I always like to keep my armor as shiny as possible when it comes to jousting.(")

Varys is waiting outside. (")Hey Luke, thanks for helping me get that job with Sir Robert. Even though I will be essentially a paid scarecrow in charge of guarding his supplies…I can use the work. My uncle’s tanning shop has had a run of bad luck lately, so I need to go out on my own for a while.(")

“Good”, responds Sir Robert, “I want you to ride these two horses here. Even though I always prefer to compete with Midnight, I figured it might be good to have some backup horses just case. You will ride alongside me in the front. Alright?” (did you mean just in case)

**(")**I’m not a farmer, and I don’t really have any interest in lording over others. I pretty much let the townsfolk do what they want. As long as they pay their tithes I’m happy and their happy for the autonomy I provide them." “That is about it.”

(")Yeah, in some ways I found those much more dangerous. Probably because you’re in an enclosed space, with a bunch of drunk people trying to kill you, some with concealed daggers too. I was outnumbered in one bar fight that turned ugly really quick. I actually managed to block one of the assailants strike with my arm, even though he did some minor damage to me, though obviously small wounds are better to receive than mortal ones. In fact, some of the bloodiest fights I have been in have been bar fights.(")

and there is a scene with a wall of text, please make some space and paragraph coz wall of text will usually threw off some reader (including me that is). this is the part where the wall of text was :

After several hours of travel, Sir Robert tells the wagons to stop and make camp for the night. It was getting late, but there was still some light so Robert told his attendees to gather firewood and pitch tents before it got too dark.Sir Robert walked over to you and… (well i guess you get the point)

Im unable to finish reading your story now but so far its been great, in terms of mistake this is what I have found so far.

not sure if this is a mistake or my bad reading but isn’t Franklin a girl

Typo here, it should be and he helps instead of and helps

It says that if the lance had gone any deeper it would have penetrated the heart but then it also says that the lance went all the way through.

Maybe if you say if it where a little to the right it would have penetrated his heart?

You’ve written most of your story in past tense but occasionally it changes to present tense, this is just one example

this is just a minor bug but current health stat is able to exceed the max health stat

lastly just a miner typo, the word you is capitalized in the middle of a sentence

Anyway great game so far can’t weight to read the rest! :grinning:

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What a interesting story. Got 36 score. Was aiming for wisdom and intellect.
Found a bug when in first phase to raise militants. Couldn’t raise them. Just using all my money.

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Thank you Chris! I will have to take a look at this bug.

Yeah, I need to break it into paragraphs. It requires some polishing.

Curious_Boy, thank you so much for taking the time to list these. It is really helpful. I will fix it on my local copy. I had forgotten to put quotes around those. Perhaps I should break it up some, so it appears more obvious who is talking.

Thanks again!

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Hi The MushromLord,

Thanking for taking the time to provide screenshots. It is really helpful. Also I am glad you enjoyed the game!

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