The Great Tournament - Beta Test [updated 22-Nov-16]


Thanks Streeza, I will have to take a look at the code for raising militia. There might be a bug there. Glad you liked it! Also so far I think you may have the highest score!


Uploaded a new version with typo and bug fixes.


This was really awesome I cant wait to read more


Thanks Destry! I am glad you enjoyed it.


The game has been updated to include part 2. Enjoy!


i edit the title so everyone will know it being updated :grin:


Hi sorry I was playing this and then forgot about it after awhile, this is a good game and I’ll come back to test it. I think I still have the original link to the game ⠃⠕⠕⠅⠍⠜⠅⠫⠲


It seems like a good game, though I encountered with a problem.



Thank you for finding that. It should be fixed now.


should be sword and shield


But at the beginning midnight was referred to as a male horse


Grammatical error


Should be a great hall


I had 45 militia but it just shows 45


Should be “he is well respected”


I had a question.Is the princess the only RO available up till now?
This has been a great game so far.Hopefully we will get to see more of it


A bug after I asked for some food :frowning:


now that you mention it… i’ve been wondering about this myself. is there no male RO ?


Great finds! Thank you.


Wonder why that wasn’t picked up by quickest. Good find. Fixed it!