The Great Tournament - Beta Test [updated 22-Nov-16]


I dont understand why this game is not known well It is perfect make more :+1:


Sir Robert live in my ending;-)

Just make sure you win the tournament:-)


Will we see a sequel to this great game and if we will do you know the date? btw keep up the great work.


Currently in the works. Not sure about the date as of yet, but will try to update you all as soon as I know!


Anyone knows how to have 15 kids with Hannah? Most I could achieve was 8 while in hard.

(Ok that sounded wrong)


There will be a sequel? Yessssss.
Just played through the game in one day. And It already felt like there were a few connections to swamp castle… And now I know why :smiley:
I play a lot of these games but this is now one of my favourites! The ending was nice too. Mine was: win the tournament, be king by marriage and save robert. The last thing is especially cool!. I cant wait for the next one! Some info maybe?


Well that’s more than a lucky thing so you’ll have to read it a couple of times

( and yeah that sound a little weird XD )


This game is pretty fantastic. I like how open-world it is: even though I have about half the achievements, I’m getting the feeling that there’s still a huge amount to explore. The grammar’s not the best, but who cares? :smiley:

And I like the way it ties in to “Swamp Castle.” Building up a canon is sort of…comforting, somehow. My only real complaint is that there doesn’t seem to be much leeway in choosing gender or RO, but the current setup suits me (as a heterosexual man) just fine.

Great job on the game man, absolutely hooked on it. I finished it in one day, and to be honest 

I loved the amount of work you put in that whole stats system. Anyway, I wanted to ask you if there
is any way I could get the non-app/apk version. I mean like, the notepad version or whatever
it is that you work in (it’s notepad++ isn’t it?) I’m trying to get into writing these novels and I feel
like I could learn a lot off your work.
Anyway thanks a lot and keep up the work haha.


I grabbed this game a week or so ago and started it, but I was unable to play it for long. While I agree that the effort put into the stats system is apparent, I wish the same could be said for the writing.

My biggest issues were things like leaping between past and present tense (The first several paragraphs are past tense, then it’s suddenly in present tense with no reason for the change, then it’s back to past tense. You were at the bar, you chose “A”, you stuff your face, you throw the dart, Varys groaned. . . etc.), usage of the wrong homophones (their, there, they’re or too, to, two), misused or made up words ("A gruffly looking man. . . "), and missing quotations and punctuation. I had to reread some parts two or three times to ensure that I understood when and where the characters were. I had trouble focusing on the story because I was distracted by errors and continuity issues.

I’m not trying to be mean spirited in any way, here, but interactive fiction has to, first and foremost, be easily read and enjoyable. This piece could benefit greatly from intensive betas and a team of editors. I know a lot of people might argue, “Oh, you knew what the author was trying to say, so spelling and grammar don’t really matter,” but for a written work, that’s literally the entire point. Great stat systems mean very little if the story isn’t properly written.

I hope you take this as constructive criticism rather than just complaining, because I believe this really could be a great piece of IF. It just doesn’t seem ready for publication yet, and definitely not for sale.


One bug I’ve noticed in the version on the Google Play store:

When Ben asks you to fetch him a staff from Firebend, you can do so–and then go to the shops in Firebend and choose to sell it for 2000 gold. But then if you visit him again, it’s as if you didn’t sell the staff: he rewards you with a diplomacy-boosting amulet and takes the staff (which appeared from hyperspace, I guess).

Then again, I’m not complaining. It’s an easy way to get gold and raise stats without facing the intended moral difficulty.


@Jerieth I just finished playing The Great Tournament and it is definitely one of my fav choicescript game. I honestly feel that the flow of the game goes really well and I hope you make a sequel to it. Does the in-app purchase go to you? Because if it does, i will buy it!

Once again, thanks for making The Great Tournament. You are awesome!


Hi Niteshade, I am glad to hear you enjoyed the game. I get a small portion of all in-game purchases. I am currently working on the sequel, but it is a bigger project than I expected. I am trying to make it so your choices in the previous game can be transferred over. Hopefully I will get it all sorted out. Thank you for your kind comments!


If you have questions about this, email Rachel. There’s not a lot you have to do.


Hi. I got a score of 95. It seems the scoring system has been updated since beta testing. I really like your game and overall I believe it is 5 stars. I was playing on the easy difficulty.

During the story the issue is grammar mistakes which are understandableither considering the development team size. If you like I could list some here?

Also this is how my story went; I chose to try and be kind to others. So that meant I didnt react to every challenge (at the feast beong pushed for example) I did ma key several mistakes though: one large one was sending troops to Sir Robert, their fore not being able to make a sheild wall: costing some villagers their lives.

Overall I acted ok, my stats at the end were…

60 HP

1195 GP

12 Strength

7 Agility

2 Leadership

6 Intelligence

20 Wisdom

4 Diplomacy

3 Melee Skill

6 Riding Skill

3 Archery skill

80% Light 20% Dark

I wish I could return back to Redwood. I enjoy helping the people, building barracks, roads, and being of use.

This is my first time playing the game, I was playing on easy. Also a free roam exception would be very worth paying for. Logic says the stream of people at the end of the game, although less would be more likely to pay to continue.

As you know all games you make have some much potential in addition to their stories. I honestly think a extremely good plan linking events and decisions make it easier to brainstorm ideas and produce quick stores. That’s my thoughts, your storylines are fun.

Also I believed Sir Cuthbert (sorry incorrect spelling) was going to try to overthrow the king by the first feast: from the point where he shoves your character. Also I think setting the goal early on becomming married to S (I have forget the Princesses name sorry) a clear goal earlier on. It can be inferred from the feast (I realized that was my goal) but I would prefer it being a stronger theme.


Also I liked the use of logic in the town home to scholars. 4.

As soon as I read this I assumed it to be fact. A “lake” which can be found high in the mountains contains water which will make your life everlasting? Can it actually be found? I briefly searched for it in 2 out of 4 places I was aware of. I left so as to join a tournament.

Also a bit of logic at the end. If it’s available its probably best to ask for the princesses hand In marriage. Logic assumes the king will die soon. So rather than asking for the throne and putting that value in excess of the Princess, asking for her hand, then being next in line for the throne leads to less emotional friction.

:racehorse: I wish I could of saved Midnight…

I will probably stop posting viewpoint comments since that can spiral into needless suggestions…


i f*ing love this writer
he is awesome
he understands how interactive novel should work
is there any other games from him except for swamp castle ??


There are only swamp castle and the great tournament. Yet.

( they might be working on something, you know whispers secretly )


Sequel is in the works. :relaxed:


:grin: I am eagerly waiting for it