The Grand Innovator (WIP)

(short summary you are a genius the Leonardo da Vinci of your time you will be thrust into a unstable world with an uncertain future the question is not will you change the world but how. the game will touch heavily on themes of nationalism imperialism classism race and racism scientific advancements and its effects on society
the mc is an extremely intelligent individual becoming an international celebrity due their extreme intelligence mc is thrust into american and international politics with many countries vying for the mc cooperation because they know the mc holds the key to their victory the mc will often be task with improving the country that they have choose to help whether it be building weapons of war or improving infrastructure as well as participation in your Political party

( long summary set in an alternate 1900s in which the USA is struggling with rampant corruption failing infrastructure and the rise of fascist and communist movements the democratic republicans are desperately trying to maintain their power over USA meanwhile in Europe the french empire and the socialist republic of greater Germany are set to destroy each other over dominance of Africa and Europe great Britain has retreated into total isolation as they try to maintain their once vast empire.after the white army lead by the tsar Nicholas II defeated the Bolshevik revolution of 1905 Russia now is a deeply divided land and with a paranoid and ruthless tsar hellbent on maintain his family’s power over Russia the tsar has to fall but who will succeed him?
as the old European powers bicker among themselves two titans have risen in Asia the young republic of japan and a revived Chinese empire are set to clash over control over the pacific and influence over Southeast Asia the stage is set the only question now is who will emerge victorious in this bloody game of chess?

(planned features) play as male, female or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, or asexual
will you remain ethical in your scientific research? or will you sacrifice Everything in the pursuit of knowledge?

10 romance options five males and five females start a family

live through a time of political unrest civil wars and revolutions
will you support a fascist dictatorship? or overthrow the bourgeoisie in the name of communism and crate a socialist paradise or try to reform your troubled country into a enlightened democracy

navigate trough a dangerous game of geopolitics as you deal with spies assassins and saboteurs who will you trust in this bloody game of chess

will you become the greatest inventor who ever lived? or will you be a footnote in history


For some reason I got all these warm and fuzzy feeling of Girl (well Boy in my case, hopefully, you will allow male mc’s, yes?) Genius, for SCIENCE! In my head for some reason.
I really cannot say more without more info but I like the, admittedly very brief, premise thus far.


Write your idea! I’m sure plenty of people will be interested in playing it.


yes i will be male and female mc’s[quote=“idonotlikeusernames, post:2, topic:22386”]
I really cannot say more without more info but I like the, admittedly very brief, premise thus far.

i am sorry for the brief description i will add more info as soon as possible

Oh this sounds fun. something tells me our inventions are going to decide the political face of the Americas for a long time can hardly wait for a demo.

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yes but not only USA but the world!

It sounds like lots of fun! I’d love to play something like that.


okay guys so i think i will make this game a priority now bear in mind that i am a completely new to programming so the first week or so is going to be devoted to me learning how code but the good news is that due to my current situation i can spend most of the weeks days on this project so in i ask me anything you want about game


I would love to see this game come to fruition.

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okay so i have thinking about the Political party’s the mc can join here is what i came up with

the sovereign american League) ideology fascist - leader Benjamin Marshall
campaigning on a platform of anti-corruption anti-establishment and anti-big business and pro-american anti immigration pro-expansionist the SAL has made a extreme effort to distance itself from racist elements calming to believing in a Grand american society that transcends race and gender the majority of SAL supporters are white middle class as well a significant minority of black and Hispanic voters

okay so that was a brief description of the the sovereign american League next time i will talk about the progressive communist party of america!


okay so i have been busy learning how to code but the good news is it is not as difficult as i Thought it wood be the demo is still a few weeks away unfortunately :disappointed: but i am making progress so to counter balance that unfortunate news let me tell you about the progressive communist party of america or PCPA for short

progressive communist party of america- ideology communist-leader Laura Clark
PCPA originally was just a group of disgruntled steel mill workers who staged a brief labor strike the sheer level of violence those workers face shocked many and inspired a student protest that would eventually lead to the formation of the Californian communist party the CCP merge with various civil rights feminist and worker advocacy groups to become the modern PCPA the PCPA strongly advocates for the collectivization of farming and the establishment of social welfare programs to help the poor a $10 minimum wage and a amendment that will abolish the electoral college and limiting the president to a one five year term in office the PCPA is extremely popular with black Hispanic and lower class whites


it will my friend but do not worry the demo will be out soon :slight_smile:

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