The Gatekeeper WIP (20/06/2020)

Damn. Ollie low-key annoying :unamused:


Oh man the story you got going is so interesting and I love all the characters so far. Especially the signing that happens in the memories and wish we could sign to our sibling in the present since they do some part of their convo with us in sign!

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What an interesting premise! I love this a lot so far, and I cant wait for more! My only nitpick is that I wish the MC can still sign in the present, but it’s not that big a deal. Also excited to meet the ROs!


Yeah I was hoping we could play as a mute and just sign everything

Very interesting game. Can’t wait to meet the ROs :heart_eyes:

I’m really excited for this game. As someone who signs, I was excited to see a player character who does too. I’m hoping you find a way to implement it outside of just the flashbacks or dreams, or at least add some stuff in the present day referencing the player character’s muteness (like mentioning difficulty speaking when they meet Ollie, and maybe they sign with Alex, since that’s how they talked as kids? My sister and I fall into a half-ASL half-English kind of combo language whenever we’re around each other). I’m sure we’re going to get more significance given to it later on, but currently, waking up to have it really have no impact on their life was a bit disappointing.

I’m loving what we’ve seen so far, though, this is probably tied with Greenwarden for the demo I’m most excited about right now.

I know a lot of people are disappointed by the lack of signing! To be honest, I never expected such a great reaction about it, so I played it down. Seeing all of the comments made me increase the level of singing that’ll be shown in the game. Still, very glad to see the feature get so much love! I, on the other hand, am no singing expert, so any opinion I can get about it to help tweak and shape it into an accurate representation will make me more than grateful; if you’ve got any “tips or tricks” I could use, I’d love to hear about them! Thank you for the kind words! :relaxed:


The reason the MC is able to properly talk is explained after the memory chapter; The mc is using magic. While I could provide an explanation for the MC’s muteness, for now, it’ll remain up to the player to decide why their MC is mute (solely because I want to allow some freedom, but if I did add reasons, they’d be vague such as: Magical, psychological, physical, illness, etc…) I’ll be sure to check out the link soon, thank you for checking my WIP out!


Aah, it was great! Though having it end at that point was extremely frustrating, to say the least!

I won’t be giving feedback about spelling or other things like that because English isn’t my language and well, I don’t feel confident enough. If I see something that really bothers me and I’m sure is a mistake, I mention it, but I didn’t really notice anything like that here.

As for the other things. Well, I agree with some older comments - it bothers me you don’t select Alex’s gender when they first appear. Other than that, I didn’t have any issue in my playthrough, consistency nor other.
I would have liked to be able to select the hair color (and hairstyle?) of the MC though, maybe at the same time as the eyes. I tend to decide how my MC looks like when I’m actually prompted to decide the various aspects of his body, so it bothers me a bit if it’s incomplete. But oh well, that’s a minor issue.

Other than that, I’d like to suggest something, but… well… This is quite complicated since it’s literally about the ending/s. As much as I’d like to properly discuss it, it obviously won’t be possible since it wouldn’t do for you to spoil me, but I can at least express my feeling and thoughts and so on.
For the sake of my clear conscience, I’ll still spoiler tag that part, in case some people don’t want to think about the ending yet, or be influenced.

So, this is gonna be a story of travel to another world. I love the genre, really. But unfortunately it also leads to my biggest pet peeve and trauma source in fiction, which is - the “return home” trope. The thing about a character going to another world, living crazy adventures there, finding friendship and/or love, and so on, and then deciding/having to come back at the end, for the sake of some stupid sense of responsibility. I don’t know what lies in store for the ending of this story, but if you wish, could you consider the option of giving the choice to go back home or somehow stay in that realm and only send the parents back?

Ah, sorry, I got quite emotional about that, but well, it has been a source of ire and sadness for me for years.
Obviously, no need to tell me if you’d consider the suggestion or not if you think the simple fact of telling me is spoilerish in your opinion! :wink:
I just felt the need to at least adress this.

Anyway, thanks for the great entertainment! I’ll be eagerly waiting for future updates!

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Hey! Thanks for the lovely comment! I’m currently slightly busy, so I can’t give a long answer

For the hair part: The customization of the MC is not done, and you’ll see it get expended along the story. I simply didn’t want to put it in all in one big chunk since I feel it’d be slightly overwhelming and not that nice to look at. So you can expect some more choices to appear when it comes to customizing your MC (though, for now, any coming up will be quite bare and vague, since I’ll be focusing on the story mainly and slowly add more choices as I rework, edit and overall enhance each chapter)

As for your worries, keeping it as non-fun spoiling as I can; The main focus of the book is family and relationships, it’s a theme I love and just want to explore more. I can only guarantee a few things:

That the ending won’t be decided by a single choice. Of course I want to give the player some agency over the ending, but that’ll be much more affected by the way the MC conducts themselves through the story.

That being said, who’s to say your family will be the only thing weighing on your mind as the ending approaches? :wink:

All of it is subject to change, but I’m pretty solid on the way I want the book to go. Again, thank you so much for the support!


My dad is hearing impaired (I am as well, though to a lesser degree) and taught us to sign as kids. You would not believe the in jokes and stuff we had that our Mom had no idea about because she didn’t know sign. I don’t know really any other tips or tricks, but if you have any Qs I’m happy to try to rep my Deaf/hearing impaired/signing community!


Hey! I’d love to hear about anything you can tell me about signing really (that you’re comfortable sharing, of course). That’ll be anything from how different people convey different emotions when they sign to communicating with non-signing people when required. Really, anything that comes to mind. Thank you for offering your help, and for checking out the game!

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