The Game Awards (Please check)


This is something I want to do monthly where we pick from a few categories for some of the best games. Please PM all votes to me and I will announce the results later. This voting is open until tomorrow night.

Best Sci- Fi

Zombie Exodus

Best Fantasy
Seven Winds
Red Moon

Best…Non- Sectioned Games
Blood For Poppies(Couldn’t decide fantasy or science fiction)


i think jason or one of the mods should do this and actually give out like real awards like stickers that go on the game cover and all that like on a book.


…Monthly? Are you sure of that?


Yes, since more and more games are popping up why not?


So far I can say somebody chose my favorites so I’m quite happy with the votes so far.




So far ZE is winning, others are tied


Unnatural, i dint read any of the fantasy, blood for poppies


ZE, Red Moon, and Vendetta.


ZE, Red Moon


unnatural ,blood for poppies,and my friend wolf’s empowerd


isn’t red moon dead it was last commented on october of 2012


an ultimatum between ze and unnatural? WHY?!


red moon is not deead


Something about these “awards” seems decidedly unbalanced. :-?

The complete lack of any sort of nomination committee aside, you’re comparing games in various stages of development. And should the one controlling the vote counting process really be openly declaring that he has favorites?


How about this: what if I created an online polling for best game? It can have different categories, including best published game, and best work in process. It would be completely impartial.


That’s absolutely a step in the right direction, @fantom, as long as there’s enough games to make it a viable competition. Any ideas on how to sort out the abandoned projects from the active ones? Or would it not make a difference?


@CS_Closet I honestly have no idea, as some projects might seem dead but the writer is simply experiencing writers block (such as myself). Another issue is as you pointed out above are the work in progress games. How can a great game like Empowered truly compete against a game like Vendetta? Empowered is awesome, but game development isn’t very far along yet, while Vendetta has been in the works for awhile and is considerably further along in the development process. Any suggestions on this?


It’s just a matter of having an organizer set up rules, guidelines, and categories that work with what entries are available. Perhaps making categories covering specific elements of a game (i.e. best NPC, best opening, etc…) would be the way to go, assuming there’s enough eligible games to fill out each category. As far as finding eligible games, I’d recommend self-nomination into the general awards competition followed by a vote for categorical nominations. It guarantees an active work is chosen to win, anyway.

That’s just one way to do it, though. I’d recommend looking at the various interactive fiction competitions on to see how they’re run for some ideas.


@CS_Closet Do you think We should start a new thread for this? We’ve more or less hijacked @Talon5505’s thread.