The Future of the Aliciaa (WIP)

The year is 2028. You live in Chicago. (Present day Gelgald.) It’s the future. It’s everything you’d expect it to be. There’s also a new president. Her name is President Cosett Faye. She has solved every one of the worlds biggest problems, including world hunger, homelessness, etc. But, back on topic.
You are an Aliciaa. The offspring of a UAR and a human. (Unknown Alien Race) An Aliciaa has the power of atmoskinesis, (elemental manipulation,) which is obtained from one UAR that is one of their parents. It is also obtainable to have telekinesis, and other powers. You’re best friend is also an Aliciaa, not to mention the most wanted criminal on earth.
You travel around the city during the night, causing havoc and doing evil, or protecting the people of the city from the people causing it. Life becomes quite good, until something happens that changes your entire life. Everything you’ve ever known, everyone you’ve ever known. It seems like nothing is what it seems. Just when you think that things can’t get any worse, you find out about something that changes your, and everyone you’ve ever cared about’s life, forever.
It’s all up to you to decide what to do next.
Will you become a criminal, using your powers for your own will?
Will you become a hero, using your powers for good?
Will you care, watch out for and protect your best friend, and think of them as you always did?
The path you choose will change everything.

This is my first story, so this is a bit new to me, but I hope that it comes out OK.:sweat_smile:
It might be a while till I come out with the demo, because (like everyone else) I have school, and am a very busy young woman. :tipping_hand_woman: Oh, and can’t forget the fact that I’ve never have used the programs to make a choices game! :sweat_smile: Also be expecting me to be giving updates on the production of the story, and editing the story-line on this as I continue the progress of the game, and the ‘ideas’ to come flowing through. :joy:
So far, I am planning 6 - 12 romance options. 3 to 6 female, and 3 to 6 male. Some will be human, (Gang members, gang leaders, criminals, police, vigilantes) some will be Aliciaa, (Mob bosses, mob members, super villains) and some will be UAR’s. (Mob bosses, celebrities, super villains) Aliens can love too! :joy: There may be some spies or secret agents spread about between all.

Nevertheless, what do you think so far? Suggestions and criticism are always welcome. I’m a grown ass woman, I can handle it. :joy: Don’t forget to ask questions. They will all be answered.
You may also notice that I will edit this WIP a lot. :joy:


i hope good demo but like what i see here

Like what I see so far!

Real nice! Would love to check it out! Good luck with the project!

Seems Interseting…

I like what I see so far can’t wait to try it out

Interesting. Gonna wait for the demo to arrive.

Do we eventually get a sidekick?

Premise sounds cool, will be waiting for a demo :slight_smile:

This has potential, its not often you see a WIP about aliens. Looking forward to it. Question though: Will the MC be able to use all the elements or just one? Like you said its inherited from the one UAR that is their alien parent, so lets say that parent had power over fire, would that be your inherited ability? Or do you just choose from an elemental list, the element of your choice?

This sounds quite interesting and I cannot wait to see how you handle the half-alien MC.

Will your best friend be a romance option?

Oooooo this sounds interesting, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get to the most important question:

How many of them are available to girls? :thinking:

I’ve never thought about that. That seems particularly interesting. Now that I think about it, they could be one of the RO’s! So now I’m planning on it! :joy: Thank you.

I’m thinking that every Aliciaa’s power will be different, no matter their parents’ power. For example,
Your mother is a UAR and has Omnikinesis, (fire manipulation,) but you have the power of flight, and telekinesis. (These are actually your best friend’s powers. They may not seem that powerful, but this combination, (if the user if powerful enough) can be lethal. :wink: I shall spoil no more.)

Yes, your best friend will be a romance option. They were the first person that came to mind for a romance option. They are your childhood best friend. Did you think that they wouldn’t be a RO? :confused:

I’d say about half of all RO’s will be available to girls, the other half guys. I’m doing straight, or bi options’. But you know pansexual, transgender, agender, stuff like that? They won’t be available. Sorry to the transgender or agender people out there.:confused:
Everyone else, thank you for checking out my WIP. It means a lot to me, even if you just looked at it, and thought that it was cool, without saying anything.:blush:

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Wait, I’m confused, so all the girls will be straight or bi? None will be lesbians? So guys will have all the girls open to them and we’ll only have half? :confused:

Well, some people will want to romance those people, and I’m thinking that not all of them will be girls, so I’m giving everyone a chance to romance every RO so they don’t have to change their entire character just to romance them, you know?

OHHHHHH! Cool, I gotcha :grin: I’m good with ROs being open to everyone

Is it a Batman/Robin dynamic in the beginning? Or do we get to choose how equal/unequal the partnership is?

Urm… maybe both? :joy: I’m not sure yet. I’ll get back to you when I get to writing that part. :sweat_smile:

No worries, I’m just gonna wait for the demo :smiley:

proceeds to wait intensely


waiting intensifies

Seriously though this looks like it could be fun!