The Far Side of the Galaxy

As a mecha fan this is good, So don’t give up on this.

Really good*

Oh thanks for catching my mistake.


I’ll consider what you said.

Oh, and Carina was a tip of the hat in your direction. Vendetta is one of the most vivid and memorable games in this site. And that was despite playing only the demo.

I’ll add another vote to “keep working on it.” Terrific style, lots of fun to read. Where you see flaws, surely it’s worth fixing them rather than giving up on the project…

Pretty good game so :smiley: far the only down side is that people keep calling me a guy even though I choose to be a female.

Lol that happens to me in real life…

I love how optimistic this game is. :stuck_out_tongue:

I kid. It’s a good game, but personally, I think the comments amounting to “well, we’re gonna die” should be toned back a bit. Just a bit. I can see you were going for an atmosphere of despair, but it seemed like it was once almost every page I saw a line like that.

Other than that, I really liked it. A few of the choices actually made me stop and think for a bit before I could continue, which is a fairly rare occurrence.

Also, the thing that Blood mentioned. I suggest keep working on it, if that poll is still up. Good job so far. :slight_smile:

Enjoyable so far… I like the idea and it is executed well

Just a note - I played a girl and was referred to as a ‘him’ on several occasions

“There is no sound in space.”

FUNNY YOU SHOULD MENTION THAT, because, - aside from the fact I disagree [in a somewhat nuanced manner] on metaphysical grounds, - practically, were, for example, a Death Star to explode, the resultant cloud of dust would impact proximate vessels at such a velocity that, assuming the hull is thin enough, people within could hear a whumph, and maybe a few pinging sounds as bits of shrapnel bounce off. This means, practically speaking, there is sound in space, so long as there is, for example, a passing Nebulae to carry the shockwaves.

But I’m afraid this may be entirely irrelevant.

Although on a similar, somewhat more relevant note:
“Space is vacuum. Impossible for the heat to disperse. Instead it’s trapped with you like a friend who you didn’t want tagging along.” - a) I disagree that space is a vacuum, but more poignantly b) I reckon the heat could do little other than disperse, - low density surroundings, entropy, and so on.

Why do all the conversations that involve Drazen end up pointless and off topic…

@Beezlebub I beg your pardon, but they are entirely pointed.

Sorry I mean pointless and irrelevant to the actual topic. I’m sure they are very relevant in the thing your talking about.

Fair cop.


Distance and time always gives you the opportunity to better assess a particular writing project. That and of course, very kind words. I’ll get to updating this after the new year.

@Bloodhawkereaper @ishantrissi
I’m sorry about that. Rather shitty mistake to make.

I’m just an optimistic kind of guy. But, thanks.

You seem to have taken an interest in this story. It’s much appreciated.

Really? I’ve got to read up more. My excuse is that I’ve got an insanely thick head to science.

Nice work @cilvercat. Star Captain was pretty fun, but this feels more as though we will be doing more fighting and interacting with our fellow solders. I also like the realistic feelings about death when you head out for a good old 6-1 in the enemy’s favor

I actually thought the same thing when I read the comment about heat not going anywhere in outer space.

My understanding is that the general lack of matter hampers heat transference through conduction and convection, but heat still travels as radiation, hence our planet not being a frozen chunk of rock.

Which I guess means that the heat loss would be a slower process, all things being equal, but it’s not like I even play an engineer on tv. lol

Exactly I like this because it has a nitty gritty feel to it.