The Exiled Lord: Returning Home (CANCELLED)

This game is cancelled.


Is it gender locked and orientation locked ?

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Unfortunately gender locked.

The poat above said that you had a affair with daughter of Javier soren so is it preference locked too.

Well, you can be bisexual.

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Well I am straight guy so I can fit in the character but I still recommend you to try to let us customise the MC if it doesn’t interfere with your plot.

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Do you think a woman would be exiled instead of man? You know, game sets in medieval era :slight_smile:

It’s your world, you are the creator if you say women can be exiled then they can be - maybe they treat everyone with equality.

And I think we got on with wrong foot - Medivial setting where we play as Lord and wage war against enemies right?

  • what are the things there going to be like war focused game or filled with politics, intrigue, drama and stuff.
  • what is the setting of world. How many neighbouring provinces their standings towards our empire and towards us.
  • the religion if any and it’s level of control
  • the courtier’s (if any) thoughts about us.
  • can we pursue the old relationships

Seems interesting enough; however, I must ask why it is necessary to have a genderlocked experience, particularly with a straight, male perspective as the primary focus.

No offense, but that seems more like an afterthought, rather than a valid choice/ it’s not really your primary vision for the story. To which I say, I suppose that is okay if you have a well reasoned rationale for that.

On this note, it’s kind of true that not all women would receive the same treatment as men in this-or any- era. However! That is a bit of a non sequeter since most of medieval culture was highly patriarchal and therefore, punishment of women in particular could be harsh. Moreover, historically, women in this era would often marry nobles or others and would be sent away, or they could be sent away to convents, ect ect. The list goes ever on. While I understand that could be a possible reaction, why does art have to imitate reality on this one? And even if it does, that was one aspect that often did not shelter the ‘weaker sex’ yada yada.


Sounds interesting love mid evil stories

Unless your going for an exact representation of the medieval era you can turn this more fictional. No necessarily with magic and what not, but bending the rules of the time for more… broad and enjoyable to the audience.

Though I can tell you now, as a straight female, this is a major turn off and I wouldnt want to play this.


The tag says “heroic fantasy”. Is it high fantasy (magic, dragons, etc) or a low fantasy, semi-historically accurate game?

This reminds me of Asher Forrester in Telltale’s Game of Thrones.


It’s an interesting concept, but to be honest I’m not sure how many of your players will be interested in a game where you’re forced into a relationship–no matter how you characterize Alexandra, there will be players who design MCs who wouldn’t be attracted to her, or at least not enough to risk their home. People here tend to be unhappy with games that force relationships onto their MCs–look at any game that includes a sibling or automatic best friend and you’ll have plenty of fans who were perturbed by having their MC be loyal to a character they didn’t think it worked with. Extending that to a romantic relationship will only heighten people’s reaction I think. Maybe giving the player a few different versions of the character–one MC loving her for her intelligence, another for her kindness, another for her humour, etc, making a handful of different personalities that she could have in order to tailor her to the main character? And you should probably skip physical descriptions as well, for the same reasons.

I do also want to second @thumper and @Phoenix_Wolf 's very eloquent comments on the gender and sexuality locking. There have been successful games that were genderlocked, but along with how much of the backstory is set in stone, I’m not sure your concept will garner much positive attention unless you give creators more freedom. Unless you’re making a completely historically accurate depiction of a real medieval country, forcing sexism into the story and society runs the great risk of turning readers away


@AMUR I wonder if it would be possible to ameliorate any sexist vibes in the game with making the issue crystal clear that it is the setting/some people and not your stance etc? As in, say the MC is a female, then maybe they are sent away because of their more independent choices. Also, is it possible to either use Alexandra as an enemy or ally in this? Perhaps it might be worth looking into the player’s motivations for wooing her in the beginning. Was that political? Was it passion? Did you secretly like someone else? Considering the situation, I say it’s more than likely that politics and passion play a greater role than whom one is officially supposed to like/marry/associate with.

When it its screw with the continuity that your character is bisexual if trying to get back their Lady Love

As regards gender and orientation-locking, and the forced romance in particular, I’d also like to suggest that your plot idea would still work quite well if the main character gets in trouble because they were accused of being in a relationship, but the player gets to decide whether they actually were or not. How would that sound for your purposes?


Im looking forward to this and i am totally fine with gender-locking just watch out on the political side of the game as some people could get triggered

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Where is the link!?!? I wanna play more medieval interactive novels!! :persevere::persevere:

This sounds good cant wait to try the demo