The Elvish Kingdom

Well I’m new to this world of choice, I’m creating this game in my native language so I created a small demo in English just to see what the community thinks.


The story and about a fantasy world called Algoram this world and inhabited by 4 different races: Humans, Orcs, dwarves, elves, In this world all races are in constant war with each other. The game specifically focuses on two races the Dwarves and the Elves.

The plot

You Play as a dwarf captured on enemy lines and made prisoner of a high class elf
The story focuses on the relationship of Thuriel with Arwen and Luthien, the game will have many battles but the main focus of the game is the romance




Thank you so much for sharing. It needs a lot of work with editing but it’s very promising.

My question is, do we have to play as a dwarf?

And does that mean there will only be two romance options?


Um companheiro brasileiro, não? :wink:


Hi first thank you for playing and yes you are right have a lot to do in the game.

My question is, do we have to play as a dwarf?

Yes, because much of the story will be about the problematic relationship between dwarfs and elves.

And does that mean there will only be two romance options?

The game will have 6 romance options and all are women and if the player wants it can enter into a polygamous relationship

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So we’re playing as a female dwarf and we will have 6 romances, all female. Is that correct?
If so, not exactly my cup of tea (prefer straight romance) but more power to you. There aren’t many exclusively homosexual games about so it’s nice to see someone who breaks the mold every once in a while.


I agree, you are narrowing down your audience, but it’s great to see someone doing their own thing. I’m not picky. So, if the story is good I’ll play.


Now you made me think about Lord of The Rings!
ps: ((My grandma is watching soup opera and I remembered there’s a character who’s a dwarf/midget))

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Dam I wanted to choose race


@Aewves Curious where you got your inspiration for the elves and dwarves and what they look like in your world.

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LEGOLAS X THORIN FANFIC (I know that isn’t the reason but I kept imagining Legolas as a anime schoolgirl)

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Arwen? Luthien? I see the Tolkien influences and I approve :smirk:

Tho I have to ask: will all the female love interests be elves? It’d be nice to have a mix of species among the ROs, although I understand if that conflicts w your authorial intent to explore the r/s between elves and dwarves.

:smirk: what about Thorin/Thranduil


Let’s pretend I didn’t said the first names that came to my mind… I really don’t remember the movies even though I only watched them 2/3 years ago

I am wondering if there will be restriction on using the names Arwen and Luthien due to copyright laws?

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Curious where you got your inspiration for the elves and dwarves

From books like The Dwarves, Elfhunter, Elfhame, Eleven Walked With Gods, The Lord of the Rings.

and what they look like in your world.

In my world it would be something like that.





Yes there will be a romantic choice for each breed.

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Honestly the game doesn’t sound bad at all, pretty sweet in fact, but are you 100% sure you want to racegate a fantasy game? I mean isint that a kind of staple on the market? CC? Like, I love relating physically to mc’s (especially in a highly romantic game) but then again I’m also 6 feet tall and can never really enjoy playing a tiny character. (which is probably why, despite the game, I can’t really get into it personally.)

Would you ever consider letting us play as Humans or Orcs?..yes I am just probably another salty tall girl but still.:joy: Should I get my hopes up or not?:crossed_fingers:


Ah very cool. Thanks for the response. :grin:
I might have to look into some of those books as I have only read Lord of the rings.

And @Ritter I totally did not have a Legolas posters all over my wall in the 5th grade. Nope. :sweat_smile:

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@PhilosoTor We all have childhood crushes so it’s ok… (I totally didn’t think that villain from Kim Possible was cute… Starfire wasn’t cute either pfft)

@Ritter Gill?

I’m totally off topic so I apologize but I always thought I was the only one.

@PhilosoTor I was talking about the green girl but ok, you’re valid™

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