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So in my WIP, currently you can be male, female, or non-binary. (side note, should I add any additional options to the gender choice? I’m just not that knowledgeable on the subject, so let me know!) Being the novice coder I am, I have no idea how to code for relationships that only occur based on your gender :joy: As is the case, I have decided to make every RO a possible romance for every gender. So even though two are male, two female, and one non-binary, in every playthrough you could romance any one of them. So in essence, every character is open to every relationship type. Do you think this a viable option?


Check this out… here

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Going by the discussions we’ve had on the subject before, a lot of people consider it the best option. Especially when there aren’t more ROs. :blush:


Just change the parent choice with the Ro genders

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I’d love to add more ROs, but rather than have 10 “eh” romances, I hope to make 5 solid, engaging ones. I think that has more value? Yes? No? Maybe so? :sweat_smile:
Edit: also, thank you @CC_Hill! I will look into that


The number you have is fine, as long as they aren’t restricted. You can always add more, if you end up feeling like something is missing, or you get a great idea for a new one.
But 2-2-1 is a fairly common selection, that works for most people.


That’s how I did A Kiss from Death. Every romanceable character is bisexual or biromantic.

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