The earlier games

On the earlier games, I notice they aren’t on many platforms and not on amazon. Why is this? I’d like to play some of the earlier games.

Which earlier games?

Well that fast… I mean games like Marine Raider. The race only JUST got onto amazon about a week ago or so. Most or all of the games under marine raider are not on amazon.

Oh you mean the early Hosted Games? I’d suspect that it’s just not financially viable to spent the time and effort it would take to convert those games to other platforms and release them there. Besides you can play them for free on the site.

If you’re wanting specifics, @andymwhy might be able to answer about what happened with the Race and why it’s just been released now

And @AllenGies might be able to answer about what the situation with Marine Raider is.

Marine Raider and The Race were first released a couple of years ago before any CoG/Hosted games were on Amazon. As The Race has just had a large update, CoG took the time to add it to Amazon as well. If Allen decides to update Marine Raider, it would likely be added to Amazon then.

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Yeah, pretty much.

As I do the rereleases for iOS8, I’ll release the old HGs on AAA at the same time.

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