The Eagle's Heir Help


It’s possible - got her crowned with 54% England approval (going the secret engagement route).


Just a few days ago, I asked for some help to get Julien’s ending but I think that’s no longer necessary as I have managed to get his ending but I would say it’s quite dry… It has no depth to it.It seems like the author prioritize Alexandre more than the MC coz there are soo many things that were written about him but there are only a handful being written about the MC (especially the epilogue) like seriously,i would like to know more about what happens to the MC but the epilogue keeps going on and on about Alexandre… and yet I thought this story is gonna be about the MC’s life…

But anyways, I have yet to try the other romance options (RO).So far, I’ve gotten Alexander’s Julien’s Eugenie’s can anyone tell me how many ROs are there in this story?

Tbh, I’m really curious about Franz.Is there any way I could end up with him?? I did almost everything that I think would gain his affection but his percentage still remains at 25%


From what I remember there is Eugenie Constance Amalia Alexander Jullien and Cassius don’t really know about Franz though


Is there any way to romance Cassius? He is possible to flirt with and if you pick the right options the romance section is stats can say he’s interested in you. I’ve replayed so many times and haven’t been able to end up with him or romance him. Is there even a way?


For some reason when I reached the Epilogue the game presented me with a choice of if I would stay true to Constance. I barely spoke to her the entire game, and the preceding sentences did not mention her in any way.

For the specifics of my playthrough I was romancing Eugiene, got Alexandre and Victoria to agree to a private engagement, did some light flirting with Amalia, had Napoleon legitimize Alexandre, reconciled Alexandre and Franz, and had a peaceful resolution to the Revolutionaries. Speaking of, I did enjoy this ending quite a bit even if I didn’t end up with my romance option, it was nice to see the brothers get along and France go towards a brighter future.


Patch notes:

to serve a prince: Fixed a bug where dialogue with Constance that should display for characters who’ve switched gender presentation from male to female (or vice versa) since the house party scene was displaying for characters who were androgynously dressed, with weird results.

Fixed bug that was awarding the achievement for romancing two characters if you chose to flirt with Constance, then make out with her in the same scene.

the passing of an age: Fixed capitalization error.

New Orleans: Added alternate text if you were in a romance with Amalia but have killed Franz.


I got alexandre marry Victoria and become a king. But constance say that she her place is with Victoria and Victoria is to ascend the throne.But Victoria give up her throne and become an empress of France


Anyone please help,can I romance constance while make france republic?


Would you by any chance be willing to share a walk through of how you got that ending? :slight_smile:

I assume you would need to have intrigue as your choice for highest stat and then fencing?


Okay… So things are getting REALLY confusing… When I played this,I selected options that (I thought) would raise the affection level/percentage for either Amalia or Franz

I noticed that Amalia’s affection level increased while Franz’s affection level remained at 25%
So I don’t think that he’s one of the ROs
But anyways,according to the stats, I didn’t manage to become Amalia’s lover…so I’ve already predicted that I won’t be getting any ROs this time

However,when I reach the epilogue, I was given the option to romance constance… This is the part that confuses me as I didn’t flirt with her nor select options that would gain her affection level (or maybe I didn’t know that I selected options that increases her affection level but still, her affection level is still low and she is not even mentioned in the romance section)
So how do I end up getting this option??


Is that what u’re talking about?? (The constance part) Look at the screenshots I sent above


I have an opinion ,I mean if we are a gay or a girl we can flirt with Alexander as a royalty so why not Victoria I mean such options should be added right ,it is just an opinion anyway , knows that it is not the case and we can’t romance her but it will be good right :writing_hand:


@proskandi He can become a lover, but beware of the ending that you choose…

@Evan_Dean_Nathanael Is your game updated? In mine this bug was fixed after I updated to version 1.0.4.

@wolfmarelalala Yes, but she will always stay next to Victoria.

@Sylfaen and @Alpha_Werewolves The dialog with Constance is a bug from the 1.0.4 update.


True, and I think The Eagle’s Heir worked as a unusual and a bit quirky but ultimately rewarding CoG. It’s not everywhere we see the game focus more on a main character other than the MC, to sideline you as a supporting cast to another story. I just wish it were a bit longer, and that the ending weren’t so sudden. It felt like we were going to be with Alexandre for a while and then we had an epilogue.

But I still liked it. I mean, it’s an alternate history steampunk game with political intrigue, it’s hard for me not to like it. We’re best friends with the Prince Imperial and our grandmother goes out with Marshal Ney, of all poeple.


I see.Thank you for telling me! :slight_smile:


I’m not really sure about sneaking to Victoria’s room as a woman but as a man(the gender I always choose)I always use the mechanical bird option (in order to get this, you can’t stay in the room and talk to Gilles(I think) u have to come down and as a result, u found a mechanical bird at the hallway.It’s so much easier to use that option rather than sneaking into Vic’s room
But I’ve succeeded sneaking into her room as well. Just choose the option “best at clandestine activities” for the flashback part and if you chose “things that requires pure athletic skill like climbing… etc”) I think u’ll be able to climb into her room (but I’ve never tried climbing into her room before as for the earlier part,I didn’t choose the pure athletic option so I don’t think I can pull it off…
So try and explore the options at your own risk.


I usually get the bird option if you go to the library to write a note and then follow Constance. But I never take it because I assume it needs a mechanics check and that’s always my character’s worst stat.

But I’ve found the benefit of sneaking in is that it unlocks another bit of information to help Alex persuade Victoria (that she’s a romantic at heart).


[spoiler]I didn’t really romance her but it was mentioned in the romance section in the stats that she returned my affection. I got her affection level to 53%

Firstly, u need to save Franz during the airship competition.Then for the flashback, choose the option"good at arts" this will help u dance during the grandball with Amalia.Then when u’re supposed to find out about (something I can’t remember) choose to investigate Austrians and choose the option “invite her to a social call” then flirt with her as much as you can by choosing the option " something that has got to do with praising her beauty" and so on…[/spoiler]


Flirt with him as much as you can.As far as I know, Alexandre is the easiest to get.At the first few parts, protect him from the assassination attempt and choose options that prioritize him. Then choose to ask help from the burly cook and in the flashback, choose the option “I hate to admit it but it’s quite exciting” Something around this line…then choose the option excel at mathematics and mechanics.Afterwards, choose the option to set up a booby trap with kitchen items… That will protect Alexandre safely without having to hurt him… (If u choose some other options, it might hurt him and that would reduce affection level)At the airship competition,go talk to Eugenie and choose the option “that u want to greet her as a companion” and later on, choose option “Alexandre is a good pilot.I’m happy to fly with him” then choose “we are devoted to each other” then ask Eugenie about other competitors and say "i ought to tell Alexandre all this"Afterwards,in the later part while talking with your grandma, choose the option that is something like "Alexandre’s safety is important " and when she ask about your feelings for Alexandre,say "i want to… " or “i want to but it’s impossible” if u choose “I want to” u’ll be given an alternate selection then when u talk to his dad about the airship, choose the option that say “it’s a political… not a child’s adventure” then choose “Alexandre should be legitimize and be the heir” then choose “I’ve considered the possibilities” then choose something like "You can’t risk his safety… " basically the choice is about telling his dad that you want to protect Alexandre.Then in the room, choose the option "surely u can see…“He will start kissing you.And when he said he’s gonna propose to Vic, choose option"if u really want yo know what I think” then “surely there must be someone closer at hand… that u care about” he will realize that u have feelings for him and then choose "i know u have to make a political marriage but please not yet"I’m only gonna help you to this part.It’ll be easier for the later parts.Good luck!

PS:The answers/options I have given may not be in chronological order and I didn’t write according to the options,it’s more of what I remember and it is basically something around that line.I didn’t write it word for word.


So she broke up with the protagonist at the end?That’s what I got,sad
Anyway thx for the imformation