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Do you mean getting them secretly engaged? Becuase Victoria still gets disinherited if that happens, at least in my playthrough.

Speaking of Victoria, does anyone know what it takes to get her and Alexandre to elope? Alex keeps shooting down my MC’s idea of elopement whenever I bring it up with him.


Alexander needs to have the support of England, more than 50% to be exact.


Looks at my measly 23% England support

Well then, any tips to get Alexandre into Britannia’s good books? I wasn’t aware that England approval could get that high.


I’m in the same boat there only had like twenty something percent support. Was enough to keep Britain out of the war but not enough to create an Anglo-French Union.


Wellington is the key

Convince him of Alexander’s political view or racing success , perfectly win the duel edit:against Lord Conroy ( Lions of England chapter) , talk to him at the grand ball.


Make the emperor declare the marriage.


Which duel are we talking about?


Lord Conroy, Lions of England chapter


You can duel him? My duelist only got to fight air pirates, Amalia (a shame, they were made for each other) and Franz himself.


Ask him about a match between Alexandre and Victoria and go for the “I push my chair back”


To add to this, pretty sure the option to duel him is only available if you’re a man (or go dressed as one to the dinner). He’ll just brush off your questions about the match if you ask him as a woman.

Actually, it’s pretty damn hard to match up Alexandre and Victoria if you go to the dinner as a woman - since you miss out on the conversations with Constance and can’t sneak into Victoria’s rooms to see her own reaction to Alexandre’s proposal.


Yep man only.

You can sneak as woman, the skill test is even easier.


It’s the skill tests at the grand ball that’s tripping me up - I’m assuming successfully introducing Wellington to Victoria for the England relationship boost needs a charm check, which my poor protag sucks at. As it stands the highest I can wrangle is 46% which is STILL not enough to keep her on the throne. :disappointed_relieved:

Also, if you reconcile Franz and Alexandre, does the announcement about that take precedence over the Emperor announcing the wedding to Victoria? Because it’s always that + Alex becoming heir before he drops dead.


Hmm I’m not sure about charm but high intrigue allows you to praise Alex’s political sense, while high mechanics allows u to praise his racing skills, both of which raises Britain support via Wellington. Also at the Tuilleries ball you can approach Wellington and the Marshal to expose Cassius as a revolutionary, which is the last(?) chance at raising Britain support. That being said I still haven’t gotten a Queen Victoria ending… So take this w a pinch of salt :’)


Pushing a patch right now.

stats screen

  • Fixed bug that was crashing the game if the player viewed the stats screen during “the passing of an age” when ruler = “republic_maybe”

airship attack

  • Fixed bug that wasn’t correctly setting the PC’s name to (malename) or (femalename) if they switched gender presentations to match their racing persona

the grand ball

  • Fixed bug that wasn’t setting usedviolence true if the PC dueled Franz, and was therefore awarding the “pacifist” accomplishment undeservedly

the passing of an age

  • Fixed bug that wasn’t correctly setting Franz as emperor if Alexandre chose to renounce his throne for the PC without having a deal with Franz

New Orleans

  • Fixed bug with cascading *if statements that was displaying two different fates for Eugenie if Franz has taken the throne by force.
  • Fixed bug with cascading *if statements that was displaying two different fates for your grandmother if Franz has taken the throne by force.

Paris, Alexandre as emperor, Alexandre married to Victoria

  • Inserted romantic options with Constance, including choices for how to proceed if you’re involved with Constance and someone else.

Paris, Alexandre as emperor, Eugenie as empress

  • Fixed bug that wasn’t recognizing that Eugenie was the empress (checking for “eugenie” rather than “Eugenie”)


Yeah for Victoria to remain on the throne England approval needs to be above 50%. Got it with the following:

-Be / dress as a guy for the race
-Go to the dinner as a man. High intrigue (I have 40+) lets you convince Wellington of Alexandre’s political sense. 30+ dueling will let you win the duel against Conway for ++ approval.
-Don’t let them elope, encourage a secret engagement. (Actually I’ve never managed to get them to elope - have no idea how eloping changes things)
-At the ball, talk to Wellington and Ney when Cassius appears (second set of options) and rat him out as being with the revolution

This nets you 54% approval. The only downside is that this gives no way to reconcile Franz and Alexander - unless there’s some way to boost England approval during the first Wellington interaction at the ball.


To elope:

For Alex to agree you need his honor to be greater than his idealism and for Vic to accept you need at least two reasons.

I found this the hardest end because you need to pass two opossing traits tests and have the support of England.

  • Go for high intrigue and stealth, train dueling before race.
  • Choose the first answer after saving Franz.
  • Go to dinner as a man, convince Wellington about Alex political view, duel Conway.
  • After meeting with the revolutionaries choose one of the most extremist answers for Alex.
  • Mark the meeting with Franz;
  • At the big ball talk to Constance that Alex will be named heir, go to the meeting with Franz and done.

In the end you will find two bugs. :weary:


Are those bugs in the latest version?



[spoiler]Victoria is in France but Constance sends letters. Fixed latest patch.

Even ending with more than 50% approval from England and Austria the end still speaks about the war.

And this one I found after the update: When I talk to Constance about the assassination attempts, even just romancing her I win the achievement for more than one romance.

I do not know if that would be a bug:

If I convince the emperor about the marriage of Alex and Vic and make the brothers understand each other, with Franz giving up the title, the game gives priority to this and not to marriage at the time the emperor speaks, so I do not win the bonus support with England.



Can you send screenshots?


Does anyone know if it’s possible to make Alex Emperor while Victoria is crowned Queen of England? I tried w England support at 51%, but she still became Empress of France instead :sweat_smile: