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Not a fan of this one… It feels incomplete. The ending is sudden and short. As far as I can tell, you only have 2 opportunities to raise your stats in the entire game. The romances (at least the female ones) are underdeveloped, and the endings basically imply you’re nothing more than their lover, at best.

The whole Franz path is very underwhelming. You have a relationship bar with him, but it’s never used. Cut content, maybe? And if you actually try to get Franz on the throne, it’s like the game punishes you for doing so. He’s apparently a terrible emporer and there’s nothing you can do to change it. Whilst Alexandre is the perfect emporer no matter how you play it. Why even give us a choice when one is objectively superior?

And as some other people have pointed out, the game is much more focused on Alexandre than you. This isn’t necessarily a problem, as long as it’s done right. I really enjoyed how Choice of Alexandria handled it, unfortunately it’s not so well done here. Whilst Ptolemy was the more important character, you were still the main character of your own story. You could mould him into whatever you wanted, you could manipulate him for your own gain, you could even become king yourself! In theory, you have a lot of control over the outcome in the Eagle’s heir, but it never really feels like it matters. You choose the outcome of the story, but the game manages to make you feel effectively irrelevant, like you had no impact.


I agree with others here, the game feels incomplete, the aurthor needs to reconstruct the endings.

The Googleplay is also flooded with reviews which criticize this game for poor endings and “short em” in simple words “rushed or incomplete work”.

After you pay this much , least you should get a decent endings with MC, otherwise whats the point in having our character in game? Let alex fend off alone!.

I hope the aurthor is listening, because we want to see these changes, after all we are paying just to see our MC rot in the end.


Yep. Language/Politics as your best stat for the knowledges, while Charm is your worst. Then Intrigue as your best with athletics as your worst. Many of the options have a very obvious Intrigue solution. At the airship, raise your strength and that should be just about it. Do generally sneaky things and in general try to show Alexandre that helping people for their own sake is a good thing (like during the airship segment). Confront Franz directly instead of going to Amalia first, and agree to arrange a meetup. Prioritize that during the Ball.

If you want something more indepth I can probably write it up, I’ve gotten most of the achievements so far.


I keep failing to be able to suggest a better idea than the elephant to Cassius(the Phantom of the Opera chapter). I know the option exists because I have seen it but when I palyed again I forgot how to get to. The option does not appear at all. I tried faking MC’s gender, receiving/not receiving an invitation from Julien, high/low loyalty, high/low idealism, high/low Mechanism, high/low Intrigue and still there are only two options!(magnificent idea/how interesting) It’s really frustrating. What is the norm?! What should I do to be able to select the better idea?


My MC with high (40+ intrigue) and decent (25%) charm managed to unlock it - but beforehand I never picked any option that suggested my MC would be happy with a Republic, so that might be a factor.

And while I’m here, though I did LOVE all the political intrigue that was in the game, I agree with @tw1stedmind and @Black_Wraith_Panthom that, unless you romanced Alex, the fate of the MC really felt like an afterthought in the epilogue. Which is a bit jarring since they’ve been the POV character throughout the game.

I think the authors were implying that the ways the MC managed to shape history (through their decisions when dealing with Alex) were their greatest achievement, which is why France’s fate took up the majority of the epilogue. But it would have been nice if the MC had a chance to have their own definitive ending too - and be nicer still if the MC’s other love interests had more than a one line mention.


Meh…i just feel robbed thats all, the story started damn nice, so i brought it but later in the end…well we all know …no matter which ever ending the MC gets he(i always play as male) just remains a ghost in shadows. I just wish the endings were a bit better.


I’m not sure where to type his so I’m doing it here. I think I’ve found a bug. (Yes, the newest version)


I followed the path that reconciled the two brothers, yet, at the end where I’m supposed to persuade Julien to leave the city hall my character says “He’s more liberal…But not if Franz wins.” despite Franz staying in France with his brother.

During the same play, i romanced Alexandre, Eugene and Julien, not really caring about Constance (32% her relationship bar) and i still am asked if I’ll be loyal to her or something which makes no sense to the situation. And, even when i picked “My heart truly belongs to Alexandre” it said that “Constance might have forgiven you on time for breaking her heart, but she’s never forgiven you for encouraging Alexandre to break his marriage vows to Victoria” when not only my character didn’t ‘break her heart’ as no relationship with her, but Victoria actually refused Alexandre’s proposal (my character even discouraged him to pursue Victoria) so there was no marriage vow or anything so i don’t know why it appeared. That’s about it. I apologize if i shouldn’t have written it here and will delete it if it shouldn’t be here.


Hi all,

I’ve only received one bug report since the newest patch. If there are still problems, I need emailed reports with specific details in order to get them fixed.


Can anyone teach me on getting the achievement for backstabbing Alexandre?

I’m kinda stuck on getting last 5 achievement


Finally saw the new non-bugged ending for reconciling Franz and running away with Alexandre.

Preferred the bugged ending. Very unsatisfying. One of the last lines was “if Alexandre was here to see it”

Like??? Where did he go??? “I love you but I’m leaving??”



I feel very divided (not sure it is the prpoer word for it, english is not my mother language and I’m very tired) about this one; I absolutely loved the story, the characters, the world created in this one. There are a lot of possibilities and you can really feel the relations evolve between the character.
But that emphasize the fact that the ending is really disappointing, in a way described by Urban above, we hardly feel rewarded for good decisions and the fact that we reached our goals… some people said the MC is not really the most important person of the game and that it is Alexndre: I can’t agree with that. So sure he is the one becoming empreror and everything, but we are the ones making it happen, so the ending felt kind of depressing, like ok now you’ve done your part just go have an affair with whoever you chose to romance… then again I didn’t have time to make more than three runs, but so far I feel like I’ve done pretty well in the game, like putting Alexandre on the throne, with Victoria, the Austrians are no longer a threat and the revolutionaries are on our side… and I get to be the special friend of Eugenie, and that’s it, (so if there is way to marry her just tell me I’ll figure out how on my own)… so yes I think even if Alexandre is more important in the general history of the world you created, in the story you let us write I think our epilogue should be a little more detailled when it came to us…
but again, I feel really disappointed about the end because the whole game really worked for me, I was involved in the story 100% and really wanted to know what happened to Leopold, the greatest spymaster ever ! So congratulations for a truely good story ! :slight_smile:


everyone has been talking about how disappointing they found the endings, but I didn’t find them disappointing at all. If you put Alexandre on the throne, your influence on him throughout the game determines what kind of ruler he is – an idealistic Alexandre will enact sweeping reforms, while a less idealistic Alexandre will maintain more traditional values. Your choices also determine whether there’s war, and who fights against you, and whether there’s peace by the time of the epilogue five years later or not. And if you help institute a republic, you can become a member of the Assembly!


you’ve gotta suggest that Napoleon institute a republic when you talk to him after the second air race.


you have to choose the option to convince her thar Franz and Alexandre might be able to resolve their differences if they talk to each other (not sure what the star check is for that), then, when she says she’ll see you later, ask if there isn’t anything else she can think of that she wants to do with you.


yep! you’ve gotta support a republic from the beginning (suggest it when you talk to Napoleon after the second air race).


Can’t you still romance Eugenie???


I’ve been trying to kill Alexandre by bring loyalty below 40% but i can’t get the choice to kill him

And someone fix the achievement bug in playstore.
it the 2nd time my achievement get reset. It annoying seriously. Hope one of you could assist me in getting the achievement to kill Alexandre


Can anyone tell me why are Alexandre’s idealism, loyalty and honor needed? Does it change anything?


Yes it does matter in the end , I forgot about the details …But it lead to different ends i mean to some minor degree …


I believe there’s no way to get the backstab achievement since I’ve try following the method to decrease the loyalty and prevent alexandre from forming a truce with franz. But the option to betray just never pop up.

nobody here in this topic could even gave me an answer … after my previous post. I believe this is an impossible achievement to get or a broken glitch.