"The Dragon and the Djinn"—You hold a djinn in a bottle. Make a wish!

I don’t know if I should write this here, but I found a pretty important bug in the game,
while i playing.
I got to the part where faith collides. It was a dispute between Parveen and Yusr. I chose the option of acting as a mediator and successfully arranged peace negotiations between them.
And then when I went to another meeting with Parveen, they suddenly treated me like an outcast and kicked me out saying I was acting against them? I just stared and thought… what? Can something be done about it?

That’s not a bug. Parveen wanted to start a riot there and she’s not happy that you talked everybody down.

This isn’t actually a bug. Parveen really doesn’t want to work out a peaceful compromise; she wants a riot. Her turning on you this way isn’t exactly fair, but that’s Parveen for you. I agree it could have been explained a little more clearly within the game itself.

Huh? I see. I didn’t think of that. I didn’t feel like she was mad at her from that scene. And my friendship with her didn’t drop, so I was surprised. If it’s so right, so be it.

Thanks for the explanation.

However, I must say that I was not very pleased. I worked hard to keep things pretty peaceful. Parveen is pretty aggressive. But I will admit that the display of her true face is really unexpected. :smiley:

Parveen’s a good person, I think, but intense and uncompromising and a zealot for her cause. There’s no room for nuance in her worldview.

Hi all, just a tiny update to say I’ve tweaked that interaction with Parveen a bit. It should now tell you before you make the choice to mediate that it will go down badly with her and acknowledge your disappointment and have her express her thoughts briefly after. I hope that feels less jarring now!


I absolutely adored this book from start to finish! As someone who grew up reading or listening to Arabian Nights (or 1001 Nights as this collection is known in my country) reading this was such a treat! It felt like going right back to my childhood and entering one of the stories I’d heard so much about. I especially loved how much choosing a different RO altered the story and I’m sure I’ve witnessed only a small fraction of all the different outcomes here. I’m partially shooting myself in the foot on my own because I can never keep Kh a prisoner so I’m locking myself out of a lot of content that way. I still experienced a lot of different events, though, and it was lovely to get to know all the ROs. Kh is most definitely my personal favourite but is closely followed by Yusr and Murad.

Speaking of Murad - I encountered a game-breaking bug when he was my RO. There was a point when my PC was about to share his nightmare with him, Murad said he’d listen and then I was thrown into a completely different section of the game - meeting Parveen and Iskander. As I hadn’t helped them during that playthrough, they kicked my PC out immediately but the saddest thing is the game locked me out of Murad’s path afterwards so my PC ended that particular playthrough alone. :pensive: I haven’t replayed since then because it was very jarring but I’ll definitely be back to this book despite this experience. It’s a personal favourite and I’m very glad I stumbled upon it, bugs notwithstanding.


Did you get screenshots?

Unfortunately not. I was too thrown and it only occurred to me when it was too late.

Do you remember what chapter it was?

Also unfortunately no. Sorry I can’t be of more help. :pensive:

hello! i know i’m extremely late to this forum but! i just finished playing and god does this feel like a breath of fresh air. the world building and prose is absolutely stunning and the subtle references that were made… beautiful effervscent!! each of the routes had something new to offer and good lord. the djinn freeing route was objectively the funniest because no one was ready for my absolute menace of my mc to go make the beautiful decisions that included straight up freeing a venegful dream queen. all the characters are so dynamic (though murad will forever have my heart - even in my other playthroughs i simply cannot not raise his stat </3) anyway. the way the language also referred to gender pronouns was very novel (and very realisic as someone who speaks a language with gendered… everything as well)

just… absolutely love this book, cannot wait to replay and try for all the variations heehee


hello, I just did a couple runs of this story which I absolutely love and I’m stuck on something. I’ve been trying to help Roaa kill the dragon and I just killed it myself. I tried a second time and still nothing. Now I’m just wondering if it’s possible for Roaa to kill the dragon?

I just finished my first run and I enjoyed both it and Yusr though the end chapter I got felt very weird and rushed

I am trying to play this game, but it’s hard with the names. They are so long, and while I love Lebanese and Egyptian dramas, I had a hard time remembering these names without faces.

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This game is like 6 bucks on Steam right now. I’m tempted to buy it but I already have a bunch of COGs I haven’t played. Maybe I should try the demo first?

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That’s not a bad idea. The sale’s on for a week, so you have plenty of time to read the demo and decide.

I think its definitely worth a try, if you’re on the edge about buying it, try the demo first since I know some people who just weren’t into the genre/setting.

Overall, its one of the better mainline Choice of Games. The setting is fresh, it handles diversity well and even as it introduces a setting and terminology that many western readers are wholly unfamiliar with, the reader never feels as if they don’t understand. It has a solid story and characters and everything from action to political intrigue.

You can definitely feel the consistency of it being a Choice of Games without the cookie cutter feel some of them can have. It also feels more on the innovative side, without sacrificing quality like some other semi-recent Choice of Games that have tried the same did.

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Ok so I bought the game. I lost it when MC cracked the priest over the head with a statue :rofl:. Honestly, I did not see that coming.