"The Dragon and the Djinn"—You hold a djinn in a bottle. Make a wish!

Actually those achievements don’t look at skill stats.

I always get greatest poet despite my skills being in magic and skullduggery.

It looks at your destiny stats, and your destiny stats are dependent on your behavior, not your skills.

Like for example to be the greatest magician you’d need to be power hungry. You can find the link to your destiny page at the bottom of the stats screen and it explains which behaviors get you which destiny.

I find it non intuitive myself,

The game could have at least given us separate achievements for high skill, it took me a minute to figure out why my magical thief was being celebrated for poetry instead of his actual skills and achievements.


Hi hello
Does anyone know what the ROs are and their genders & sexualities? If there’s already something about it, apologies, I may have skipped it ><

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  • Aziza, woman, bi/playersexual
  • Iskander, man, bi/playersexual
  • Khalid/Kholoud, same gender as player, functionally a same-gender romance
  • Murad, man, gay
  • Parveen, woman, gay
  • Yusr, trans woman, bi/playersexual

thank you very much <3


I’ve been trying to romance Iskander a few times, but have always been unsuccessful in that area, any tips?

If you haven’t seen it, this might help!


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If u play as female my Djinn was called Kholoud so depends on the MC’s gender

I just finished my first read of this. My thoughts:

The Good: The world-building is quite well done here. It’s certainly nice to see a fantasy-adventure world not rooted in Tolkien and D&D, and I could easily see the setting sustaining further COG efforts, or a full-fledged RPG.

It’s a true epic of game, with a lot of room to shape your protagonist and impact the world. There’s also a large cast of characters with competing agendas, almost all of whom are distinctive and interesting, and the author does a good enough job with the character guide in the stats section that I never felt lost, even when I had to put the game down in the middle of my read for a few days.

The Bad: The story tone is a bit campier than I would have liked. I might have preferred a more serious adventure saga, or something closer to the Arabian Nights sequence itself, with its mix of whimsy and unexpected, and at-times deadly, twists of fate.

But that’s me. Your tastes may differ.

The Ugly: Overall, I’d say it felt like a fairly easy game, in the sense that I was almost always able to get the outcomes I wanted. (To be fair, I’ve only done one read through and I may have to do at least two more to get a fuller picture.) There’s a destiny mechanic that lets you decide how you want your character’s ‘legend’ to play out, but it didn’t seem to play that much role in the actual story, at least from what I could tell.

Overall rating: 7.5/10. If you like heroic fantasy mixed with court intrigue, check this out.


Lol yeah somehow I got the greatest theif or whatever and I didn’t even focus on that skill.

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Very interesting story! I love the world building, the MC, and the plot. I just have one question/hope: will you (the author) be releasing a stats guide sometime in the future?

It was just a little tricky trying to understand what choices went into which stats and what stat checkpoints were needed when. No worries if not though!


thank you sm!

Well…what can I say?! It’s a good game really,refreshing not the usual COG and I like the arabic, exotic ambiance. So in short a very cool experience!!!

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Played this a few times last night, trying things out, and here is what I got.

Overall the story is pretty well sound, specially depending if you do either path with your Djinn. Well crafted with the right amount of intrigue and bit of plot twists here and there. Characters are also well done for the most part.

Buuut… feel like this is a repeated theme for me of late with theses games, lack of romance. It’s not entirely bad for the brief moments of outings, or mentioned interest, but for me it felt lacking in the writing portion of them, other than the epilogue mentionings.

Overall, 3.5/5 for me. Well done and crafted but a little lacking in the romantic moments department for me.


Thank you all again for your kind words and for taking the time to discuss what worked for you and what didn’t, I really appreciate it.

This is a fascinating question, because I wrote the MC specifically to contrast with Roaa’s Teen Chosen One Thing, so in my head they’re very firmly an adult. I’m curious as to why they seem so young to you? I never really sat down and hammered out exact ages for the ROs but they all - barring Kh, who is a djinn and therefore has lived lifetimes before you and will live lifetimes after - are in the same sort of 20s muddle, in my head. Aziza and Iskander may be on the older side of that muddle but still they’re all broadly of an age. Some people have just had more eventful lives than others. Aziza was almost certainly a young prodigy, for instance.

Thank you for playing! I’m sorry to disappoint, though, but I currently have no plans to create a guide. This game is…extremely branchy, so any guide would be a hefty thing. I hope the stats and so on get more intuitive to you as you play!


So far the story seems interesting and intriguing and I love how much choices you’re given, but something weird happens in chapter 5, I chose to meet with Jaafar but the game acts like I chose to meet Murad. Is it supposed to be this way?

Thank you!

If Murad extended you an invite before, then chapter 5 is when you meet him. Even if you choose to side with Jaafar, you can end up meeting with Murad and then accept or refuse what he says.

If you did not get an invite, then please send us a bug report so I can go digging for where the issue is.


IIRC, the MC said he was still a blacksmith apprentice, not a full fledged one. And the MC seems more inexperienced, this seems to be the first big adventure they ever had.

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Ah yeah, that makes sense! In my head it was just a case of, if you work for/with your dad, you’ll always be second-fiddle, and if you’re tied to the family business you don’t really have a lot of opportunity for adventuring. But I can see how you reached the conclusion they’re very young and that’s a fair interpretation!


I did always feel a bit bad that at the end you basically left your dad with no one to help out around the smithy, especially given its implied you were the one doing all the enchanting work and your parents paid for your education for that specific purpose

But I’m too busy having fun in the big city with my hunky scruffy bf that my parents don’t approve of :sweat_smile:


Listen. You have your priorities and that’s valid.