The Darkness Amongst Us

Hey all, I’m new to the forum but not choice of games. I’m writing a new game called “The Darkness Amongst Us”
It’s set in a fictional modern world, where a strange species of humanoid reptiles are waging war on humanity.
You play as a survivor trying to survive in the war zones. You will deal with raiders, other survivors, the Serpentine (the reptile humanoids), and try to unravel how these events started. There are lots of statistics,such as perception, agility, strength, firearms, and an ammunition system, based off how much firearm skill you have(how accurate your shots are so you don’t waste ammo), and how much searching skill you have (to find ammo.) I will update when I have more info on my work.

Here’s a little something in appreciation to your support :smiley:
Meet the Serpentine, a race of reptilian humanoids who have laid waste to the earth. Of course, not all the earth, a great portion of humanity is still resisting against the scaly menace. The Serpentine have not accomplished the annihilation that zombies bring you, but they are smarter, faster, and behave much like humans.

Update 3/3/15: intimidation stat deleted, intro scrapped for a better one, title changed. Thanks all for the support. To show my appreciation, I’m going to post some information on the enemy in The Darkness Amongst Us.


Sounds interesting. Any idea how long until you have a demo?

Me love reptiles ^^ can I have one?

Wait, so it’s a survival game without zombies? Color me intrigued.

This sounds like Resistance…

@TheEpicCoyote Sounds interesting. Can’t wait for a demo.

Sounds coolio to me.

Sound like a really interesting concept I can’t wait for the demo

This looks like a different story ,cant wait for the demo

This sounds so much like “The Wolf Among us” title from Tell Tale games. It was a video game. Did that title inspire you to label this one. Either way I like it

Survival game with reptiles, sounds interesting. Best of luck and hopefully your games survive where the other games have died.

Update: 03/11
Removed “Knowledge” variable
Added P226 and .44 magnum pistol, and added L96A1 sniper rifle.

Hey everyone! here’s some more info because of 1,000 views!
List of currently usable weapons:
Melee Weapons: Knife, Machete, Axe, Unarmed (Unarmed is its own Variable)
Ranged Weapons: AK47, M16, P226, L96A1, .44 Magnum, M1991, and UMP45
I will also try to add in suppressors, which will add stealth to your shooting.
If you have a weapon you want added, put it in the comments and I might add it.


How about an STG-90? And whens a demo coming? This sounds awesome.

And with unarmed we should get to choose from different martial arts for added uniqueness and personalization.