The Darkest of Times(WiP, 10 MAY 2017-Link added)


Howdy Choice of Gamers!

First off, I would like to apologize since I decided to abandon my first story about a cult themed horror. It just leads me to a dead end, and I grow sick of it.

So, I started on a new project. Based on the title, it is set in the medieval times, but in the world of my own creation. Yes, knights, kings, they exist, but the kingdoms are all fiction, nothing real. And it’s about medieval zombies.

You get to choose from four different classes, each with its own stats and abilities. As for genders, I’m not sure how to put in the callnames for nonbinary. If you good folks can help, then I’ll be real damn grateful.

I try to balance it, a little bit of humor, some action and a lot of horror, since its zombies. The romance, I haven’t really gotten far into it yet but it is most definitely to be good. Maybe.

Right now, I am finishing the character creation scene which I will put as a demo in a few days. And, I fear that my choices will overcome( I think thats the word) my story since I try to make the choices really matter, and story comes out real short and maybe weak. Imma ask for you guy’s opinions for when the demo comes out.

Thanks for reading, and hope to ask for any feedback and suggestions you might want me to add.

UPDATE 10 MAY 2017:

Here is the link to my game:

It isn’t perfect yet, but readable. Don’t hold back on telling your honest opinions, be it the story is boring. I’ll try my best to reword the story once I know the problems. Thanks.


Zombies? In medieval?

Its certainly unique theme.


Here’s a link to a code I created that provides the player with a non binary option (though some people use pronouns like “zhe” instead of “they”.)

Best of luck with your game! Just a word of advice, instead of abandoning your last project, consider putting it to the side and coming back to it later when you’ve thought of a way out of your “dead end”. I’ve had this problem before where I get sick of one project, abandon it to start work on another, but then I get sick of the next project too. You end up with a lot of interesting games that never get finished. :disappointed:


hey ill play this i love gaes like this


I’d tap that. Sounds pretty interesting.


Neat, do we get to play as zombies? Are zombies going to be incorporated into the kingdoms as citizens, or are we dealing with a zombie-apocalypse scenario?


Unique mix - Medieval and zombies
Are you planning to introduce magic or something supernatural and are Zombies going to be typical ( virus generated ) or a curse or something like that
And what are we doing there what is our role

Dude you gave me a topic to think upon - I mean a medieval world attacked by zombie it’s soo good to think of such a situation and many things to do - waiting for the zombie attack


It seems interesting just hope we play as male or female not gender locked hate them games


Zombies and knights? This is my game !! :wink:


Oh it’s like Red Dead Redemption! Zombies are always placed in the modern era so seeing it in a different setting is refreshing, just have to do it right.


sounds super intriguing, looking forwards to seeing the demo :slight_smile:


But it also reminds be of DA: Origins, darkspawn and zombies are not much different…but hell yeah, this is going to rock, just curious…will the zombies have their own kingdom :p? Or they wander aimlessly? Or they are atleast organized?
Can we side with zombies? (Well…on second thought thats a bad idea.)


This sounds awesome! Personally I hope that the zombies are your classic slow, disorganized, aimlessly walking. Pretty much like WWZ (the book because Bradd Pitt’s movie slaughtered​ it😂)


The process is really slow, and I am very short on free time. When holiday comes, I will try and answer everything here. By the way, I was thInking to make the demo about a man, and tell you guys about what is happening. And then in the real one I make the character creation things, the real story, bla bla and more like that.

Will that get things really mixed up? If not, I intend to do it. I haven’t started doing this thought though. And thanks for the support.


Wouldn’t it be simpler to put an option at the beginning of the demo or in the show stats? That way it can also be included in the final version for those who wish to revisit whilst in the game.


No prob at all, good things take time, as far as playing as “man” is concerned , im good with it.

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