The Daring Mermaid Expedition — A scientifically inaccurate romp, plus pirates!


We’re proud to announce that The Daring Mermaid Expedition, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for Steam, iOS, and Android. It’s 33% off until February 19th!

Take a scientifically inaccurate romp in pirate-infested waters! Will you prove to the Royal German Marinological Society that mermaids really exist?

“The Daring Mermaid Expedition” is a 71,000-word interactive novel by Andrea Phillips, author of “The Daring Adventures of Lucy Smokeheart.” Your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based–without graphics or sound effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

You are an up-and-coming researcher, tasked with proving the existence of mermaids in order to be admitted to the exclusive Royal German Marinological Society. With a member of the Society as your patron, you’ll brave pirate attacks and dubious academics to fight your way to Broken Shell Island and scientize the mythical mermaid kingdom. Play as a vengeful mermaid-hater, dispassionate scientist, or soft-hearted daydreamer. Or just chuck it all and embrace piracy on the crew of the infamous Lucy Smokeheart herself!

Will you join the illustrious ranks of the Society, or wind up in prison for scientific fraud? Spend the rest of your life living underwater, or be devoured by carnivorous fish-people?

You’re on a mermaid expedition—it’s time to sink or swim.

  • Ten distinct endings to discover!
  • Develop statistics like academic rigor, credibility, and blood loss!
  • 100% gender-neutral. Play whatever gender and sexuality you choose! We’re not the boss of you!
  • Dozens of achievements! Or maybe one dozen. Or more? Actually we’re not sure how many, we lost count! But there are definitely achievements!
  • Guaranteed to be at least 92% scientifically and historically inaccurate!
  • Navigate tricky interpersonal situations with wit, charm, or awkwardness!
  • Seduce your patron – or become bitter academic rivals!

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I can’t play past the scene were you let the man who believes in mermaid speak and then you tell whether or not you believe in mermaids as well. The next page shows up but there are no choices for me to select.


What platform are you playing on?


I finished a session as a pirate :slight_smile: I really enjoyed the story and feel as long as I don’t take it seriously I will have multiple sessions of fun.

Definitely, a good addition to the “lighter-side” stories of the CoG library.

Only questionable thing encountered(Steam edition): After completion, and selecting: “Play more games like this” clicking on the Next button sends me to a Steam membership page. In every other CoG and Hosted Game, doing so sends me to the CoG site. I do not know if this is WAD with the new story but the old way, sending people to this site would increase the exposure of your other titles. Going to the Steam membership page accomplishes nothing, especially since I am already a Steam user with every available title in my library.


iPhone aka App Store


I think I found a bug but I’m not sure, I went straight from talking to the mermaid queen to defending myself in front of the society I mean I guess the mermaids could have returned me, but it felt like I skipped a scene.


Someone knows where I can find the proofs? I only found two.


Feel free to email me at mary AT choiceofgames DOT com to give some more detail/screenshots if you have them.


I love the cover art for this :smiley:


I look at the google store and theres only 7 people who i assume bought it and have a positive feedback but im not quiet sure if i should buy the game any suggestion?


I recommend it, you can always try out the demo and see how you like it.


Who can you romance in this


Your patron. The one who sponsors you, will become avaliable later.


A delightful game! Who would have thought all those bacon receipts could be scientific evidence? :smiley:


By the way, if Madame’s name was intended to be correct french, it should be “LaJeunesse”, with an ‘a’.

Also, I ran into a rather weird sentence during the pirate attack, probably with some missing or superfluous text:

“You thrash your way toward the Relentless as best you can. You bob along, struggling to keep your head above water and your A timber from the Albatross strikes you on the head. Stars burst in your skull, and for a moment you lose your bearings entirely. The water closes over you.”


I went back to find where I think it skipped and I guess I double clicked the next button because there was a bridge this time.

Which was still strange because I don’t think I’ve ever double clicked through a page before in any game, but it doesn’t look like a bug. My bad!