The City of Fog (WiP)

In a city ravaged by a mysterious and magical fog, you have to survive its maddening effects, and the horrors that lie within it.

Currently it has roughly 38k words (multiple choices and code included) and the first two chapters are done. I’m pretty much working on it constantly but keep in mind that I’m new to this so it may take me a bit longer than other more talented writers.

Basically the whole thing is inspired by the Fallout: New Vegas dlc “Dead Money”, hence the whole fog thing, but its main theme will be fantasy (eg magic, monsters, and so on)

The whole scenery is supposed to be dark and gruesome at times. Horror-ish but with some comedy here and there.

Romance will be a thing, planning on quite a few too.

So far the character roster is this:


Dean the noble with a “charming” personality
Ben the warrior
Neil the royal guard, Lynn’s twin
Dennel the tinkerer
Tin the herbalist


Lynn the farmer, Neil’s twin
Anne the blacksmith
Falmine the huntress and shopkeeper
Sybell the priestess


Morgan the stoic assassin

Non romanceable(?)

Osten the odd trader
Crow the innkeeper

Not 100% sure on the romanceable ones, might change, might not.


march 21 2019 (sorry for the slow updates, getting busy over here)

-typos, blah blah blah
-encounters with Anne and Lynn
-added cheat menu

feb 28 2019

-fixed even more typos and consistency errors
-improved chapters with more character details
-added 3 encounters with Tin, Falmine and Dennel
-1/3 of chapter 3 is done(?) ~9k words
-removed Malum and the madness token story arc (might add them back but I really didn’t like how it turned out so far)

jan 26 2019

-fixed more typos
-improved the first chapter even more
-tweaked some classes
-added the second chapter
-added more lore about the creatures and Morgan
-equipment system (implemented but you don’t get to use it for now)
^all thanks to @will and @GoldenSilver (which I forgot to mention, sorry)
-armor and damage resistance systems
-added skill descriptions in the stats menu
-added monster descriptions in the stats menu
-you can now switch between shown and hidden numbers
-added a Haven reputation, morale and soldier count.

jan 6 2019

-fixed minor typos
-improved the first chapter a bit
-added two new initial classes, shapeshifter and tinkerer
-added some lore about Vimm and some of the characters
-added the full(?) roster of main characters, all mentioned, 4 met

What I'm planning

-diversity in initial classes [done]
-diversity in many more additional classes (all having different interactions with certain things)[wip]
-many romance options [roster done, scenes next]
-your story to be defined by your character’s traits and skills
-many endings, some evil some good, you decide [wip]
-tons of things to do, story won’t just be linear, other activities will happen [wip]
-maybe adding nonbinary genders, I’m still not familiar enough with them to use them
-feel free to send suggestions, I want to hear all of them!


Initial classes

Rogue mage
Aspiring mage

Novice swordsman/woman
Aspiring knight

Trainee assassin
Arcane thief


Planned classes

Branching off mage:
-Arcane mage, controlling arcane lightnings and mana manipulation
-Warlock, summons, curses
Branching off thief:
Branching off mercenary:
Branching off peasant:
Available for any:
-all of the initial classes minus Pathfinder and Trickster

not many late-game classes planned, that’s why I’d love suggestions of what you’d like to see.

To play the first two chapters, go here:

If you find any bugs, typos, things that are not displayed correctly (broken lines, things placed on the wrong line, excessive blocks of text, stats increasing but they’re not shown in text or vice-versa) or if you think scene x can be improved or needs to be worked on please do tell! I’m open to criticism.

Got a LOT of other things planned and I’ll do my best to achieve everything that I have in mind. Hope you’ll like it!

As a side-note, I’ve been thinking about adding a map of Haven (the main district the player will spend their time in) as well as a map of the whole city, but well… I suck at art so all I have is a crappy sketch. If anyone knows any software that I could use for such a thing or is willing to go out of their way and draw it by hand I’d be most grateful. Pm if interested/if you know of anything I can use


This seems like it could be good. I think i will keep an eye on it.

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Fallout: NV a great game, don’t remember much about the Dead Money DLC but this Wip is amazing, found some minor typos.





Not exactly a typo so you can ignore this one, but maybe it would be better like this before you can even process it’s upon you or leave it, dunno just kinda bugs me



Oh… boy that took longer than I expected, anyway hope to see more of this Wip in the future.

I’m glad you liked it! I’ll fix the typos tomorrow, thanks for pointing them out!

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Like the previous person said, there were some typos and grammar stuff but blah. Story wise, this seems seriously interesting. I must know the fate of Ben though. I’ll be watching this WiP, excited to see where you go with it. Good luck!

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Seems interesting so far can there be a save

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Interesting start, for sure. :crazy_face:

Looking forward to learn more about this cosy little world of yours. :grin:

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Still trying to figure out the whole save mechanic but will do!

This is really good

feminine, not feminie

Would be nice to have some examples of names. They can help set the tone of the game and flavour of the world.

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Second chapter’s up! Boy that took a while, sorry for such a late update but my classes and band take up most of my free time, hopefully I’ll get the 3rd chapter (or at least quite a significant part of it) done by next month.

Also, should I add stat checks?
For example: < Agility test: failed >
or: < Dean test: passed >
if yes, should they be simple failed/passed or <Agility test: 15/20>/<Dean test: 25/10>?
(these will be shown only if numbers are enabled

  • <X test: failed/passed>
  • <X test: current skill/skill required>
  • Don’t add tests.

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oh i’m loving this! i have to admit to a bit of bias since Dead Money is probably my favorite bit of DLC of all time but ah well, cheers!

The save doesn’t work…

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Hey man is there any chance of putting a cheat mode in the game while it’s still a wip?

You had me in on Dead Money.

Seems nice and interesting so far, but the save system is broken.

Great game, can’t wait for more…

Interesting setting really looking forward to exploring the world you’ve built

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Crabs aren’t real, there a myth set up by the us government…:


Oops, haha, my bad. Fixed it now.

Hm… that could possibly break some things, not sure though. I’ll try and add a cheat button but don’t expect the game to work perfectly if you enable it


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oh! i didn’t even realize this updated! it might be a good idea to update the title to let people know when it last updated ^^"
looking forward to seeing what comes next!