The Chosen Ones (WIP)

The Chosen Ones recounts the story of a young man/woman who wakes up trapped in a mysterious island with 49 people.


  • Choose your gender, sexuality, appearance.
  • Be a team player or lone wolf.
  • Be the leader or member of the group.
  • Choose the gender of ROs.

Blair - He/she has protective personality. He/she is usually rude person, but he/she would do anything to protect the people he/she care about.

Jamie - He/she is caring and fair person who is kind to everyone.

Riley - He/she has sarcastic, careless and sadist personality. But he/she also has softer side.

Morgan - He/she is brave, selfless and shy person.

DEMO: coming soon…


It sounds interesting so far, I’ll be waiting for the demo

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Kinda sounds like the TV show Lost except without the Plane Crash but I’ll be looking forward to this.

Make sure that unlike Lost, it has a satisfying ending and a coherent plot- please.

It sounds kind of interesting, but I’d need more info to know for sure if it’s something I could get into…

So, is it going to be a sort of survival story, or a competition?

Basically, is it going to be like Lost, or Survivor? :sweat_smile:

Only similarity between this game and Lost is both of them set on island, that’s all :slight_smile:


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