The Chinese Spirit or Jīng's Spirit/晶 靈魂

That at thing if your making take place during the Tang why not is most Famous Rulers and good thing for you Tang most famous and infamous rulers had very long reigns. plus one China peaceful it still in some type of conflict. When it not it expanding or facing some existential threat.

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He set the gold standard for how Emperor should act and rule, his rise to power is great story in itself maybe the young boy we guide could been one soldiers in army his early years as commander in the North. PS he become Emperor because crown prince and other his brother where staging coup against him and he out coup them then he told his father to retire.

The infamous Empress Wu we don’t known she pure evil or just normal power grab evil. She purge royal officials class and old nobility like it was going out of style. Started having harem of lover boys starting in her sixties going into her nineties. Even though the Confucius scholar class hated her with passion the common people love her.

The last great Tang Ruler save the Empire from ruin had official and did massive Reform that save the Empire… at the same time he did it decline.

PS side not Emperor is always call Emperor even Wu.


Oh my god! Wow thank you for this! I never knew how he came into the throne! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Even though I hadn’t planned on meeting the Emperor for this I at least want to have nobles that will be near or around him (maybe) that bit it still in the air honestly… Still thank you! I shall read and re-read your links :grin:

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I have someting little bit better my friend


I love the ideal of it