The Burning Blades (An adventurers story)

I’ve been wanting to try writing a Choice Script Game for a while now and since I’ve been on this site for a few good months by now I think Im gonna try my hand at a story.

06/08: Ive downloaded choicescript and am playing around with to try and get a feel for it, I’ll attempt to get a short demo out as soon as I can, probably in a few weeks or month.
22/08: I’ve decided to merge a few classes since really they can just be specializations. Also tweaked a few of the rogue classes to better fit the openings.
03/09: Time management is annoyance, didn’t get much done in terms of scripting, still having trouble with the stats screen and values.
The Story: You play as former vagabond and the newest member of a small, novice band of adventurers called The Burning Blades, You and you party start off struggling at first doing odd jobs for Minor merchants and commonfolk, but eventually gain notoriety by being hired by nobles and potentially even enlisted into the army as mercenaries. As you gain notoriety more aspiring adventurers will join the group, eventually becoming a small army.


Classes: I’m planning on having basic classes, and a few unique classes you get by training with certain characters.





Interesting title. Can you tell us more about it?


Im curious too, what is this about

Its about the journey of being in a small band of novice adventurers, thats the ground work anyway, I wanted to something where you have influence over what the Burning Swords become, a private army who swear their loyalty to the highest bidder, A new faction of bandits or perhaps even a rebellion.


So, are you pulling inspiration from Berserk, or some other source?

I do enjoy beserk but actually I just use this concept regularly as a way to world build.

Since I posted after your last post, I do like the option to branch into banditry and such. Could you even be an idealist and join some “noble cause” and pay your crew out of your own pocket. Also, could your actions lead to fame, titles, land, wealth and noble marriages? (All the super important stuff)


Yes, that was one of the potential paths I had in mind.

As much as they could easily lead to slaughter, disgrace or execution. My original plan was to have a more linear character driven plot where the main focus was one developing relationships with your fellow adventurers, Im still hoping i could do that developing part.


Why this not in wip category?

Because I couldn’t find the WiP when looking through topics.

Of course, I’d be disappointed if my “plans” didn’t carry the possibility of failure. You mentioned the group starts out as a band of heroes. Can you pick the MC’s class and will that affect gameplay in any way?

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You couldn’t find it? :confused:

I changed it into WIP.

I think you searched WIP instead of Work in Progress.


The MC is fully customizable, and yes it will probably be the one of the biggest factors, I was even planning on it determining what missions you undertake.


Thank you, Ill admit, I’m still a noob at this and have no expierence coding, but I’m determinded to at least try.


Makes sense, a paladin would want to be in the service of a Lord or the Church and would scoff at jobs from bandits. Rogues would be the opposite, etc.

Will the group be rounded out like a group from a D&D campaign, or will my paladin (just for an example’s sake) be accompanied by 2 more people from his order as well as a monk and a cleric?

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Welcome to the WiP community @GuyNamedGreg ! :smiley:

There are references and tutorials linked in the following for CS scripting help

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Id compare it more to dragon age origins party than DnD, They character’s classes aren’t determined by the MC’s class, what I’ll say so far is that there is an Archer, An alchemist, A knight, and a Mage.

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I can do DA:O (Which initially started off as the “spiritual successor” of Baldur’s Gate).

So, I have my 5 or so characters following me around in the mission. I’m assuming they’re going to be created by you to keep things relatively simple for character building?


Yeah and actually you’re the newest member, you aren’t the leader, but as the the band grows larger in numbers so can your influence over the group.