The Burden - Yet Another Typical Fantasy Adventure

pffftt… hhhaaa XD you’re funny :grin:

I warned you about the stairs

Nice to see you continuing this.

I wish you a light burden and good luck.


Oh gawds how did you get that picture of me?!

I haven’t worn that red shirt since that fateful day. So many memories… So many broken toes…

12 of each to be exact.

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Oh my god. Oh my god. I haven’t played this game in so long and it got so GOOD.

This is it. My favorite game. The dialogue, the characters, the humor, the boobs. It’s so good, so perfect. Dashing Don I’m considering a marriage proposal because this is just honestly the best and I love you.

I’ve only played with half the characters, but I’ve put them all in different party situations and it’s wonderful. Tekoa has my heart. She so awkward, but well meaning and cool! And Kerkleajfksladf… Guy who starts with a K is hilarious and such a wonderful stoic. He plays off of everyone so well. I’m going in again, and I’m bringing the dwarf this time. I’m so excited.

I’m not sure if you’ve answered this before, but do you have any favorite combinations? I want to get the goods stuff.


The game crashed when I tried to explode the bandit (and, honestly, I had no idea that that was what “the spell” would do to him :innocent:).

04_forest line 370: Invalid indent: Expected an #option here, not *set

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Oops. I mean I never make a mistake ofc but I told my computer it was being dumb and this should be fixed. My computer apologizes with bits and bytes galore.

Okay. It’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone! But I love the interactions between Kerwain and Lish. Kerwain is a confident and very skillful knight but Lish just completely flabbergasts him constantly. It’s amazing. They have lives of their own. I’m barely there during their scenes. I just… I feel like a voyeur. It’s terrible. And great.

However, my favorite solo character is Ghinty. I love her to little green pieces.

EDIT: Okay, I’m editing this, because you specifically asked for combinations. Here are characters that so far play well off one another:

Art and Ghinty
Tekoa and Wynerva
Lish and Kerwain

That said, Art is suprisingly the most vocal character of the story so far. I didn’t even see that coming. He loves to express his opinion. Even I as the author cannot get him to shut up. It’s completely mental.


I quite agree; I found them very cute together, and was glad that I had Finnur, too, because there’s no way I was going to be taking Kerwain from her.

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Your computer is actually plotting your downfall on skynet.
I should know.
I’m helping skynet too.

Ghinty is definitely part of my canon squad.
I love her intelligent insights

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Ah yes!!! You’re back! The games back! Was just thinking about this game last week or so and I was lamenting that this awesome game was gone! Dreams and naked fantasies really do come true!

NOO!! I was crying–and Kerwain was about to what–WHAT!!! :tired_face:

@Terriermon50 (cool digimon name BTW :smile:) Finnur is the Cat boy if I do so remember correctly, since in the story it mentions that he has ears which pressed against his head (so a cat) an claws which I guess could mean anything really…

@ab2wus -wait- Kerwain was about to do what exactly?

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Exactly. I wanned to know, but-- buttu :sob:

–It ended :scream:

Oh well.

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Dang, Lish is a babe. Why am I only just now realizing this


Oh man you ended right when it was getting good. We’ll i guess all I can do is wait and wait I will.

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Here I was just praising Lish and now she’s stealing my man! And why does she have to be so cute about it?!


Love it, it’s as good as I thought it would be. The tone is so light and quirky, looking forward to more.

It’s looking like you’ve put a heap of work into this with all the different characters you can choose from at the start! It’s great the way they all have benefits and (potential) drawbacks with what they demand in exchange for coming along. And that wizard…he gives me the creeps. Hooray! I don’t have to be married to him any longer. Spying, nasty busybody.

Only found one spelling issue and no bugs. In the forest it says you have free reign (I think it should be free rein?)

My gosh if I had know I was able to provide dreams and naked fantasies so easily we would live in a utopia my friend!

I did say it ended on a cliffhanger. Sorry. :weary:

Lust is quick. Love is slow.

Get you hooked so you keep coming back! :grin:

And so naively too. How could anyone be mad at her?

Thanks! That’s the charm, I think. Otherwise it would be a bunch of blathering betwixt folks for which you might not care. :smile:

Goodness, what an astute observation! I am both humbled and ecstatic that you found that subtle error.


All those characters…

I can’t imagine the amount of *if commands in the code O_O

A lot! But I’ve gotten used to it and now all the *IF statements almost flow naturally. I’m using the approach I wrote about here: Creating Interactive Supporting Characters


Sorry for the off-topic but this will help me greatly. I am very grateful you share so much to the community.