The Battle of Hoag's Object (WIP) (I'm back again. No Updates yet, sorry lol, 8/23/23)

Hello, friends.

This is The Battle of Hoag’s Object (or BOHO, affectionately), a sci-fi/space opera interactive fiction set within the galaxy of Hoag’s Object.

You play as Lieutenant Specter (Specter being a code-name, you may decide your real name), an agent of the Rebel Alliance, tasked with various missions to weaken and eventually overthrow the United Galactic Empire.

The Background

At some point in the relatively near future, humanity’s greed and recklessness would reach the point of no-return, rendering planet Earth nearly uninhabitable. Determined to avoid the extinction of mankind, Earth’s Governments pooled together resources to build fleets of massive city-ships, with the goal of locating a new home.

Two such fleets would set out towards Andromeda, but come across a massive artificial structure not long into their journey. Appearing to be an advanced gateway of strange design, the Admiral of one of the fleets decides to take the risk and travel through, despite cautionary warnings from the other. Near instantaneously, all 15 ships were transported from the Milky Way to Hoag’s Object.

Over the next thousand years, Humanity established a galaxy-spanning empire, dominating even the native sentient species. Through studying the corresponding (and now inactive) advanced gateway within Hoag’s Object, faster-than-light travel was developed among other innovations.

For mysterious reasons, the empire’s government turned tyrannical and largely abandoned the outer-rim, leaving trillions of citizens at the mercy of pirates or profit-driven super-corporations.

In response to this, a rebellion is born, determined to uncover the truth of the empire’s negligence and overthrow the corrupt high-council.

The Prologue (non-spoiler summary)

The game begins in the middle of a high-stakes mission: a raid on the Naval Intelligence Offices.

While a group of fighter-ships maintain a distraction on the opposite side of the planet, a small insertion team co-lead by Roy Philips and yourself infiltrate the office building. You split off from the group to hack into the computer of Admiral Cerian, leader of the Imperial Navy.

The Gameplay

Upon completion of the prologue you assume command of a ship and crew, and are given the freedom to travel the galaxy. Literally, you may travel to different planets and star-systems at your own desire: the galaxy is open to you (mostly).

In your travels you will discover new companions, important people, diverse places, lore and history of the galaxy and its inhabitants, and maybe even love (but not right now cause I haven’t started on romance yet).

You will have access to a range of armors, weapons, and auxiliary equipment. The clothes make the person: your equipment determines your stats; no training required, and no getting locked into one or two roles for the entire playthrough.

Similarly, your ship has its own variety of equipment to choose from, to the same effect more or less.

There are three forms of narrative-centered combat:

Ship combat; pit the power of your ship against others in dangerous yet exciting space-battles and dog-fights.

Solo combat: face your foes alone, relying solely on your own equipment and determination.

Squad combat: bring two companions to assist you in your adventure, tactically considering each other’s skills to navigate dangerous scenarios.

Other Features

A built-in checkpoint system in case a mission goes critical and you don’t want to start over. (Only applies to dying, failing a mission can be just as interesting as succeeding!)

Companion commentary: different companions have different things to say about where you are, what you do, and even interact with each other! But just remember, you can only bring two at a time!

Random events! (Currently only on-board the ship) The galaxy is a live place, you don’t always have control over what happens but you can at least decide how to respond to it!

“Reader” difficulty setting: Not a fan of managing a bunch of different stats? I got your back! “Reader” difficulty (as opposed to Gamer) makes the stat-heaviness obsolete, and enables you to play the entire game without changing your equipment once! You still have to be conscious of the stats your equipment does provide, but this takes a lot of work out of the game.

The PDA: your stats menu is your [hitchhiker’s] guide to the galaxy! It contains everything from the information you collect during your travels, a log of the people you meet, a log to track the progress of all your missions (it’s possible to have multiple active at once) and much more! (Is this an infomercial?).

Demo Link:

Most Recent update:

Thanks for playing my game!!

Please leave some feedback in the comments, whether you loved it or hated it!


Thought it was a good start! Can’t wait to see where it goes


A quick question. You said at the end screen that you might allow others to contribute to the game. For those that want to help you with or contribute to the game how would they do it or get into contact with you?


Well, there’s two options: either through this forum, or by email. Though like I said at the end, as you pointed out: I’m only considering it; I haven’t quite decided it’s something I’m going to do. Mostly because of the legal complications it could cause.

But I am super happy to hear that some folks might be interested in contributing!!

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Sounads interesting and Specter like mass effect


Haha, Mass Effect was definitely a big influence for this, but believe it or not, “Specter” is one thing I didn’t take from that game. If you’re interested in finding out where I came up with that name, you’ll want to enable the “director’s cut” mode at the beginning of the demo. :slight_smile:


Oh the memories. So far getting a lot of vibes from Mass Effect, which is a good thing! Very interested in the following updates and what they’ll bring.


Really glad you like it so far!

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Really enjoyed the story. You have a good start and the fighting is really into the flow of the story. When first choosing the ships, I really thought that the third ship would have been one of the alien rebels ship long lost… Still we be enjoying the rest of the story as it proceeds.

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Oh man, i just loved your writing style. So couldnt stop myself from commenting. Hope to see more of this soon.:slight_smile:

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I’m seriously loving this. So reminds me of mass effect. Ah the good old days :slight_smile: . Keep up the good work, can’t wait for the next update.


Is it just me or is the link broken?


Wow i certainly wasn’t prepared for that XD. I mean before i read any wip, the first thing i look at is the title and… Uhh it isn’t so appealing XD. But actually i really enjoyed what you have got so far, the story flow is really good, and i already like Roy’s personnality, aside of the MC he is my fav NPC so far. You have a good writing style too. Looking forward to the next update. Keep up the good work.

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Oh no! I hope not. I’ll take a look and see what I can do!

Edit: It looks like itself is down! Awful timing for my demo :frowning:
Does anyone know an alternative for hosting the game in the meantime?

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Have you tried Cside?

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Haha, Hoag’s object is actually a real galaxy! I picked it because of its unique shape (it’s a ring-galaxy) so that’s where the title comes from! Glad you like the story!!


No, I haven’t. is there a link to it I can use?

The link is:
But you need a dropbox account (for storing your game files) to use it.

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Thanks! I’ll give it a shot when I get a chance!

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New link is up as an alternative to Dashingdon (while the site is down)

In order to run the game, you need to download the file from Dropbox first. Once the file is downloaded, using it should automatically open the game up in your browser. Hopefully there’s no issues.