Battle of Hoag's Object (Demo Update 05/19/21)

Hello Friends. It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything about this game. Unfortunately life hit me pretty hard over the past year between COVID, work, and other things so finding time to work on BOHO has been rough at best.

However, I’ve recently started sitting down and recommitting to it and I’m happy to share that some progress has been made.

The initial demo-mission is now complete barring one possible path, and the main-story is under construction. (To play said demo mission: after gaining access to your ship, head to the Indigo System of Quadrant One).

There’s a few more new things that have been added as well, like the Missions Log in the stats menu (I’m still playing with the UI on that, it feels a little clunky imo).
Also Squad Combat, which I’m actually pretty happy with the framework I’ve set up for that.
Also also, a “debug console”. There’s a detailed explanation of what that is in-game.

For those who don’t know, this is a game about exploring a new galaxy and liberating it from an evil empire! There’s aliens, spaceships, bandits, rebels, and more!
I won’t get too far into the details about the game on this post as the original post covers it well enough Here
(the dashingdon link on that post leads to the same demo, but the downloadable link is outdated)

Also Important to note: The game includes strong language/cursing, for the record.

Without further blabbing, I give you the latest update for the Battle of Hoag’s Object:


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