The Bastard of Camelot Announcement on post 3193

Your child will be the undoing of Camelot.
Born under an ominous prophecy, you are the incestuous bastard of King Arthur and Morgana Le Fay. Will you fulfill the prophecy, or rebel?

Be the villain they expect you to be, or the hero they don’t- be remorseful or unapologetic, make your destiny or be Morgana’s tool of revenge.

Arthur can’t have any more children, making you the sole blood heir, and sole other Pendragon. As a Pendragon, you have the power of dragons.

The Bastard of Camelot is a trilogy following Mordred as they become a knight of the Round Table, and save or destroy Camelot.

Some of you may know me from my other wip, Supernatural in New York! I’m Rebelgirl, or Llama.

The game focuses on relationships and is character driven.

  • Choose Mordred’s gender- female or male, with the option of choosing to be nonbinary as they grow up
  • Be a villain, an antihero or hero
  • Change the story
  • 7 romances- 3 male, 3 female, 1 choosable gender

6 romance options are introduced this game.

  • Gawain - Sir Kay’s son. He has dark brown hair and eyes, a cheerful attitude. He’s talkative and kind. Likes telling stories and singing. He’s a knight of the Round Table.

  • Elaine- a noble’s youngest, and your brother’s ex betrothed. 19. Blonde hair and light brown eyes. She’s friendly and brave. She likes dragons and fighting. She’s a knight of the Round Table.

  • Galahad- Sir Lancelot’s son. Blonde hair, gray violet eyes. He hates you. He’s aloof and protective of his friends. He likes swordfighting, and tries to be as good as his father. He’s a knight of he Round Table.

  • Nimue- Merlin’s daughter. Dark brown hair, green eyes. She’s mysterious and devious. She likes magic, reading, spying.

  • Isac- the Rebel King’s son. Black hair, blue eyes. He’s easygoing. He likes dragons and seducing people.

  • Sophie- the heir of the neighboring kindgom. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. She’s clever and stubborn. She wants to rule her kindgom, but her nobles want her younger brother. She likes sparring and strategy.

  • Agravain - gender flippable. Knight of the Round Table and bastard of a noble. Black hair, black eyes. They want revenge.

Update log

The demo has the prologue, two chapters and part of chapter 3
20.12.2020 Very small update, mostly Gawain content
26.12.2020 Update, Gawain or alternate scene
03.03.2021 Update, Accolon or alternate scene


The game mentions incest and rape.

The demo:



Nsfw thread:


How sweet! I’m making an Arthurian myth based game myself, albeit an otome visual novel! I always like interesting takes on the story though, I’m quite obsessed with it. Going to test it right now!


It´s looking really good! Looking forward for more


Look good, though it does have alot of ‘‘he’’ instead of ‘She’’ . Probably cose it’s a first draft…

But so far, I’m loving it. :+1:


Just a heads up, the Tumblr link seems to send you to the Login page instead of your page!


Yeah there is a few instances like this where instead of her it says him. And the save plugin is broken as well.


@Konoi Is there a demo link to your game you if you want to share? :eyes:

@TheBlueOwl Thanks!

@E_RedMark @Isabella_Taylor Thanks! Should be fixed now

@CynicalCream Thanks, will try to fix it!


Haha, not yet - it’ll be a long time before I have enough for that! But if you’d like to, I’ll post a link when I can!


Oooh, interesting angle, me like! :relaxed: Easy to read and follow, so well done there.

So glad you let us shape our own Mordred too. Will keep an eye on this one. :grin:


It’s rare to see Arthurian Legend story from Mordred perspective! This is going to be interesting. :grin:

Anyway, I’m curious about something. How ruthless would Morgana be in this story? Does her grudge extend to everyone that are connected to King Arthur or just to him and his family?


Well, I’m done playing!
First thing though, I have to ask… Is the “Malinda” dragon name a reference to Granblue Fantasy? Sorry, I had to ask. If it isn’t, it’s one heck of a coincidence!
Well, anyway, I absolutely loved it! Nothing to do with the concept of the game I’m making, fortunately, so I won’t be weirded out or tempted to compare! It makes me so immensely excited!

I’ll post all typos and errors I’ve found! Sorry if some have been reported before!

On one of the first pages:

“young king confinded in the only man he trusted.”
Typo - should be confided.

Morgan's name:

It becomes Morgana in some occasions, namely after the ride on the dragon.
“(…)you and Morgana head towards your house down the winding stonesteps path nestled on the side of the cliff.”
And all other instances from that point on.

When speaking of Merlin:

If you select the “Can I come too?” option, at least:
“TInged with a spite you heard in your mother’s tone whenever he talks about the man.”
The “I” in tinged is upper case.

When selecting the hair color:

Same issue as the previous point, with the last option: “MIdnight black”

When talking with Junia about powers:

The last option says: “These are all the powers are have.”
I guess it should be “powers I’ll have”?

When Junia shows a portrait of Arthur:

Once you’ve selected the skin tone, the follow up starts with: “The brown waves of his hair, are what set you apart.”
But in my case, I’ve chosen brown hair. Specifically dark brown, but a lighter one was an option too. Of course it may not be the same brown, but it still would be good to alter this text if Mordred has brown hair, for example saying “Even his brown hair was similar to yours, though not exactly the same tone.”, or something along these lines.

After the talk:

Junias says “You mustn’t that my words as truth.” - that sounds strange too.

When talking with Nimue:

When I select any option, and come back to the selection, that option is still there. It doesn’t lock me out of proceeding, but well, it should disappear or become greyed out I think.

When chapter 2 starts:

It states Mordred has 6 years old. But wasn’t he meant to leave Avalon at 7?

When looking at the tapestries:

“It’s got an indistinguishable patter that does not bring insult to anyone.”
It’s meant to be “pattern”, right?

In the nursery:

“Your mother had to lfee from shame!”
Typo - should be “flee”

When playing with Gareth:

If I select the option to ask him why Nanny is glaring, at some point there is a bit of stray code: “Bastard [i/]”

And well, the saves don’t work at the moment


I really liked the Demo . Can’t wait for more?



Thanks for finding those errors! Fixed them but I couldn’t upload to dashingdon, will try tomorrow!

@LivingSilver Thanks! Morgana will be very ruthless and will take revenge on anyone she feels wronged her. Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin, Guinevere, the ones ruling Tintal, Lot.


I can’t help but side with Morgana in this. I am hoping even if I am siding with Morgana I will still have a chance to be a good ruler.


I always loved Morgana, so time to cause Havocs


I’m so happy to see a thread for it llamaaaaa, each story of yours is so good and hooks me up instantly, hecc yeah give me more :eye: :heart:


This is going to be a interesting one to see play out. I’ve played stories with Arthur or Guenivere as the main characters running the show, but not many of them with Mordred takes center stage. But it’s fascinating position to be in and I can’t wait to see how more of the cast reacts to Mordred and what kind of challenges will come for the future knight who is part of the vaguely dark prophecy (and how others may react if Mordred ends up being not what they thought).

Though I got to say, if some Mordreds decide to go the villainous route, can’t say I would ever blame them considering what the lands outside Avalon have been like so far. It almost feels like the people’s treatment of Mordred alone could play just as much of role in darkening any light they harbor just as much as Morgana’s biased resentment. It sort of reminds me of a version of the Fenrir myth where he wasn’t so much a naturally malicious wolf, but just one who had a fierce appetite and whose fast growth made the Norse gods nervous due to the prophecy involving Fenrir.

Yet at the same time, I can see why Lot holds no love for the child; doesn’t make the harshness toward a kid who had no control over that situation any better, but I can see a number of reasons why Lot would want nothing to do with them. Wouldn’t be surprised if Arthur is distant (or even equally as harsh) toward even a nice Mordred in the beginning; the situation involving Mordred’s birth is pretty messed up and it’s one thing to be nice to his nephew and another to show that same open acceptance toward the child whose part of the reason he got that curse on him in a way. And that not even counting how the years and life as a king has probably changed Arthur a bit (which is why I’m already half-expecting that Mordred’s first meeting with Arthur might not be the best).


I really enjoyed this! A helluva demo! Can’t wait for more. Keep it up.


This game is cool. I wanted to play as a charming and reckless character, but maybe I will play as an intimidating and careless MC. There are so many choices, it’s hard to decide. Dragon companions are a huge benefit too. I’m already picturing how we gonna raid countries or castles together, fighting battles. This is gonna be epic! :grin:


Big fan of Arthurian work, but right off the bat, seeing 3 types of magic with no description is kind of a turn off. Would really appreciate some descriptions there.