The Bastard of Camelot Announcement on post 3193

As some of the others have said, it’s rare to see adaptations of Arthurian myths where Mordred is central, let alone the main character. Growing up as the powerful outcast and prophesied ruin lends a lot of interesting possible paths, making it a good choice for an IF game. Not to mention dragon companions are always fun! The writing you have so far is very enjoyable. I’m very excited to see how this story will turn out!

A few errors I've spotted

Should be “too”

Missing word: “eyes”

Typo: “hair”

Wrong tense, should be “came”.

Typo: “not”.

Confused about this one. Did you mean “who commands” ?

All of the other times there was a space in “Le Fay”

Did you mean “is”?

Typo: “grasps”

Should be “worse”

The “s” here isn’t needed.

Missing quotation mark.

Missing capital or wrong punctuation.

Should be “Loathing”

Regardless, great start! Good luck as you continue writing.


It’s fantastic having two different and well designed games based on Arthurian myth between Jean’s Guen and now this, great start too!


Love the concept here, I am eager to both play as a Mordred even worse than the prophecy says and as one who defies that fate.


OMG this s amazing. I love Camelot story can’t wait to see more


Really good demos! The writing is really smooth making it easy to follow and leaving me wanting for more.I especially love how nuance everything seem so far.You understand why Morgana is the way she is and can empathize with her.While the game make sure to show you that it’s only one side of the story.And that Arthur and companies may not be as bad as Morgana make them.

My kind,friendly and shy Mordred is going to have a rough time.I already feel bad for her.I’m torned between wanting to please my mother AKA becoming ruler and make everyone regret what they did to my mother and me or doing what I want which is basically “the good thing” AKA trying to heal past wound and be the bigger person,stopping that cycle of hate.Because my Mordred doesn’t want to hurt innocent that will inevitably be caught in the middle.
Will we be able to take back our mother castle while still being good?


I see. Thanks for the answer! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Asterya1 Ah, playing the conflicted type, I see. Those are always fun to play :grin:. I think I will do something similar with one of my Mordred. She will sympathize with Morgan and try to take Britain kingship for her mother sake, but should Morgan become too ruthless especially toward people who’re not involved in King Arthur’s court, she will come to realize that her mother is as worse as Arthur and decide to kill both of them (or imprison if she still have heart for her parents) so Britain wouldn’t suffer in their hands.


I love this! I foresee that it will be a quite tumultuous journey for our dear Mordred.

Personally, I find rage and anguish to be much more cathartic response. Although, I admit that it may be a rather shortsighted action.

I just find it hard to have empathy for adults who extend their disdain of the parents to the child. Since it’s such a common occurrence in abusive households.

Though I’m sure this game will be morally grey and for that I am so very excited to see the others perspectives unravel!


notification: hey this game relates to arthurian legend
me: nice


I love it so far!!! I’m not sure if I want too take over the whole kingdom though. I’d be ok with just forming a new one and taking over some of the areas. Not exactly what’s planned but it’d be a good middle ground.


Oh yeah, time to burn Camelot to the ground!

… or maybe not. But I must say, the game did a great job at showing Morgana’s sympathetic side, while Arthur seems pretty unwilling to at least attempt to correct the injustices his father did to her, apparently being stuck in a “well, it wasn’t my fault to begin with, so I don’t need to do anything, right?” attitude. Then again, it’s a given Mordred would have trouble seeing Morgana’s own flaws at such a young age.

It’s certainly shaping up to be an interesting story. Right now, I think my first playthrough will go with a cautiously optimistic Mordred, going into Camelot with a “maybe it won’t suck?” mindset, but all too ready to get burned by the experience, and then from one tantrum leading to another, somehow it all ends up with everyone dead and everything on fire.

Oh yes, this will be fun.


okay so baby mordred has the exact same vibes as lilo from lilo and stitch and all i have to say on the matter is that this is mordred and galahad’s first interaction.


Why can’t you burn the nanny towards the end?

6 Likes i made a playlist for this


I like the idea behind this and what I read, looking forward for more


This is really great I love it


A great and interesting demo so far. I look forward to read more of this. I love the demos for both your stories.


man this is a good day, first I’ve gotten Mordred to her final ascension in my jp fate grand order account and got Lancelot on my na account. and
finally my favourite legend and mythology is getting cyoa game


Why does she feel like Guinevere wronged her?


I get what you are saying but from what I read guess the “magic” stat is for normal magic, the “the pendragon magic” is well for things involving dragons like speaking to them controling them and transforming parts of your body and "goddess magic is for healing and water magic.


Thank you so much for the positive response! :heart:

@Jordan_Haley Even though Morgana wants bloodshed and revenge, you can try to stop her and instead be a good ruler.

@Hamps Thank you hamps :heart:

@Okami-Nora Honestly I’m surprised there’s not more Mordred stories because there’s so much to work with. I’ve also played around with some Morgana stories ideas (I just love the villains).

I love this idea of the people who know the prophecy treating Mordred badly for it also being the reason why they turn bad.
One thing I’ll say about Arthur: he regrets his decision.

@kckolbe Sorry! I thought the description of the Pendragon powers and the ones lended by the Goddess were clear in the game. The magic one refers to general magic, that comes from Le Fay. The Pendragon magic is related to talking and controlling dragons, and the Goddess magic is achieved through prayer to the Lady of the Lake.

@PlumBeast Thank you! I’ll try to fix them soon!

@derekmetaltron Jean’s Guen is what got me into Arthurian myths! It’s one of my fav games.

@Asterya1 Thank you! Good Mordred is going to be torn. You can take your mother’s castle back with ease while good. The reason, gonna blurr it just in case, it will be mentioned in the game, Tintal is abandoned by the time Mordred grows up.

@LivingSilver Since you mentioned Britain! I will be making a post about the lore soon, just wanted to clear one thing (I know I didn’t make it clear in the game, I suck at names and I still have no idea what the kingdoms are called) but the story takes place in a fantasy world more inspired by Europe countries like Italy, Austria, France, Romania.

@BoisterousBumblebee Thank you! What Morgana is doing to Mordred- and what Lancelot is doing to Galahad, and Merlin to Nimue- is very manipulative. Morgana and Merlin have a very twisted love for their kids.

@Shadyaddams Thank you! You can take back Lothia without problem.