The annoying game

Play at your own risk.

Hello everyone. Some time ago I have started writing a story. An epic story with deep philosophical questions and stuff like that. And guess what. I got stuck.
And while I was thinking about how to get going again this small idea has found its way to me.

That being said, allow me to introduce The annoying game. Most of the authors would try to persuade to read their work. Unfortunately I can not do that in a clear conscience. It is an one shot. Finished in a spur of a moment written by hasty hand. Full of irony and sarcasm. And I am not even sure that my sense of humor is worth reading.

Well, see for yourself. Or maybe not?

And of course the most important question: Do you think this would be worth polishing a bit with an eye for the release? Would you pay at least half a dollar for this deluded rambling of a lunatic?

As it seems that some of you got stuck in the maze, I have added a hint. Do not enjoy.

P.S.: No spoilers please.
P.P.S.:Google-fu will be your friend. Unless your knowledge is as wast as an ocean or you are simply lucky enough to have read/seen everything that I used.


I would pay. This is certainly unique to CoG. Or anything I’ve ever played. I can somewhat relate this to “This is not a game”.
Enjoyable. Funnily enough, more enjoyable than annoying. Liked it. I’m sure you’ll make a great game out of this one!
Good luck.


This is pretty entertaining.
More brain teasers would be Exellent

Oh my god. I am a mobile user and my keyboard starts words with big letters so…

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Thank you for the echo. I have forgotten about that feature as my phone allows switching this off.
Anyway, I have fixed the issue so the first letter as a capital should work now. Might take refreshing the game - I am not sure how it works on dashingDon with updates.

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You should also take a look over when you get this random text which makes no sense, if you keep guessing wrong, a “goto” text comes up. I don’t remember which scene it redirects to.

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This is certainly different… :confused:

I would say that the Latin page didn’t ask a question; it just gave an answer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, is it possible to actually get all of the hidden achievements?

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I will comment only on the achievements part:
It is certainly possible - none of them are unreachable. However, I do not know whether I have put in enough hints to make it reasonable to expect you to get all of them.
It is even possible to get them all within single session if you get the order correctly and do not miss any. (if I did not make any stupid mistakes)
Small update: There was a mistake with one of the lines. So you might want to recheck. Things should be working properly now. (Well, once you know what to do the progression should be quite fast so checking the spots you have already passed should be annoying enough.)
As a side note I have just finished test run to get all the achievements once more.

it is hilarious i actualy would pay for it

Having checked through the code, it’s certainly possible to get them all; I do feel that it’s pretty much impossible without cheating though… :sweat_smile: It doesn’t help that you have to skirt very close to losing in order to get some of them, without any knowledge as to what would constitute going too far… Well,
unless you know in advance.

Also, I consider myself to be an intelligent person (also modest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), but I had no clue how to solve any of the puzzles except the Latin one. (I’m not even sure what some of the puzzles even were… :confused: )

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Hmm, I don’t think this game is for people who are intelligent, more like for people who have nothing to do, hence the name.

it’s beautiful
pure artistry

Or maybe mind readers?

I fully admit that some of the achievements are annoying.
On the other hand, with a bit of patience, some google-fu, a bit of luck, a pinch of inspiration and a lot of swearing it should be possible to solve all the puzzles that are included.

On the other hand, the 100% achievement rate without looking through the code or slicing my brain into little pieces is hard. Still I hope that it is possible - if I am proven wrong, I might try to add some more hints. Maybe. But that would make the game do its job much worse.

For now - if you encounter a piece of text that seems out of place !. It might be a hint.

Well. Are you annoyed yet?

to KailasMenon: Wow. Nice and unexpected. Thank you.

to everyone:
The one thing that I am really curious about is which place did you reach/where did you drop the game for any reason etc etc. Please PM if possible to not swamp this topic too much.(Or should I create separate thread for this discussion? It would be spoiler heavy though I am afraid)

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Discretion of story would help

There is no way. :alien:

No way what why say that dude

There is definitely a way. Maybe a bit hard to find but there is a way.
In case you would like to brute force it, it is just 4 to the power of 7 combinations, maybe a bit less.
I do not expect that to be the case so I have added some hints and some achievements.
The worst of luck on your pointless quest.


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