The Academy (WIP)


Ah yes I think stats are important because if you choose to be a Forthright spy (lots of ass kicking) and you have spend no time focusing on stealth and stuff, you will fail sertain actions that would be successful if your stealth was better and the other way around, with that I do think it would be good to have a clear system.


You could, of course, have a “do you want to see stat adjustments as they happen” right at the start and then just add a *if statshow in front of all of your stat increase text.

The other problem with stat raises is it means you can’t use the percentage stats.


I find it much easier to code as I write, rather than trying to insert code later. Try it out and see how you find it.


@Havenstone, so if I understand you correctly you already add the nececary code in your word doc before you move it over to the programming file?


An update and a Question:

The update, I all but finished writing the character creation part of the story and the intro, so you will get a demo this weekend!

the question:Tonight I will start codeing the story, is it easy to insert stat coding after the facts or should you do this straight away?


Thanks for the video, I hadn’t seen that one.


@Trask84, nope, I write straight into Notepad++. It’s easier to get the spacing right, and it saves me having to turn off all the Word auto-formatting stuff (smart quotes, en-dashes) that just turn into garble on screen.

As for stat notifications, it depends on the type of CoG. If it’s more game, like Life of a Wizard, I like the stat notes. If it’s got a more story feel, I’m with FairyGodfeather: I prefer stats that I don’t need to see.


Are you going for a gaming feel, or a story feel?

If you want to make it more like a story, you could still have variables for stats, and just not make them visible to the reader in the stats screen. This would allow you to have the same versatility that stats bring but keep a story-like feel.

If you are going for a more gaming style, definitely put notifications. If you have a stats screen at all, then put notifications. I like notifications in a game, and I’m sure that most people agree.


So first off all coding is going well so still planning to get the demo out tomorrow.

@Havenstone I see the benefits of doing so, but with English being my fourth language, one I did not study in school but learned on my own by watching movies and reading English books that would just not work for me.

@Appcritic, I actually want to have a balanced out CoG. I want to focus on the story side of it by making sure that some choices you make have a big impact on the plot. ( have three in mind atm) But I also want to make it challenging and replay-able by making sure that if you always choose the combat path , you will not manage to charm you out of a difficult issue at the end. If this makes sense.


Yes, I understand. And congratulations, you write more fluently than many for whom its a first language – I wouldn’t have guessed! As someone who enjoyed the movie The Recruit, I’ll look forward to this game…


A tip on English: “Gender (M/V)” should be “Gender (M/F).” It was a bit confusing when I saw it.


Really excited about seeing this one, I’m a huge James Bond fan so something similar would be awesome! Looking forwards to a demo!


@Havenstone Thanks, spell check does wonders :stuck_out_tongue:

@Ramidel Good catch, thanks

@derekmetaltron cool, I was slowed down a little in character creation as my idea does not translate well to choicescrip but I am already fixing that.


Can we do this? :

MC: My name’s C. . . MC.

Spy: What kind of spy tells everyone their name?!


The cool ones B-)


@God_of_Demonz lol


Lolz definitely the cool ones cause James Bond did that all the time


What happened to the demo


i got hungry and ate it ^_-


Sorry guys it is coming, had some trouble with code and my wife ( recovering from a burn out for two years) just started working again so been busy here