The 3Games (Now Released)

Imagine an independent city in space, where drugs are a source of superpowers and lethal reality shows a source of income. Team up with equally desperate citizens and fight for your life. How many will you save from an untimely death?

“The 3Games” is an interactive novel by Ema L. Bícová (@scie) and Anna Michalcová (@Aideee) where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based–200,000 words, without graphics or sound-effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

• Join a deadly reality show to fulfill your dreams. Follow or surrender your secret agenda.
• Take control of five characters diverse in gender, race and sexuality.
• Form the best team you can and test mutual loyalty. Betray your teammates to create new alliances.
• Enter a polyamorous relationship. Enjoy a night with no strings attached to take your mind off of tension.
• Utilize your skills and superpowers to escape life threatening situations and get your enemies before they get you!
• Save all five characters from death or sacrifice some in favor of another. Replay to see who lives under different choices!

This is a thread for commenting about The 3Games, which was just released on 29 July 2016!

The 3Games


I started a new thread (I’m not one of the authors) so we could talk about this game, since it’s a new release.

I’ve only played about three quarters of the game so far–a friend and I are playing it together. Wow, it’s very long! I’ve been impressed by the quality of the prose so far, and some of the dialogue has been really hilarious!

I’m looking forward to finishing my play-through in the next few days. (:


I as always download the demo and give it five stars for support. But same problem I had with the beta. There is no choices, it is linear to the point there is only one choice possible half of time. I role-playing here ALL IS FIXED NONE IS FOR ME TO CHOOSE… The lack of choice is so dire and extreme that daisuke first choice about how treatment people is fake if you choose being an ass hole tyranny. Well game remark YOU AREN’T THAT WAY WHY ARE YOU CHOOSING that? THEN WHY YOU OFFERED me THE CHOICE IN FIRST PLACE ???
So my personal score is 5/10 . The author’s wanted a linear with no choice whatsoever action packed game since the beta beginning. So they delivery what they had promised. It is just this is not for me at all.

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No poison… but the ANTS Mara… the ANTS! you gotta love those things, right?


No, I role-playing and that game is not something I could enjoy In fact I end sleeping over my mobile during the demo because I was bored. If I have no choice in anything else go a go b. And even names are fixed I just don’t care about anything anymore and stop the game book forever.

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I think you jumped ship too soon. It does have choices that matter.

I don’t know I ended mortal bored before the end of the demo. Even if after pay somehow choices matters the game is not for me. I play this to create my characters and role-playing with them. Here absolutely all is fixed and you can’t change a comma. You can’t make a brother let her sister behind because he hates her. No he has to love her sister. The other hates her mother whatever you want. There is not basic freedom. Hell even samurai of Hikuga let yoy choose personality, name and gender. The game is made for shooters lovers that love a big linear adventure and that’s okay. But it is not what I looking for.


Fair enough. For those that don’t mind fixed characters though it is a great (and long) game.


(author here) I’ll say the game is definitely not for people who want to build their character from the ground up - you’re given already complete people and it’s about what you do with them :slight_smile: Different concepts appeal to different people and that’s fine! It’s impossible to please everyone.


My five stars and my Google+ like are already done in The Google app store. I hope it helps. Not all games are for everyone and it’s good have variety. I just hope your next game have more character creating and some evil actions.


I LOVED THIS :laughing: This game secured a spot as one of my fav games here!

While it is true that the characters we use are pre-made, they are so wonderfully characterized and feel sooo alive. :grinning:

I love character interactions in games, and this game has them in spades. The majority of the humor are so on point, my favorite being Zoey and Wallace interactions :joy:

Definitely gonna replay multiple times to get as close to a perfect ending as I can!


Thank you :slight_smile:
The sequel has a morality system in place, so some more drastic actions should be available. We’ll see just how drastic they get.
As for characters; think of it more like Until Dawn or Telltale games in written form than the CoG we’re used to in terms of having one protagonist and optional personality & backstory. The game would be wayyyy longer if we had to include different versions of every character on top of different outcomes. :slight_smile:


I only got to play as one character… I am confused.

You play as one character at a time, but five altogether?

I shipped the spine and the hand so much!!! Can’t they be together?? :sob: By the way, I loved your game! I never played a game like this before and it was honestly so awesome the way all the characters come together. I just wished that on that heart scene you could choose not to ask for the spine’s weapon, but I know that it was an important part of the possible deaths so…


Another example of why existing characterization is better than empty slate protagonists in these CYOA games.

Aha, a thread finally. Been waiting for one from the authors, but this is good enough. Kudos to the authors. I thoroughly enjoyed the game by playing atleast twice. Pre-set characters isn’t my thing, but playing multiple different characters who afffect each other was load of fun. A very simple story but it was very long and interesting. Character interactions were pretty funny and good, felt very natural. Round 1 was amazing and I thought the game gonna end there. Suprised with Round 2, but it seemed Round 2 proceeded way more faster than Round 1. That was a downside, but it was good enough. Also being able to control only two characters in Round 2 was a downside too. The part where Daisuke asked for Zoey’s weapon felt tad bit forced as I was playing more of loyal leader, him asking for it seemed out of character. Despite the necessity of being plot relevant, that part is very unsatisfying and made me feel my previous choices didn’t matter. Overall I had fun and I definitely will be looking forward to your future releases.


Came to this thread to say that this was an exceptionally good game, it’s unique POV swapping mechanic as well as that all of the Player characters have established histories is something that admittedly took me a bit of time to get into, but I thoroughly enjoyed once I did. I very much appreciated the length as there is nothing more that I like than sinking into a well written story and I was able to accomplish that here.

The second half wasn’t as strong as the first in my opinion mainly because Your control is limited to only two characters but the pacing while a bit faster, fits with the overarching story and the time limit that the PC are under.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and while the inherent replay value isn’t super high, the length more than makes up for it, I’ll probably play through at least twice more, so I feel you get a good bargain for the price.

In closing, the themes are broad enough that the author(s) could do a ton of these and I hope this is just the first installment in a larger (meta)series. If not and this was a one off, thanks for a well written game.

All the best.

I confess that I do as well.

I was so bummed when Lucia revealed she was already in a relationship


Hello, the co-author here! I’d like to thank you all for your reviews, it means a lot to us! :slight_smile: I must confess, you’re the first people who told us they ship Lucia and Zoey, and even though it’s not a canon ship, we are pleased to hear that :smiley:


Unfortunately, Lucia is tragically straight. (At least someone had to be.)