Text Editor for iPad


So, here’s what I need. :slight_smile:

I use Notepad++ on my computer to code and I love it. But, sometimes I like putting a few lines into my iPad and then copying it over to my other file on the computer.

Text works fine, but no tabs! Evernote has indenting, but when I copy/paste, they aren’t real tabs.

Anyone know of a free iPad app for this?


I don’t have an iDevice so can’t suggest much myself, but a quick google brought up this:


Great list, thanks!

I grabbed Edhita, it looks simple and I liked the send to mail.


Mixed results. It indented, but the wrap around acted weird and not all the indents stayed when I sent it as mail to put into my other file. I’ll try another, but again, if anyone has one that works, I’d love to hear about it.


I think I have a winner: Code Anywhere

It’s free, there’s an iPad app and a Chrome Store download. It appears to hold all my indentation and makes it easy to transfer to my main file when I want to do so. It also has some nice cloud features as well as find/replace etc. And, it’s free. :slight_smile:


Sounds good! Thanks for sharing your find, it’ll help other iOS/Android users :slight_smile:


Code Anywhere is giving me troubles. Errors finding the files and connecting to the server. Not to mention that I have to be online to use it. Still looking…


Now trying: PlainText with a Bluetooth Keyboard. It appears to be working and has a convenient synch to Dropbox. This could be it!


Hey @Lucid,

Have you had any further luck/opinions on this? I have someone that’s trying to figure out what the best text editor is for her ipad.


I use PlainText and drop it into a separate folder in Dropbox to copy into my regular files. It’s not elegant, but it works. I’m afraid to edit my live files directly and especially when working in Beta, where people are accessing it. It gives me a layer of security, since I don’t have to worry about losing everything, just my current session. I had some troubles a while back with which instance was live and I’ve been hesitant and untrusting with it ever since.

It’s great if I want to do some writing, but it’s still not as good as Notepad++ on my regular computer.

I saw that Pages got a Tab button onscreen, but haven’t tried it yet. My Bluetooth keyboard with PlainText works well enough, so I haven’t looked very hard.