Apps for iPad scripting?

Hey all!

Firstly I must extend my greetings to all of you and thank you for opting to read my first post on the choice of forums. I fully intend to learn the script itself using trial, error and the helpful advice published around the internet. Thus far my attempts at scripting using the library computers have been fairly successful.

My problem is that I do not own a computer myself. The closest approximation I own is an iPad and thus the ideal for me would be able to script and test exclusively from my iPad. What apps/websites could I use to do this? Is it even possible?

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I’m sure @MaraJade could point you in the right direction.

^Our resident mobile device expert and avid supporter :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys. I’ll send a pm politely asking for advice.

Ok. Message sent however, I have reason to suspect after checking MaraJade’s homepage that she is banned.

If anyone else could provide some advice it would be much appreciated.

Her account was hacked. She now has a new account: @poison_mara

Thanks again!

Hey KingCopperTop,

I don’t know if you found your answer or not. I found something that would work.

I was testing on an iPod Touch with iOS 6.something.

The key app that is needed is a file manager. A free one that I found that works is File Manager (Free) by TapMedia:

The key abilities needed by the app are download, unzip, edit text, open HTML files that use JavaScript. I played with some other file managers that didn’t cut it for failing one or more of these qualifications, i.e. My File Explorer, FilesOn Tree, and others.

After you download a file managing app, go to the ChoiceScript github page with Safari,, and download ChoiceScript,

Safari should give you a button that says “Open in…” and show you a number of apps you should be able to download to and open this file with. Choose the file manager that you downloaded.

From there it should be pretty straight forward. Tap on the folder to get to the file you want to view/edit. Text files with the extensions .txt or .js will open in a text editor within File Manager (Free). HTML files have the option of being edited in the text editor or viewed in the embedded web browser. (I kind of like FilesOn Tree better, but it appears the app can’t show web pages with JavaScript).

This isn’t elegant because you can’t choose your text editor for display or formatting preference or choose your web browser. (OK, this is not entirely true, see note below). This is an issue with iOS, at least version 6 and before. I don’t know if there are any changes in 7 that get around this.

I hope this helps out a bit.

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Note: There is the option to “Open in”, but the file pretty much downloads to the app you choose and the new file is edited without changing the original. This means that when you go back to the file manager, the new edited file is hiding in the other app and you can’t do anything with it where you started; you just have the original untouched file. It is possible, and gets a little more complicated, to pass a file back and forth between apps, if an app supports that. Inside File Manager (Free) I can “Open with” Documents 2 and edit a file, save it and “Open with” File Manger (Free). Then I need to move the file to the directory it needs to be in.