Is choice script usable via iPod?

Just a question from your local Doc,




Um, then how? I’m not a professional writer, but I enjoy scribbling stuff down, and maybe if I can figure out how to do this, some of my scribbles may make some sence…

@Marajade is the expert. All I know is it’s possible. I’m sure that she can explain how.

Ok, thank you.

I haven’t ipod myself but I started coded with an old iphone so I could tell you you can.
second download a bunch of apps no problem are all free or like few cents if you want a pro version.
you need a download manager, a unzip program, a file manager, a text editor drop box app, firefox app, and internet.

Use download manager to down the cs program in choice of games web.
unZip it with the app
use manager to put in the directory folder you want and change modify files
text editor to open files with code you want modify, or just to write your game
firefox to use quicktest.html and try your game offline.
dropbox basically to up your files to your main count
Internet to active public folder in desktop or pc mode due stupid dropbox app don’t let you enable public folders.

You see its easy :)) It was complicated figure out how last year. year when all was you can’t lol… Better pm or here your doubts because you will have issues at first. If you don’t have patience or perseverance just don’t try

I like Nebulous Lite - it’s free, it syncs with the Dropbox app well enough, and the ads disappear when using landscape orientation, which I’m pretty sure is the best way to type something like a CS game.

I wish it showed lines for indentations, like Notepad ++, but as far as I know there’s isn’t an app that does that.

there is one with indentation and such, but i cannot remember the name. Nowadays i got android so i couldn’t remember exactly what program was using but they numerate lines and show indentation. In android i use iota and is amazing

I really like droid edit myself. Never touched an iphone so no help there.

Patients is not exactly a strong point of mine, but thank you much